Must have you again

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I close the door behind me and order you to strip down to your bra and panties.  I look at you. Inspect you. Liking what I see.  I move to you. My hands on your shoulders. Holding you.  I remove your bra. Exposing your breasts to me.  My hands cup them.  Feel your already hard nipples.  I begin to play with them and whisper in your ear that you are mine.  As I say you are mine, I pinch your nipples firmly. You press back to me and whimper.  I grasp your breasts.  My hands over them.  Your back pressed to my chest.  Feel me with you. I whisper in your ear, get on your knees slut.  I step back from you as you kneel and look up at me.  Touch your breasts for me slut.  Pinch them for me.  I look into your eyes as I command you.  I start to undress.  Watching you.  Instructing you. I love to look at you do this for me.  Such a good girl.  I take out 2 clothespins and move to you. I place one on each nipple.  Watch as you wince, and ache, I grab you by the hair, look into your eyes and tell you to take it, breathe, i kiss your lips.  Get on all fours now.  On your hands and knees, your ass in the air, only slightly covered by those panties.  I hike them up a bit, exposing your ass, my hand slips between your legs, feels how wet you are getting.  The pain and pressure of the clothespins starting to take their effect.  making your clit throb.  I rub my finger over it once, twice, slip a finger into that wet pussy, draw it out and bring it to my lips.. mmm very nice.  god I love that ass.  i caress it. grab it. squeeze it.  warming it up for your spanking.  I am going to spank your ass red. hard.  firm. Till i see fit to stop.  I begin. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, alternating cheeks, firm with my hand, you brace yourself, i push your head down with one hand and hold you there with my hand in your hair.
10, 15, 20, your ass begins to turn red.  Mmm such a lovely sight.  I grab your sore ass with my hands.  Grabbing your flesh. Spreading those cheeks.  My hand probing down between to feel how wet you are for me.  Your ass on fire and your pussy dripping.  You beg me to fuck you. You beg me to finger you. You beg me to spank you more.  21, 22, 23, 24, 25.  I rip your panties off and spread your legs a bit.  I push 2 fingers into your wet cunt and fuck you hard with them.  Pulling them out to continue smacking that ass. 30, 35… my cock straining..  I pull it out and begin to masturbate in front of you.  Do you want to taste me slut? I ask.  Do you want my cock inside of you.  I reach down and remove the clothespens from your nipples, the blood rushes to them sending you moaning… in pain and pleasure.. I slap your face with my cock.  Grab you by the hair and force your mouth onto my meat.  I fuck your mouth. Pulling my cock in and out.  Slapping your face with it.  Using you as my cocksucking slut.  ARE YOU READY TO GET FUCKED SLUT!
I push your head down to the ground.  And move behind you. Grab your hips. Smack your ass a few more times. Then put the head of my cock to your opening.  Beg for it slut. Beg for your Masters cock.  Do you need to  be a good girl. A good whore. A good slut for me slut.  Do you need to serve me.  I plunge my cock into you, DEEEP. Fillilng you. Stretching you open. I fuck you. In and out. Grabbing your hips and ass. Holding your head down. Fucking you from behind.  Love to see my cock go in and out.  Spread your cheeks open and slip a finger into your ass as I fuck you that way.  Make you fucking scream.  Take is slut.

torture her (part 1)

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He leads her to his room, a sly smile upon his face, a bulge in his jeans.  She is wearing red high heel shoes, a short skirt, and tank top.  Her hair flows down her back as he watches her as she walks.  He stops her, moves closer, kisses her neck and runs his hands over her body.  He whispers in her ear “you are mine’.  “Yes” she answers.  “and I will do with you as I please”.  “Yes, Sir” she responds.  “You are  my whore” he tells her.  His words make her drip.  “I am going to use you like the dirty little whore you are my dear”.  “Your dirty little whore, Sir” she answers.  He orders her to strip to her panties. Watching her as she removes her top, skirt and bra.  His eyes taking in her beauty.  Then, he grabs her. He takes her hands and ties them, then raises her arms above her head, he lifts her a bit and secures them to the hook on the ceiling. She whimpers.  Her heels barely touching the ground, stretching her. His hands caress her vulnerable body.   His to use as he pleases. His hands roam her body.. touching her flesh, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples.  Making them stand up.  Leaning in to kiss those hard nipples, suck on them, bite them making his slut moan.  He takes several clothespins from his pocket and affixes one to her right nipple, making her wince, then another to her left nipple. He flicks them.. tugs on them.. pinches them tighter.. making her feel the pain.. the bite. feel it deep inside. He kiss down her body, kissing her thighs, his fingers slipping in her panties. Touching her, feeling those wet lips, puling her panties down to her ankles he kisses her there. His tongue slips along her lips. Up and down. Then sucking them in his mouth, his tongue taste, teasing the inner folds, making her moan. Making her drip. Making her grind on his mouth. His hands cup her ass and squeeze firm as he sucks her pussy. Mmmm yes. Tasting her, teasing her. He stops, moves up her body, kisses her mouth, and plunges 2 fingers in her wet cunt.  She moans in his mouth as his fingers work her cunt. In and out. Pushing deep. Touching her inner walls. He pulls his fingers from her and pushes them in her mouth. “Taste your juices my slut, feel how wet you are for ME” he tells her.  He pushes his fingers deep in her mouth and fucks her mouth with them.  Gagging her with them. Pulling them out and slapping her face. Once, then twice.  Looking in her eyes deep. “MINE to use” he tells her.  He walks around her and slaps her ass. One cheek, then the other with a firm slap. Making her cry out .. making her ass warm, making it sting. He continues to spank her firm warming her ass good. He moves to a table and grabs a crop laid out on top.  He returns with a hard smack to her right cheek , and then the left.  He swats at the backs of her thighs up and down, front and back.  Her whimpers and moans fill the room as the tip strikes her flesh leaving its mark. He moves in front of her.. Looking at her as he flicks the crop across her breasts.  One then the other.  Making her breasts ache more.  He pulls the clothespins off her nipples and breasts making her cry out it pain then strikes them with the crop.. she screams out in pain..  making the throb and sting even more. “You are MY whore” he tells her as he strikes her again and again.  “My pain slut” he sexy voice booms. He works her tits over with the crop.. then down her body. Her inner thighs. Her pussy. He stops and clamps her tits again. Then flicks her pussy firm with the crop making her weep and moan loving it.  He drops the crop and removes his belt and within a moment he lashes her ass hard making her scream out.  “Count them My whore!” he orders.  He strikes her again.. “One”  again “twoooooo” she wails.. her chest heaving, her ass on fire.  He strikes her ass firm “Three” she moans.. “Say thank you slut”.  Again .. “Foooouuuuurrr” breathing heavy “thank you .. oh god” .  Again.. “Thank you WHO?!” .. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH  Fiveeeeee”.. “Thank you Sir”. Again.. “You are MINE” he bellows.. “Siiixxxx oh god thank you Sir” . Again and again.. “Sevennn oh god Eight.. thank you sir.. ” she whimpers.. “Mmm you like that don’t you my whore”  Again.. “aaaaaaahhhgggg  NINE!  mmmm Yes Sir.. Thank you sir.. ” AGain.  “Teeeennnnnnn aaaaaaaa thank you SIR!”. The pain shooting through her.. “Do you want more my slut?” he asks.  Moving close to her.. whispering in her ear “such a naughty whore”.. “you do , don’t you.” She whimpers and moans. “yes sir.. yes sir”  He rubs the belts over her ass.. up and down. She twitches.. then he strikes.. hard.. once, twice, three, four times, more.. firm, hard and fast,  she cries out and gasps for air as he whips her ass good. No mercy. Marking her backside. The welts rise, her ass turning red,  her cries becoming louder and her tears form in her eyes.  The pain rocking her.  As the tears begin to fall down her cheeks he stops.  He reaches between her thighs, cups her pussy in hand “such a naughty slut you are.. so wet..your pussy wet and your ass red..” he grips her pussy tight making her whimper.. shoves his fingers in  and fucks her cunt. In out , in out, making it sloppy. He pussy dripping, her eyes flowing, he smiles and laughs as he plays with her pussy.  He finger fucks her wet pussy deep.  Rubbing her clit.  Pulling his wet fingers out he grabs a clothespin and clamps her clit and tugs on it.  She moans loud.   Then clamping her pussy lips.  He lifts her chin and lightly slaps her face.  “Your pussy is mine and I will do with it what I please”.  He grabs a vibe and begins to vibe her clit.. he kisses her deep as he holds the vibe to her.  She whimpers and moans from the pain and pleasure he gives. He vibes her pussy making her ache then begins to pull the clothespins from her breasts.  Making her cry out.  “Oh goddddddd.. aaaahhhh.. fuck… please Sir”.. “Please what MY whore” he answers with a wry smile.  He pulls another off.. “aaaaaahhhh fuck” she moans.. “ahh fuck… ”  Gasping.  Suddenly, he unhooks her.. she falls do her knees.. quickly he is behind her grabbing at her hips.  His hand reaching and tugging on the clamps on her pussy.. removing them .the blood rushing to her lips and clit.. throbbing. making her moan so loud and hard.. her body trembles. His hard cock presses to her and slides deep into you wetness.  Her moan fills the room.. He fucks her .. hard.. animistic.. deep .. taking what belongs to him.. telling her that she is HIS.  Spanking her ass.. fucking her pussy hard.  using her.  Grabbing her ass , his fingers digging in the welts and spreading her cheeks.  His fingers toying , pushing in… he pulls his cock from her wet pussy and presses the fat head to her asshole.  Grabs her hips and pushing in her.. “You are My whore.. my asswhore”.. he moans as he takes her.. She cries out in pain and pleasure and moans as his cock drives deep into her backdoor. “Oh God! Fuck! FUCK!! It Hurts! ”   “Take it” he responds. ” YOu love it”  .. “YESSSS OH GOD ” she moans. he fucks her ass good. opening her up.. making her moan and ache. Suddenly,  He pulls from her leaving her empty and moaning on the floor.  “oh god.. ” panting.. moaning.. “Crawl for me” he orders standing above her. Picking up the crop and swatting her ass. “Crawl..” he orders.  She obeys.. crawling back and forth.  he commands her.. swats her with the crop.. making her crawl for Him.  She crawls back and forth across the room.. taking that crop as she walks by.. marking her ass. making her hurt. Making her whimper and cry out each swat. Crawling for him. “Stop” he commands a smile upon his face. His hard cock at attention.  Reaching down he grabs her by the hair and shoves his cock in her mouth. Fucking her face. Fucking her throat. Making her gag on him. Swatting her ass as he fucks her mouth .. taking his slut.  Pushing her face down.  Placing his foot on her head, holding it down… he pushes his toes in her mouth.. “suck them” he orders and she sucks his toes like a hungry slut.  “Stick that ass in the air my whore!” he commands. He strikes it with the crop.  Once, twice, three times. Firm.  Very firm. He shoves his foot in her mouth deeper.. Making her take it.  fucking her mouth with it.  Swatting her ass firm and hard with the crop.  Then moving behind her he  grabs her hips, slaps her ass.. spreads her legs a big then slams into her wet pussy. His cock penetrating deep. She cries out. Moaning. Taking his big, hard cock deep.. fucking him back like a good slut. moaning loud like a good whore. He fucks her hard. “Take it MY bitch, take what your Master gives you” his voice booms.

finally alone together

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We are finally alone. Together. The hotel suite is just perfect. You look so incredible sprawled on the King sized bed.  Such a naughty girl. Caressing your body for me. Looking at me. Teasing me. Making me want you so bad.  Your skin is glowing in the low light.  Watching you. Wanting you. I come to you. My hands run up your smooth legs. I slip my fingers in the waistband of your tight white panties and slip them off.  I spread your legs open slightly, my hands caress your thighs, my finger tips trace along those lips between your legs. Teasing you. You moan slight. Seeing me between your legs now, your head propped on the pillow. My lips on your thighs. Your hips. Your stomach. Looking up at you. You moan”oh baby, please, I love how your lips feel on my skin. How they look on my flesh.” I slip my tongue out and trace my way from your bellybutton down to your sweet wetness. “Do you want to feel my tongue on you” I tease. You moan “yessssssss, oh yes baby, please slide your tongue in me.”  With that, I bury my face into your sweet pussy. My mouth on you, my tongue tasting, licking, up and down that slit. Parting those lips open. Ever so close to your clit, barely touching it, then moving back down, pushing my tongue into your hole, deep in you, sucking on you, tasting your sweet juices.  You start to moan, and I want more, I push one finger in you as I flick my tongue over your clit.  Making you moan louder, then a second finger as I suck your clit into my mouth, take it in my teeth and nibble on it. Feeling your leg rub against my crotch, the pressure making me so very hard, tasting you, smelling you, wanting you. Needing to be in you. I sit up and take my shirt off, remove my boxer briefs, my hard cock springing forth.  I part your legs, wanting, but you stop me.  Seeing my hard cock before you, you “wait, stop, let me give you some”.. mmmm bringing my cock to you, to your mouth, you open, take the head it, wet it, suck it, swirl that tongue around, grab hold of my shaft and kiss the head of my cock. You tell me to sit back and let you work on that beautiful cock. You lay your head in my lap and start to stroke and suck me.  You are sucking the fat head, bobbing up and down, making me loose my mind in ecstasy. I hold the back of your head, and push you down on me, making you take more each time as you suck me up and down. Hand in your hair. “That’s my girl”. Gripping a bit tighter, pushing you down, pulling you up, up and down on my thick hard cock. “Now baby.” I pull you up, kiss your lips, push you back on your back, climb on top of you, spread your legs open, and plunge my cock deep in you in one swift push. Catching you by surprise, making you take every inch in you, filling your wet cunt with my cock.  Thrusting now, in and out, deeper, faster, harder, fucking you, raising your legs in the air, raising that ass up, slamming my cock deep in you, grabbing your flesh. Pumping harder, you moan, gasping for breath, begging “oh my god, please , of fuck, of fuck me harder, oh my god, what are you doing to me. Oh shit, fuck me.” Your desire and need makes me fuck you harder, grabbing your hips, looking down upon you, making you mine, fucking you harder than you ever imagined. Taking what I want, how I want, pounding you into submission.  Making you mine. You tremble, you shake, you cum for me, “oh please don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me, oh my fucking gooooooooooooooooooooood, fuck me Daddy!”  I thrust deep in you, look into your eyes, hold you down, and explode in you, filling you with my seed, my warm cum pumping deep. Making you completely mine. Collapsing on top of you, my cock twitching and dripping in you, trying to catch my breath, my lips on yoru flesh, oh god, so incredible. Then, you squeeze me, milk me, taking every drop, the tightness of your pussy, the muscles moving, my cock begins to swell again as you work it, your tight pussy hungry for more, you are squeezing tighter, oh my god, you are making me loose it, of shit, again, fuck babygirl, oh my god, cumming in you a second time, oh yes, my god, yes, taking all my balls will give. My naughty girl, mmmm yes,  Kissing you, of fuck, shaking, kissing you deep, holding you  tight. That’s my girl. We fall asleep in each others arms.

Master and his precious slave

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Stripping down out of her ordinary everyday clothes…she sitst on the bed…naked…and collared…feeling the need to  to touch her breasts..and HIS pussy…she was very excited..and  felt it on her wet and warm with want and need..but, she stops.. knowing better..she slides one leg in a pair of thigh high fishnets..then the other leg..then slips on a mini skirt and white tank top..and gently put on her high heels..leaving her panties and bra off…she checks her messages..there is one from Him that says…I’m coming.  Nervous she walks back and forth across the room..each minute that passed made her more nervous than the last..made her more excited she was peeking out of the window…looking in the mirror.. wanting to be perfect for HIM. She decides the outfit  she as on wasn’t going to she rushed and put on a top that went down to her sexy firm thighs..then..before she knew it..there was a knock at the door…her heart racing, her clit throbbing, she grabs the knob and stopped..her heart felt as if it were going to pound out of my chest..and she started to breath heavily… slowly opening the door…and there he was..Her Master..

He entered the room and looked at His slave. Stunning from head to toe.  Her beautiful hair, her gorgeous face, he hot little body , those sexy sexy legs in those fishnets and those naughty high heels. He touched her cheek and brushed his fingers through her hair. Her eyes gazed down and he lifted her chin.  He looked into her eyes.. Deep in them and told her “You are My slave.. You are Mine.. ” next his lips were on hers.. his tongue in her mouth.. his arms wrapped around her and pulled her to him. He kissed her deep and firm, his hands grabbing her fine, tight ass and pressing to her.  He kissed her long, tasting her sweet lips.. his hands roaming her body.  He inched her dress up exposing her bare ass and whispered in her ear.. “such a naughty girl” as he felt her.. her head in his chest he felt her caressed her and squeezed that sexy ass.He removed her top exposing her breasts.

He broke the embrace and looked at her. Told her to walk around so he could inspect her, admiring her. She moved, walking nervously, being watched, after a few moments his voice broke the silence. “Kneel My slave” and she obeyed. Dropping to her knees for him. He approached her. He pulled out two clothespins and put one on each nipple. The pain making her ache.. making her need.  “Crawl” he ordered and she obeyed. She moved like a cat, back and forth. Crawling for her Master on all fours as he watched.  She loved to serve and obey him. Her pussy began to drip. her nipples ached.

Her Master sat back on the bed and told her to come close.  She crawled to him and put her face down.  “Kiss my feet slave” he ordered and she obeyed. Kissing each foot as he instructed, kissing his toes, serving her Master. Making her need and want so much.  Next, he pulled her to the bed and soon she was across his lap.. “naughty girls get spanked” he told her as his hand came down upon her ass. Smacking it. Spanking His slave, his naughty slut, as she squirmed on him.  Her Master spanked her hard and firm, making her cry out. He gripped her hair and pulled her head up.. “You like that don’t you slut” he told her.. she moaned as his hand slapped her ass again and again.  feeling him under her. Each spank intoxicating her. Her ass warmed and stung.  His hands roamed. Touching her breasts, pinching her nipples. Hard! Tugging and pulling on them.  His fingers finding her pussy, warm and moist, tracing her lips.  Her Master spanked and explored her as she moaned and wiggled on his lap.

Once her ass was nice and red and and hot Master pushed her off of him and ordered her on the floor on her knees, where she belonged.  He pulled his cock out and looked at her. Stroking it slowly, teasing her.  He stood over her and stroked his cock in front of her.  Her grabbed her hair and rubbed his fat head over her face and lips.  He pushed it in her mouth and fucked her mouth.  Pulling out to slap her face with it.  The hungry slut moaning, she grabbed his firm thighs and begged for more.  Master instructed her to get on all fours like a good slave and crawl again for him as he watched and admired her.  That sexy ass moving side to side. Controlling her and owning her.  Master removed his belt and looking down upon her started to run the leather across her ass as she crawled. Next thing she knew he as whipping her ass firm. Over and over. “You are MINE” he tells her as he whipped her ass. Firm and hard. The leather striking her backside. He stopped and grapped her pussy. “This is MY pussy slave, this pussy belongs to me” he told her as he plunged two fingers in her. Finger fucking her.  He pulled them out and shoved them in her mouth. “Taste your wetness MY slut” he told her and such suck his fingers down.  Mmmm yes.. such a good little slut he thought.

Master sat back on the bed and spread his legs. “Cum here slave” he ordered. She moved to him. Kissing his feet again, then his ankles , moving up his long sexy legs.  Caressing and kissing his thighs as her Master stroked his cock. Looking down upon her. “Kiss my balls slave” he told her.. Her hungry mouth obliged. Moving to his balls, kissing and licking. Looking up at him. needing tha cock . So hungry for his big hard cock. He grabs her head and pushes it in her mouth deep. She feels his cock so deep. he pushes her down further and feels it hit the back of her throat.  Master fucked his slaves mouth. In and out. His fat cock filling her mouth. Each stroke sliding deep.  He pulls out and rubs her face with it. slaps her face with it. Then pushes her back. Orders to on all fours.. Face down and ass up.

Master moves behind her.  Reaches around and tugs on those clothespins, making her press back to him, making her ache.  Master presses to her and his cock head teases her pussy lips.  His fingers move to her wetness and slip inside.. “Fuck my fingers slave, show me you need YOUR Master’s cock”. She moves back and forth on his hand. Taking one, then two, her pussy opening , three fingers in her hole, then another.. master fingers deep up in her. In and out. In and out. Rubbing her clit. She moans and moans, and then, she feels it, HIS Cock, His cock plunging in her, replacing his fingers, she moans loud as he begins to fuck her from behind. His large hands grip her ass and hips and he thrusts in and out fucking His slave hard. Taking what belongs to him. Using her as he pleases. He watches his cock disappear.. holds in deep in her. pushes her head to the floor and leans on top of her and thrust in and out again. Fucking her harder and harder. spankign her ass. Gripping her hair. Taking his slave. Her moans fill the room. he feels her flood on his cock. her juices gushing and dripping as she moans and cums on her Master’s cock  Master plows her hard and deep and fucks her good.

He holds her down and pounds her pussy like she never imagined. Deep and hard over and over. Making her tremble and shake.  He reaches around and pulls the clothespins off making her clutch his cock deep in her as she winces in pain. AS the blood rushes to them making her head spin. He pulls out, grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the bed.  Master sits on the bed and tells his slave to taste her juices on his cock to suck him and the hungry little whore gallops up his meat. She sucks him like he’s never been sucked before. Taking every inch, such a hungry little slut, she needs it , needs his seed and she won’t stop till she gets it. Sucking him deep. making her Master moan in pleasure fuels her desire.  She takes his cock deep. Deeper and deeper. She feels it in her throat feels herself gag on it.. he holds her on it them pulls off to let her catch her breath. Then she takes it again.. deep.. gagging.. sucking his cock like no other. Taking him deeper than ever before. She is so hungry.. she can’t stop. more and more. She feels him swell in her mouth.. She takes him deep and feels him cock deep in her throat. She hears him moan.. “Oh yes.. thats it of fuck yes.. thats a good hungry slut.. yes yes.. of fuck.” he holds her head down and tells her “Take it My whore! Take your Master;s seed!” he moans loud and she feels him explode, pumping that warm cum. feeling it shoot right down her throat .. deep into her.. sliding down into her belly, warming her throughout her body, she drinks her Master’s seed.  Her body trembles as she feeds on him, as she pleases him, as she swallows it. A part of HIM in her. Her body trmebles her pussy drips. She feels him convulse again and she takes it, swallowing it all.  He pulls from her mouth and milks more out onto his hand and feeds his hungry slave. She laps it up and licks him clean kissing his cock and balls, licking , purring, mmmm yes.. pleasing her Master.

They lay there for a while holding and touching.. he pulls her to him and kisses her feeling her with him.  “You are MINE, always and forever!” he tells her.. “Yes My Master, always” she answers.




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There eyes met as she strolled down the hallway toward him.  Wearing a sexy red dress and high heels.  Her sexy legs flowing across the floor.  Her hair bouncing.  A smile came over her beautiful face.  She quickly moved to him and kissed his lips as he put his strong arms around her and pulled her close. Kissing passionately, firmly , and with such hunger they both needed.  They broke the kiss and held hands as they went to elevator.  Once in the elevator they kissed again, hands beginning to roam.   His hand slipping down her back, cupping her small, firm ass, giving it a nice squeeze.  As the door opened they walked to the room.  Once inside, the door closed behind them, she knew exactly what to do.  She had been waiting to show him for so long. As he walked to the edge of the chair and sat,  she slipped her dress from her shoulders let that it drop to the floor.  There she stood, stripped down to her little panties, her nipples hard, her breathe quickening.  She was excited, nervous, ready, and wet.  Ready to serve. Ready to please HIM. Ready to surrender all.  Ready to obey her Master.

Standing in just her heels and panties feeling his eyes on her she knelt looking at him, “I do this for you My Master” she says.  “I am your slave” she says as sligh gasp of pleasure shoots through as she hears herself.  She lowers her eyes and gets on all fours, and crawls to him.  Moving like a cat slowly,  she crawls to him, around him, rubbing up against his legs.  She put her head down and popped her ass up.  She removed his shoes and socks, massages his feet and kisses them.  “I am your slave” she repeats.  Her Master extends his foot and she sucks his tongues like hungry slut. Sucking his big toe like she wants, no needs, to suck his cock. Showing him how she needs to please him. Taking another in her mouth. Bobbing up and down.  She runs her tongue around and around then down the sole and back to sucking her Master’s toes. Sucking the toes of one and rubbing the other, feeling her Master rub his foot on her face telling her to suck his toes good.  Then holding her head down with one foot and pushing his other into her mouth. “Suck them deep slave”.   She hear’s him undo his belt and unzip his pants. Peeking she sees him take his hard cock out and stroke it as he watches and enjoys.  Seeing her Master’s cock erect fuels her passion and desire. Her need to please him. Moaning on his toes as she sucks. Wanting and needing more.  She hear’s him pull his belt completely off and then feels the leather slide against her back and down to her ass.  She sucks his toes deep and braces for what it to come.  The strike of the leather on her firm backside. Master whips her cheek, once, twice, three times firm.  The sting, the heat. she moans in pain and pleasure on his feet sucking like a good slave. Again and again he strikes her her ass making it begin to glow.  Her moans grow louder, her pussy wetter.  Trying to look up at see him stroke.. See his beautiful cock.  Feeling his foot push her head down firmer. Feeling the belt strike harder.  Her Master taking her.  Her Master stroking his cock and enjoying his slave.  Marking HIS property.

At this point, Master stood, grabbed his slave by her hair and lifted her up to his cock.  He forced his hardness in her mouth making her take it deep.  Gripping her hair tight he began to fuck her mouth. In and out. In and out with no mercy. Taking what is his. Using his slave. His whore. His cocksucking slut! His slave hungrily sucking, trying to please him as much as she can.  The assault on her mouth making her gag, making her mouth water, making her pussy drip.  He holds her tight and pushed deep. Holding his long thick cock deep in her mouth.  He loops the belt around her neck and tightens as he continues to fuck that hot mouth. Holding the belt tight around her neck. Using her as he pleases. He pulls he cock out of his gasping slave and rubs it over her face.  Wiping her saliva and his precum all over her.  Taking his cock in his hand he rubs it over her lips, slaps them with it, then slaps both her cheeks with his harndess. He grips her hair pulls her head back and tells her she is HIS.  HIS whore! His slut.

He pushes her down. holding the belt like a leash. He grabs a toy and shoves it into her ass. Her moans and squeals echo. He leads her around, telling her she is HIS. Tightening the belt to emphasize the point. That he could do whatever he wishes.  He stops before the bed.  He grabs a ball gag and fastens it to her. Then tells her to put her face down and ass up. Loosens the belt from her neck and immediately strikes her ass.  The crack of the leather against her flesh fuels him more.  Over and over as his voice roars and echos in the room.  His sexy voice penetrating her soul. Her muffled moans  fueling him more.  the sound of his voice making her swoon, making her pussy drip. The leather making her ass scream , bright red, aching, and all she could mumbble was “more”.. “please”.. and her Master obliged.  marking her. His property. Striking her firm.  Making her hurt.  Making her whimper. Striking her ass and  the back of her thighs. her back. Breaking her.   Master grabbed her wrists and tied them behind her back and began to spank her ass with his hand. Spanking her, slapping her flesh, grabbing her hair. Repeating she is HIS> Spanking and grabbing her flesh.  Squeezing, gripping, slapping.  Soon his mouth was on those marks.. teasing, tasting, licking her welts.  He pulled her against the bed , on her knees and reached between her thighs. Cupping, then grabbing her swollen wet pussy, leaning into her, pressing that plug deep. He tells her, “You are MINE and THIS PUSSY IS MINE!” He grips it tight, then plunges 2 fingers deep.  Sooo deep. His long fingers touching places hers can’t reach making her body tremble. Moaning and grinding on his hand. A third finger in. His thumb rubbing her throbbing clit. He pushed her face down into the bed and holds her down like that as he fucks her pussy with his fingers. She thrusts back on them like a good whore. Her ass on fire, her pussy dripping, Master removes his fingers, her body trembles, needing more, he tastes them she can hear him sucking on his fingers, tasting her juices. So fucking good.

His cock raging, Master grabs her hips and with one thrust is deep inside of her hot wet pussy. Holding her hips against himself he grinds against her. Laying on top of her, pulling her head up by her hair. “How do you like that cock in you MY slave” he moans. She gasps against the gag, moaning, grinding back, needing him to drive that cock in and out.  He holds her hips tight and thrust in and out. Fucking his slave. Taking her. Ravaging her pussy. Pounding her into the bed as he grips her hair and fucks her as he pleases. The site of her marked back, her red ass and his throbbing cock sliding in and out of her drives him wild. Fucking his slave, taking what belongs to HIM. Her pussy dripping around his cock she if fucking him back now like a good whore. Sliding up and down on that cock as her Master holds her and tells her “You are MINE, fuck MY cock slave”.  She fucks, squeezes, grinds pulls him deep.  Her mouth watering on the gag, drooling, panting.  Wanting to make him cum in her. Wanting to please him so much. Master reaches under her and begins to rub her clit as she fucks his cock. Rubbing that swollen nub faster and faster as she fucks him faster and faster. Harder and harder. Long deep thrusts, taking him deep in her pussy. Her body on fire, her pussy on fire, her clit throbbing , her need to release and to cum growing with every moment. He grips her tight and thrust so fucking deep, pinches her clit sending her over the edge, she trembles, shakes, moans, and convulses in the strongest orgasm ever. Her Master’s cock buried in her, cumming on him, for him, by him.  Her head swimming, her body floating, her pussy cumming over and over and over, flooding his cock and her own thighs. Her Master pulls from her, his cock violently hard, her grabs her and puts her back on her knees, trembling, shaking, stroking in front of her. Looking down upon her, stroking his cock, her eyes mesmerized. Master stops for a moment to remove her ball gag, she gasps, pants, looking up at him.  She instinctively moves to his cock. Master slaps her face with his hardon, rubbing it over her, then shoves it in her mouth and fucks her throat.  “You are My slave. My whore. MY slut.” he tells her over and over and he ravages her mouth. Then, she feels him swelling even more. He grabs her head and holds her on his cock, deep in her throat, his cock twitches and she is rewarded with the first stream of hot creamy cum shooting in the back of her mouth. She swallows hungrily wanting more. Needing more. He explodes again and again, trying to swallow it all like a good cum whore but there is so much,  she can’t help but have some spill out of her mouth. He pulls out and his cock twitches again shooting a spay on her face, some on her chest, and dripping on the floor. He pumps and empties his cock on her, every last drop.  Milking the last few drops on his fingers then feeding it to her as she scooops the drops from her face and body and laps it from her fingers like a hungry kitten.  Master sits on the bed, his slave at his feet, “clean the floor my whore” he tells her and she lowers her face and licks the cum from the floor. “Good slave” he tells her.  “Thank you sir” she reponds and curls up at his feet like a good pet.


She is a good slut for Daddy

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After checking into the hotel, he gathered his things, picked up the phone and called her.  He instructed her how to dress and when to arrive, then he prepared for her arrival.   She was to arrive promptly at 8:00 PM, she was instructed to wear a short black skirt, pink panties, white bra, tank top and high heels. All part of her training. Tonight she would show Daddy how much she needs Him.  She would be used and marked.

Dressing for him made her  feel slutty, hot, and wanted. As she walked through the hotel lobby she caught the eyes of every man.  Their eyes locked on her as she made her way to the elevator. This made her already hard nipples swell and made her pussy drip.  The butterflies in her stomach rising as she rode the elevator up to his room.

As HE waited his thoughts turned to what he had planned for his naughty slut. Going over it in his mind. Checking to make sure everything was in place. The cord, the plug, the clothespins, the ball gag, the paddle, and the crop.  Check.  Feeling his excitement rising, Master opened his email to look at a few pictures of his whore. Mmmmm yes. Seeing those nipples clamped, her breasts bruised, seeing that ass red, oh yes, Daddy likes, tonight it will be redder he thought. All for him. Oh, Daddy was getting hard.

She was to enter the room quietly. The door would be unlocked. She was instructed to go directly to the bathroom mirror and look at herself.  She was instructed to lift her top and expose her breats, pinch her nipples nice and firm and say out loud that she was his, she belonged to him.  She did as instructed. As the words escaped her lips he appeared in the doorway. Looking at her. Seeing her desire. He moved to her, cupped on breast in his hand and kissed her lips. Slowly, softly, his tongue in her mouth, his hand on her breast. His kiss, deep, hot, made her body melt. Kissing her harder, firmer, she was putty in his hands. His mouth went to her breasts, sucking one of her hard nipples, flicking it with his tongue, circling, a soft moan escapes her lips. He sinks his teeth into her, she cries out, his teeth dig into her flesh. Mmmmm he moans. Breaks from her tit and looks in her eyes. “Follow me” he instructs.

As she turns the corner she see’s what is in store for her. There on the bed lay handcuffs, and straps, on the table a set of toys and the paddle, and the crop.  Master smiled as she looked up at him. “On your knees in my presence slave” he commanded and she dropped to the floor. her eyes never leaving him.

Looking up at him as he pulled his beautiful cock out and moved closer to her. “Kiss the head my slut” her lips obeyed. Kissing the fat head, feel it swell, Looking up at him. needing more.  She takes his head in her mouth and sucks..his stare turns, his hand goes to her hair, pulls her head back off his now hard cock.  He slaps her face with it once, twice, three times. Looks into her eyes. “I did not give you permission for that whore”.  He tightens the girp on her hair and pulls her to the bed. Face down, he cuffs her arms above her head , keeping er ass up he fasteneds her leg. Quckly his hand pulls that skirt up, and smacks her ass. “Naughty girl, you will be punished.” Smacks that ass again. He begins to spank her more. Firmer.  SHe moans. He spanks his slut harder. “You will learn to take instruction my whore”. Smack. “You will only do as I say”. Smack. Her ass warm. His hand reaches between her legs, feels her cunt wet. Pushes a finger into her, making her moan.  He pushes her head into a pillow to muffle her moans as he finger fucks that cunt. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, in and out. She moans in the pillow.  Spanking her ass. Her moans getting louder.  He pulls his wet fingers out and pushes them in her mouth to quiet her some.  sucking and licking her juices from his hand.  Master moves to the toys. Grabs hold of the plug and lube, then tosses the lube aside. Moves back to his slut grabs her ass. spreads her cheeks and spits into her asshole, once, twice, lubing it. He takes the plug and pushes it into his slut. Her moans fill the roam. Taking it for Daddy. Feeling her ass being filled.  “Relax my dear, you will take it all for me.” he tells her. Working it in her ass. Rubbing her clit. Making her push back and take it for him.

Her ass filled and tied to the bed. Daddy sat back for a moment to admire his slut.  See the lust in her eyes. Listen to her whimpers and moans. Contemplating what was next.  Stroking his cock and watching her. Mmmm Making her watch him.  Precum around the head. His wet fingers to her lips.  Her greedly little mouth licking it up and sucking Master’s fingers as he pulls them away. Begging for Daddy’s cock.

He stands up and puts up the clothespins. Reaching under her he pinches her nipples and tugs on them. Making her squirm. He pinches harder. Telling her what is to come. Putting the clothespins on, first the right, letting her pain and quivering subside before attaching the left one. the pain rocking her. Making her squirm. Making that plug in her ass drive her wild. Her clit throbbing. He picks up the crop. “Naughty girl needs to be trained.” He runs the crop over her ass. Across her backside. Between her legs. Then, with no warning and a quick wrist he spankes her pussy lips 5 times with the crop sending a jolt of pain throughout her body. Making her head spin. Making her cry out loud and then whimper into the pillow.  Daddy stops and grabs the ball gag from the table. Pushes it in her mouth and roughly fastens it tightly. “maybe that will keep you a bit quiet” he tells her.. She nods and whimpers.  “I am going to mark your flesh my slave” he tells her. She puts her head down and moves that ass. Her muffled moans come as Daddy whips that ass, 5 on each cheek and then moves to that cunt again.  “Oh god yes Daddy of fuck yes..  she cries. Her breathing so hard, her chest heaving, her body his. Tears forming in her eyes. Her pussy dripping. Her need like never before. He traces that crop over her cunt. Tapping it. Lightly at first. Moving along those lips, to her inner thighs, smacking her clit and pussy firm. The light ones arousing, the firm ones intoxicating, making her whimper. Making her beg her Daddy.  “please sir” she mumbled thru that gag. Her muffled words aroused him.  Mmmm Daddy is definitely was having fun.

Daddy ran his hand over her sore bottom. Oh yes, her thought.  Taking more clothespins her places them on her inner thighs. Two on each side. The bite of them makes her wince. Master reaches between her thighs and rubs her clit. Making her shake. Making her move those hips. He continues to rub her clit till she cannot take it. Her body quivering. She moans and groans on that gag. Beginning to cum from his touch. His use. Her body about to release. Then, the sting of his hand smacking her cunt. Brings her back, onces, twice, over and over. Oh my god she thinks. Fuck. She nees this. Taking it, head down, taking what he gives. Spanking her cunt. Making her cry. Making her surrender completely. HIS. She begins to cum with a moan that grows and grows. Master spanking her pussy. Clamped. Tied. Used. Needing his cock. Needing him to just fuck her, but he just keeps making her cum. Gushing. Shaking, his hand slips in her pussy. Two fingers, then three, four. Oh god she feels he deeper. He is working that thumb in as well. he ass filled, her cunt filled. She pushes back and takes him, her cunt completely filled. Master’s whore. The room spins, she gueshes and cums, shaking and moaning. Master slips his hand from her, removes her ball gag and shoves his wet hand in her mouth, making her take it, pulling her head back and fucking her mouth with his hand. Making her lick it clean. He slaps her face. Looks in her eyes. “You belong to me. You are my whore. You will obey. ” “Yes sir,” she ansers, “fuck me, please” she begs, “what is it my whore?” , “fuck me please, put that fucking cock in me and fuck your whore” , she nearly demands. he slaps her face again, “what do you say slave?”, “oh god, Daddy, Daddy,  please fuck your whores cunt!, please Daddy.. please , I am your slave, your whore, your bitch, your cunt, fuck me” .

Daddy is pleased. He moves behind her, spreads her ass apart and pulls the plug out. He pushes it in her mouth, “suck on this my whore” he tells her ‘and takes this cock” and he pushes in her. She sucks that plug in her mouth and moans on it as he fucks her pussy. Grabbing that ass. Squeezing those cheeks. Fucking his slave. Taking what he wants. Spanking her. Slapping that ass Fuicking her harder. Oh yes. Daddy taking his whore. That asshole nice and open for him from the plug. He begins to remove the clothespins. First from her thighs, he pulls his cock from her pussy. Reaches around and removes the pins from her nipples. The blood starting to rush back making them throb and ache. His cock rubbing her cunt. Hands spreading that ass. Oh yes. Mmmmm Daddy’s whore. Daddy’s slut. Gonna make you squeal. He pushes his fat cock head into her backdoor. Slowly at first. Pushing deeper. His cock stretching that hole. Making her moan loud. Making her scream. He fucks that ass. Deeper. Making her take it all. Filling her. Slaming his cock in her ass. Fucking her. Her moans filling the room. Taking the plug from her mouth and Daddy pushes his fingers in her mouth, grabs her hair and yanks on it. Fucks her harder and faster. Deeper. Ready to explode in her. “Tell me who you are slut.” “TELL ME” he commans. “Oh god, Daddy, I am your whore, your slut, your slave, your , oh god, ” grunting, Daddy pushing deep. pulling hard on her hair. “Say it” he tells her. “I’m your ASSWHORE, OK, your fucking asswhore. your slut, fuck me. oh god, I’m cumming,” she screams and Master explodes. “Take this fucking load slave.” Cumming in her ass. Pumping his seed in her. Master’s whore. He collapspes on top of her. His cock twitching, emptying his balls in her. His weight on her. her body twitching. he reaches and touches her clit, she squeezes tha tcock in her ass, milking it, moaning, his touch making her cum again, uncontrollable, milking that cock of every drop, cumming for her Master.

Daddy pulls out of her.  Moves to the chair by the bed and sits back, relaxing, looking at his whore.  All tied up, ass full of cum, and it was only 10:00pm.  Mmmm this was going to be an interesting night.

kissing, touching, feeling

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He kissed her, softly at first, then deeper, his tongue slipping in her mouth as his hand touched her cheek, her chin.  He kissed her long and deep.  Slowly. Their lips together, their tongues entwined.  He loved to kiss her. She was so sexy, so delicious.  He explored her mouth with his tongue as his hands began to roam her body caressing, feeling, exploring.  He kissed her and she kissed him back.  Her hands grabbing him and inviting him in.  Her head back, moaning on his mouth.  He broke the kiss only to continue on her chin.  Her hand in his hair. He kissed her along her jaw, to her neck.  His warm breath sending shivers through her. He kissed along her neck. His lips barely brushing against her skin.  Soft moans escape her lips. His tongue lightly gliding, tasting, up to her ear. Taking her earlobe in his mouth, nibbling his tongue along the edge.  His breath deeper.  She presses to him, he kissing along her neck, grazing his teeth on her flesh, she whimpers. He bites her softly, at first, then more, firmer along her neck. His hand brushes her breasts, across her hard nipple, he touches and bites again. On her shoulder. Taking her nipple in his fingers. His sucks and licks along his teethmarks. Pinches her nipple slight, she gasps, he catches her lips, and kisses her deep again. Pinching her nipple slightly harder, his tongue pushes in, his mouth covers her, feeling her moan into him as he pinches a bit harder.  Kissing her so very deep.  His hands gather her top and pull it up to expose her black bra.  His hand cups on and runs his fingers over her nipple.  Squeezing, pulling her breast out and lower his mouth to it.  Her hands caress his neck as his kisses around her areola, his tongue circling then flicking out and darting at her hardening nipple. flicking it fast with his tongue, back and forth.  He sucks it to his lips and into his mouth. She moans and grabs his head, holding him to her. He opens wider and sucks her breast deep.  One of her hands roams down and up his back. She leans into him to offer more of her breasts. He suckles it deep  taking a mouth full then bites her breast. . Her back arches as she moans.  grabbing his hair. His teeth biting her flesh.  One hand moves up her leg, under that skirt feeling those stockings, he grips her thigh squeezing he releases and sucks her nipple, swirling his tongue around and around.  His fingers grip her thigh as he bites her nipple.  She lets out a little moan and opens her legs up as his fingers move closer to her.  His fingers at the edge of her panties, he bites her nipple harder, feeling her heat and wetness, not letting go, sucking and biting that nipple. His fingers slip into her panties, trace her hot, wet lips.  Up and down. making them part, up to her clit, rubbing as he sucks and bites her nipple harder. She moans, whimpers. holds him to her. needing more. Wanting more. His finger slips into her. One, then two. He begins to fuck her pussy feeling it get wetter and wetter. Her hand reaches for him. To touch his manhood. She feels it. Squeezes it and moans as he bites her and suck that nipple hard making her pussy twitch.  His thumb moves against her clit as her hips start to move.. his hold on her tit one hand in her hair, sucking and biting so hard. Hurting her and marking her, making her  whimper and moan and fuck his fingers.  Grabbing at his cock. squeezing it firm. Telling him she wants it. She begins to moan more and more as he slips a third finger in, his thumb working her swollen clit so well.  The pain and pleasure mixing, intoxicating her, making her head spin. Lost in his touch. Just when she thinks he can’t bite any harder the pain shoots from her nipple straight to her clit.  His teeth biting and pulling her nipple , his finger fucking her, her head moving side to side her hips bucking on his hand. She moans. .she cries out.. she clamps his hand between her thighs and shudders.. shakes.. lets out a loud wail and cums. She cums so hard.  Floating. Shaking. Trembling from the pain and pleasure.  Her hand still having a grip on his cock, panting, she pushes him back, pulls that meat out, and lowers her mouth to him.  Moaning on him, sucking him hard and hungry. Taking what she wants. he grips the couch, and thrust in her mouth. Feeling her hold him down and take his cock. Sucking it with fury and animalistic desire.  Determined, hungry, wanton, she suck him, deep, not letting up till she receives that reward. Pumping his cock, licking up and down, sucking on his balls making him squrim and moan.  gripping the base and taking him deep. In and out of her mouth. She sucks the fat head, swirls her tongue around and around and putting pressure on that shaft takes him slowly, inch by inch, into her, sucking, milking. He can’t take it any longer, moaning, fuck, cumming, in her mouth, in her throat, she sucks and swallows his cock and cream. Drinking all he gives her, gripping his thighs and sucking him dry. sucking every bit. Tasting every drop till his is limp in her mouth.