Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s girl is sweet, loving, likes to please her Daddy. She is not who you may think. She is much more and I don’t believe anyone would believe the things she does for me. Yes, for me. Things some of you won’t believe. But trust me, as she does, it is true. Take your darkest fantasy and turn it to 11. That’s Daddy and his babygirl. In real life, in her other ventures, she is not timid, not shy, well, maybe some, but tries to hide it, but with Daddy… she is completely a little girl. She obeys. She pleases. She needs her Daddy. She needs him to push her and make her do those secret things she craves. She needs. Daddy’s voice has a way of making her comply. His punishment a way of making her crave more. His reward seducing her and making her HIS.

This relationship has built over time. A simple reply to read a blog. An interest Daddy took in this deviant little slut. Her confidence, her forwardness, Daddy had to learn more. Daddy wanted to explore. Daddy wanted to break her. Daddy wanted to control her. Own her. Make her his. She was that exquisite from the start. Just what Daddy wanted and needed.

While it all started with Daddy answering that request to read a blog, it truly didn’t start till Daddy told his sweet new friend that he had a sexy voice. This, along with a few email exchanges peaked this girls interest. From that point on.. Daddy knew.. remember that first call is hard now.. there have been so many, tho, not nearly enough, but Daddy remembers his girl being so sweet, so shy, so quiet.. so unlike what he knew about her. This aroused Daddy like no other. One, two, three, or was it four phone calls later over a 24 hour period and the adventure had begun.

~ by darksideofthemind on July 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Daddy’s Girl”

  1. yummy

  2. mmmmmmm.

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