1. When you get home.erotic2images.jpg
  2. Undress down to your panties.
  3. Light some candles
  4. Caress yourself
  5. Touch your breasts
  6. Make your nipples hard for me.  Feel me watching you. 
  7. Squeeze them. Play with them till you feel the need to move on.
  8. Run your hands down your body.
  9. Spread your legs
  10. Touch the insides of your thighs.
  11. Touch those lips.
  12. Spread them open.
  13. Show them to me. Show me the pink.
  14. Run your fingertip up and down.
  15. One finger. Slowly.
  16. Slip it in.
  17. Spread the lips a bit and rub your clit with your thumb.
  18. Touch one nipple as you do it.
  19. Finger yourself for me
  20. One finger, then two.
  21. Deeper.
  22. In and out.
  23. Pinch your nipple.
  24. Harder as you move your hips to meet your fingers.  
  25. Fuck your fingers for me.
  26. Fuck them like you want to fuck my cock.
  27. Rub your clit with your thumb
  28. Finger fuck your pussy.
  29. Feel how wet it is
  30. Pinch your nipple harder
  31. Make yourself cum for me
  32. Make youself cum thinking of me
  33. Thinking of fucking me you naughty girl.  
  34. Fuck me good.
  35. Take my cock. Deep. Squeeze me in you.  Pull me deep.
  36. Make me cum in you.  
  37. Put the plug in.
  38. Keep it in. 30 minutes.
  39. you are not allowed to touch yourself.
  40. after 30 minutes begin to fuck yourself with the plug.
  41. fuck your ass for me.
  42. feel me doing it.
  43. just your ass baby.
  44. do it for me.
  45. slowly.
  46. then build
  47. firmer
  48. more
  49. harder
  50. fuck it good.
  51. fuck it till you cum.
  52. if you need to touch your clit you may at this point.
  53. fuck your ass and cum for me.
  54. push the plug deep.
  55. keep it there.

~ by darksideofthemind on July 25, 2007.

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