art7.jpgYou make me lust after you. Make me think such naughty thoughts. God, I want you. Want to tease you. Kiss you. Kiss your neck, nibble on you there. Bite your hsoulder softly. trace my hands and fingers along your arms. kiss your fingers. suck them into my mouth. hold your hand in mine. kiss your breasts. tease your nipples till they are hard. nibble on them. my hands roam your body. grab you firm. cup your ass. squeeze it , as I bite your nipple. my tongue trails down to your belly and back up to your other nipple. I bite that one and trail down. Kiss your stomach. My hands on your breasts. pinching your nipples. tugging at them. licking them. I reach down and peel your panties off. I cup my hand over you. feeling your heat. feeling your wetness. I kiss your nipples , my hand covering your pussy. holding it. I bite your nipples and you moan and grind against my hand. I look into your eyes. slip one finger in you. and start to finger your sweet wetness. watching you. I tell you to rub your clit and I slip a second finger in. deeper. Fingering you harder. I pull my cock out and stroke it as I finger you. as you rub your lclit for me. as i suck your breasts , kiss your lips. whisper in your ear how bad I want to fuck you.

~ by darksideofthemind on July 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Lust”

  1. very hott

  2. That last sentence sent a chill down my spine…

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