As Daddy Wishes


Daddy says: “You will fuck yourself tonight, filling both holes with my toys, first you are to fuck your ass with both your plug and your dildo. You are to slap your pussy, 20 times since you could not do it when asked. You are to use your clothespins on your nipples and you will cum with them on, then take them off, and make yourself cum again without stopping. You are to fill both holes and fuck yourself til you cum. You will do this and you will cum over and over for me until you fall asleep. When you wake, you are to cum again. I don’t care what time it is when you wake, you are to fuck yourslf till you cum again. you are mine and will please me and do as you are told.”

Daddy’s good girl responds:

“i did as you asked last night daddy. the only thing i couldn’t do was put the dildo in my bottom — it’s too big and soft. i’m sorry. but i did everything else as you asked. i needed you there so much. i fell asleep with them inside of me, my nipples hurting and so hard, my wet pussy stinging. i came 3 times before i slept and then twice more before i got up this morning. for you. god for you. thinking of no one and nothing else but you.”


~ by darksideofthemind on July 27, 2007.

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