Tie & Bind

bondimages.jpgI wish to tie and bind you. Firmly. Your arms behind your back. Your ankles tied but leaving space for you to part your legs. Your breasts are tied. The cord wrapped around them. Making your breasts protrude. Making your nipples hard. Clothespens attached to your nipples. I watch you. My hands explore your body. I begin to rub your bottom. Your thighs. You feel my hand touch you. Feeling your warmth, your wetness. My fingers explore you. Looking into your eyes. I stare deep into you. Rubbing your clit, pushing one, then two fingers into you. Slipping them out again. My thumb on your clit. Looking in your eyes. Feel me. You are helpless, tense, but aroused. One finger slips in, thumb on your clit, another finger probes your ass.. pressing against the opening. Looking at your beauty. Before for, for me. I press in, pushing one finger into your ass, pressing the other into your pussy, trying to make them meet. Moving them in and out, rubbing your clit, your arousal builds, you clamp on my finger, I press your clit. You moan, loudly, cummingon my hand. Yes, that’s my girl.. cum for me, feel my fingers in you. Look me in the eyes…


I slip myfingers from you, I bring them to your lips. I paint yourlips with my fingertips, your juices on them. Ilean down and kiss you. Tasting your juices and your lips. My precious. So sweet. I remove the clothespens. The blood rushes to your nipples. Making them ache, making them throb, hurt a bit. I rub your clit again. Keeping you aroused, close, I touch your aching nipples, I caress them lightly. I take a vibrator, place it between your lets, pressed to you, I turn it on. I take a blindfold, and cover your eyes. I kiss you and press the vibe against you. You grind against it. Tied, blindfolded, stimulated, more and more, your arousal heightening. Wanting to cum again. Needing to cum again. Tell me my sweet. Tell me how you feel. Tell me, do you wish to cum for me again? Will you cum loud for me? I lean down and take one of your nipples in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around. Flicking it, soothing gthe pain and ache, making you want more. The vibrator not stopping. You need to cum. You clamp your legs around my hand and the vibe and cum again. Moaning, begging, cumming… it is just the beginning my dear. You are mine. Here, now, tied, blindfolded, vulnerable to my whim, it makes me so hard to see you like this. You will do as you are told. You will please me. You will be my fuck toy.


I secure you to the bed. You hands now tied above your head. Your ankes tied and legs open. You are on your back. Your body exposed to me. Blindfolded. I untie your breasts. I place a 7” cock shaped dildo vibe between your legs, I press the head to your wet and wanton pussy. I push it into you. Your lips part, taking the cock into you, a bit deeper, till half the cock is in you and half out. I turn the vibration on. And watch you. Watch you squirm. You feel hands on you, a feather tracing your body, is there someone else here? You hear my voice, telling you that you are here for our pleasure. You feel 2 pairs of lips on your nipples.


~ by darksideofthemind on July 27, 2007.

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