Seduction, want, desire

I seduce, arouse, intoxicate…

not my thoughts.. but sent to me.

Daddy’s naughty girl thinking naughty thoughts too…
Imagining herself sitting on daddy’s lap, while daddy plays with her hair.
She thinks about daddy all the time now, even at work – but she’s good at hiding it.
She cant stop fantasizing about the things daddy’s gonna do to her…  she wants to make it really special for her Daddy to enjoy, and to later reminisce about her too.
She might even consider preparing a special dinner before daddy comes over, so that after she drains all his hot cum, daddy can taste her cooking too, and also quickly recharge all the energy he’ll expend on her, and more 🙂
She wants to smoke with daddy, talk and laugh with daddy, make daddy feel at home, make daddy feel like he’s 20 years old again… hehehe
This girl just aims to please her daddy, make him wanting her more and more every day.
She’s such a tease, she might make daddy get addicted to her 🙂
But she can certainly last all night, and even though she’s intimidated by daddy’s big fat cock, she’s determined to please daddy like no other.  😛

*kisses & licks daddy’s chest all over, his neck, working her way up slowly, as she teases him for that unforgettable kiss*      🙂




you can lift me up too after you fuck me in missionary position, with my arms wrapped around your neck and yours wrapped around my hips, my nipples rubbing against your chest while you fuck me in the air, control me, make me scream………  I always fantasized about that… But can you you do that?  Even if for a few minutes?


~ by darksideofthemind on July 28, 2007.

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