Punish You


Punish you.
Have you kneel before me. Eyes downcast. Awaiting. Knowing you are a naughty girl. Knowing, and not knowing, what is in store. I pull you to me. Over my lap. Expose your backside. Admire that sweet small bottom. My hand covering it. Soon my handprints will mark you. your bottom will be red. Your ass will sting. We will feel how wet it makes you my dear. How much it makes you beg. But it will only be the beginning. First my hand, 5 times on each cheek. Snapping the air. Stinging you. A gasp escapes your mouth, not believing that you were spanked that firm. Five more on each cheeks warms you. Makes your blood rush. Makes your heart jump. Quickly my hand comes down up you. You naughty girl. Such a little tease. You will learn. You will learn my dear. Do you feel what you do to me. Feel how hard you make me as you squirm on my lap. I spank you more. My hand coming down firm, fast, hard. Your ass turning red. Your pussy dripping onto my legs. Tears run from your eyes. My hand cups you, feels your heat, your wetness. Oh my dear, it seems you enjoy your punishment. Such a naughty girl. My finger circles your lips, your clit, i plunge two fingers into you. Holding you down on my laps. Finger fucking you, your red ass in front of me. I ask.. do you want more? Do you need more? My naughty girl. You will be punished. I slip my fingers from you. Pick you up. Carry you to the bed. Undress you completeyl. I tell you to get on all fours with your elbows supporting you. Your ass in the air. I undo my belt. Move to you. Run the thick leather over you. Are you ready? mmmmm I am. I reach down.. your cunt is soaked. Your nipples hard.. yes, you are ready. The belt smacks your bottom. Cracking the air. Once, twice, three times.. the fourth and fifth make your head spin.. make your body weak.. make you want more.. so wet , wanting, and needing more.. I tell you to reach down and touch yourself.. feel for yourself how wet you are.. feel how much you want this.. 5 more turn that ass vivid red. the welts begin to appear. I caress them.. admired your red backside. Lean down kiss those welts.. run my tongue over them.. caress your bottom.. all the time you are rubbing that clit for me. I move behind you. Pull my hard cock out and press to you. Pushing the fat head aginast your wetness. Feel me. Feel me push in you. Take what is mine. My hands grasps your ass. I thrust my cock deep. You moan loud, pant Yes, please, I thrust. harder. deeper. in and out.. faster, grabbing your ass. PUlling your hair. fucking you. Driving my cock deep into you. Making you moan. Making you beg for more. Fucking you. Rubbing your clit. Making you moan. making you cum. I spank you as I take you. I push you down on the bed. My weight on top of you. Deep up in you. You feel me push.. grab hold of you, and exlode… pumping my cum deep into you. Laying on top of you.. my cock twitching inside of you.. filling you. Yes, naughty girls get punished. But the real punishment would be losing me now wouldn’t it my dear.

~ by darksideofthemind on August 1, 2007.

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