Imagining You

daddygirl.jpgimagine sitting with you. holding your hand. looking in your eyes. we kiss. our lips touch. our tongues. my arms around you. Caressing you. feeling you. I ask that you to turn your back to me so i can massage your shoulders. brush the hair from your neck and kiss you there.. rub your arms.. trace my fingers along your arms.. all the way down to your fingertips and back up again.. I kiss your neck. caress your back.. want to feel you all over. want you to lie dow so i can massage you. feel you touch you . massage you. your back, your legs, your feet. your calves, your thighs, your back some more. up back to your shoulders. I kiss your neck , whisper in your ear how beautiful I think you are. how wonderful it is to be with you. to feel you. how i want you. Tell you how I wish to make you feel like no other has. How I long to make you feel as you need. As you desire. I kiss my way down your spine. run my tongue along it. my fingertips tracing your flesh. you taste and feel so nice. I turn you over. caress you. look down upon you. lean down and kiss your lips. Look in your eyes and tell you… I could touch you forever.


I kiss your lips. Your cheeks. My fingertips slowly trace the beauty of your face. I look deep into your eyes. The feeling of desire overwhelming. How I have longed for this moment. I kiss you again. My lips trail down your chin. Down your neck. I kiss and nibble on your shoulders. My hands caresss you. I touch your breasts softly. Gently guiding my hands over them. Caressing your hardening nipples. Roll them between my fingers. My mouth still on you. My warm breath flows over you. I lower my mouth to your breast. Kiss the tip of your nipple, my tongue lightly touching, circling. My mouth surrounding. Sucking. Tugging.


My hands move down. You spread your legs open. I touch your thighs as I suck on your right nipple. My hand moving closer to you. Feeling your warmth. I trail my tongue to your left breast and flick that hard nipple with my tongue. My fingers find your wetness. I lightly trace the succulent moist lips. Brushing over your clit ever so slightly. My mouth hungrily sucking on your breast. I bite your nipple softly as one finger slips into you. A gasp and moan escape your lips as I push further. So warm, wet, tight. My thumb begins to circle your clit. I bite your nipple a bit harder.. You arch your back. I slip a second finger in you. Moving them in and out. My mouth all over your chest, stomache, tops of your thighs.. I move down. Wanting to taste you. See you.


I spread your legs apart further. My two fingers slipping in and out. I move my mouth to you. Kiss your stomach. Your belly button. Trail my tongue down to where my fingers play. I dart my tongue out and lightly jab at those lips, that swollen clit. My fingers in you. Spreading you open. I push my tongue in you. Deep. Tasting. Fucking you with my fingers and tongue. Making love to you with my mouth. I push my fingers deep.. Look up at you and tell you to rub your clit for me as I feast upon you. I spread you wide. Press my mouth to you.. feel you move your hips to my mouth. My one free hand grabbing your hips and ass. Burying my face in you. My tongue pushing deep with my fingers. Your fingers rubbing your clit faster and faster your moving your hips. Grinding to my mouth. Feel me. Rub that clit faster as I eat you. Taste you. Make love to you with my mouth. I want to make you gush.. squirt.. fill my mouth with your juices. Rub your clit faster as My tongue moves around and around.. pushing you closer. Your rubbing yoru clit faste and faster. .Moaning. Telling me you are about to.. in and out.. my fingers touching the walls inside.. clamp your legs around my head. Shudder. Moan. Scream. Let it out. Shake. Cum for me. Cum by me.

~ by darksideofthemind on August 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Imagining You”

  1. Shudder. Moan. Scream. Beautiful imagery.

  2. “I kiss your lips. Your cheeks. My fingertips slowly trace the beauty of your face. I look deep into your eyes. The feeling of desire overwhelming”

    I so want to be overwhelmed…

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