Naughty Girl in Need


It had been a while. She was definitely in need. Why, she doesn’t know or understand. No man has made her feel this way. Its not how he looks, its not love, it is more primal. The mere thought of his name can make her wet. The arrival of a text message or email can nearly induce an orgasm. Why. Why does this man have such power of her. What is it? She tries not to dwell on that and just cherish the moments they have.

She is a somewhat normal 40 year old woman, attractive, a bit wild or is it more free since her divorce, and untameable, usually having the upper hand, but somehow, under his guide, his voice, his command, she crumbles. She surrenders. She becomes a little girl, an insatiable pet, a slave, a whore, whatever he wants. Whatever he needs. She craves him. To please him. To do as he tells her. Stuck on the ferry in her car coming back from a weekend of screwing her new boyfriend, her phone chimes. She gasps, its from Him. Its just a simply text.. “How are you babygirl”.. but just those words has her panties wet. She anxiously texts back. Hoping, her nipples getting hard as she moves her fingers over the tiny keys on her phone. Dressed in a bikini top and shorts.. sitting in her car. She begins to need. To want. And then, she can’t believe, “call me”, pops up on her screen. She nearly drops the phone, her body rushes, your panties soaked, her nipples stand to attention. Frantically she dials…

“Hello” he answers.. a gasp and then “Omg. Omg. Omg” is all she can muster. “hello babygirl, miss me?” She expresses her want, her need. How she misses her Daddy so very much. How she wants him. Needs him. A few simple words. The sound of his voice. Triggers something inside of her. Here she is sitting in her car and her panties are soaked. “Daddy misses you”. His breath thru the phone sends chills thru her body. His voice intoxicating her. “You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you” he says. “No Daddy, I haven’t”. He inquiries as to where she has been, what she has been doing. She cannot lie, she tells him about her new bf. How he fucks her. Tosses her around. How she fucked all weekend long. Making Daddy jealous. She knows this. It is her own ploy. To get what she needs, what she really wants. “I see” Daddy says. “Perhaps I should let you go then”. She begs, pleads, “No Daddy, don’t, please talk to me.” I need you.”

Though she cannot see it. A smile comes over his face. His cock is hard, knowing her want. He pulls it from his pants and begins to stroke. His breathing getting deeper. “I see my dear” he says. “do you miss me” Tell me.. “omg , you don’t know how much I miss you, need you.” “I practically came when you told me to call you”.

Daddy is pleased. “I want you my dear”. “Now do as you are told. Reach down and feel how wet you are. do it right there in your car.” Not believing what she is about to do, without any hesitation, she complies, she reaches down, hand in her shorts, feeling the warmth and wetness. “Push your fingers in your pussy for me” he orders. She plunges two fingers deep. Moaning. “Squeeze them in you” he whispers. “That’s it. That’s my girl. Push them deeper”. She moans. He knows she is close already after only a minute. “Do you need to cum for me naughty girl?” Daddy asks. With that, it sends her over the edge. Her orgasm comes on strong. A huge wave hitting her. Her fingers buried in her wet pussy. Moaning. Listening to the man on the other end ordering her to fuck herself in her car on the ferry. She cums. hard. Daddy continues to talk to her.. to whisper to her. to order her around. To command she cum again! And she does. Moaning. Groaning. cumming. Flooding the seat of her car. She is such a slut for Daddy. such a nasty little whore and Daddy tells her.

“you are my whore, my cunt, my nasty little girl”. You will do as you are told. You will please Daddy.”

“Pinch your nipples, hard for me”. She obliges. Her nipples standing at attention. She pinches them. She begs Daddy. “wrap those sexy hands into my long hair daddy and force me to please you omg yes”. “fuck my pretty mouth daddy” let me wrap my sexy lips around daddy like a good little cocksucking whore for my daddy. on my knees daddy begging to just get a taste of daddys hard cock shoved down my throat”

She begs, she pleads.. “pleaseeeeeeeee….pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…..pleaseeeeeeeee” needing to cum.

“Shove your fingers back in your cunt. Fuck that pussy for me right there. Imagine sucking my cock.” “Take me””Feel me fuck your mouth you little slut. ”

“cum for Daddy”.. those words can set her off and they do. Another orgasm his. This one just as strong as the first.. Moaning, squirming. Forgetting all else but to do as she is told. To please her Daddy.

After she has recovered with Daddy whispering in her ear. She begins to tell Daddy how much she misses him. How he makes her feel. How she needs him.

“beat my ass daddy…..i will give you all of me you know that….completly “” oh daddy you love to make me beg for your abuse, pleaseeeeeeeee..pleaseeeeeeeeeeee… daddys naughty naughty girl loves daddys abuse mmmmm daddys little pain pet”

“never have I ever wanted to be used by a man like I wanna be used by you .”

” Feel daddy grabbing me & throwing me around like a cheap whore ”

Daddy tells her.. “You will be punished for being a naughty girl. For fucking around. For being such a slut.” “Be ready, Daddy will call you later…”

~ by darksideofthemind on August 7, 2007.

One Response to “Naughty Girl in Need”

  1. naughty girls always get punished…

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