Phone Fun


It’s only the second date, but there is a feeling between them. A sense of sexual tension. As they walk to her door to say goodnight he takes her hand in his. Holding it gently, but firm. His fingers tracing over her soft skin.


As they reach the door and turn toward one another, he lowers his mouth to hers with a soft, sensual kiss. His hand grasps hers tighter. His arm slips around her waist. His hand cups her hips. His kiss pushes deeper. She begins to part her lips, take his tongue into her mouth. Feel him. His strength, his passion. The kiss has made her weak. She feels herself secure in his arms. He presses close to her, feels her breath. Kisses her deep. Breaks the kiss and looks into her eyes. Deep. Touches her chin. “You are so very beautiful my dear”. He says. His fingertips trace her face. He kisses her again, softly, her heart races, your body melts. He feels her desire, but being a gentleman, he breaks the kiss, and tells her he should go.


As she closes the door behind her, she feels a rush of excitement, arousal, want. No one has ever kissed her so. No one has ever made her feel so weak. As she undresses and slips into bed, she cannot help but imagine that kiss. It warms her. Arouses her. Soon she finds her hands touching her breasts, moving down her stomache. She imagines that kiss.. more than the kiss, the stare, the look. Touching her soul. Looking deep , knowing.


As her fingers slip into herself, she is broke from this dream like state by sound of the phone. She looks at the caller id, it’s him, she eagerly picks up. “hello” in a somewhat aroused, sultry voice she answers. It’s him, he says “Its me, just missing you already, I didn’t wake you did I? what are doing?”. “Just thinking about you” she answered.


“Makes my mind race he says. Miss you already. Didn’t want to leave, but thought it best. Wanted to stay. Wanted to kiss those lips longer. Kiss your neck. I better stop…”


“no, please don’t, I was thining the same.


“Are you in bed sweetie?” he asks, “yes” she answers


What are you wearing?




“You naughty girl, naked already.. I just left you.


She laughs coyly. “Wish you were still here”


Oh , me too, how I want you baby. How I want to kiss you.


“tell me”


He begins to tell her more. How he wishes to kiss her neck softly, nibble upon her ears. He hears her arousal on the other end. Hears her breathing quicken. Hears a moan escape her mouth. He tells her how he wishes to kiss her neck. Her shoulders, how he longs to trace her body with his fingertips. How he desires to taste her. Her breathing heavy now. Her want and desire growing. Her hands touching her breasts and now, back between her legs. Her body moving to his words. Touch yourself he tells her. Her fingers slide in. Feel your wetness. Her fingers push deeper. A moan escapes her lips. She is lost in his voice, his words, his power. Her fingers plunge , her body arches. You sound so beautiful her tells her. So sexy. Makes me want you so. Makes my cock hard for you. Do you want to feel how hard you make me baby? Do you? Push those fingers deeper. Fuck yourself for me. Do you want to feel me in you. Do you want my cock inside of you. Tell me baby. Tell me. As her fingers plunge deep. As she moans into the phone she looks up, his cock, hard, in front of her, the phone in one hand, his cock in his other… she cums..



~ by darksideofthemind on August 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Phone Fun”

  1. mmmmmm.

    i like how you wrote this one.

  2. yummy … yummy … yummy

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