Control, obsession, domination


She was nervous. Her indiscretions had mounted and she knew it. She knew I would not be pleased.. A pet in training. One who seeks to reach the level of her potential but whose actions and lack of discipline forbid her from her destiny. To submit. To relinquish control. To surrender. To obey.




She arrived on time, and entered the room. I scolded her for talking to other guys and touching her pussy. She said she was so very sorry. I told her she needed to be punished. She needs to obey and do as she was told. She needs to learn. Had her strip and get on her knees. Had her pinch her nipples till they stood up. I had her bend over and gave her 5 smacks across her ass. I spread her cheeks and plugged her ass. she moaned and groaned and I had her push it in deeper and harder since she was taking so much time. I had her fuck herself in the ass with the plug. I scolded her. Yelling at her to do it harder. Telling her what a naughty slut she was. She craved more. Her maons and cries getting me so very excited. I had her push that plug deep up her ass and rock on it as she rubbed her clit. She begged. Begged for release, begged to cum. When I allowed her, she came so hard. moaning. begging. before her orgasm subsided I spanked her naughty wet cunt. Told her to feel the pain. Beg me to do it hard.


She moand “Do it harder.” “Say please” I ordered her. “Pleaseeeeeee “ she begged. I had herfuck her ass with that plug. I then had her take a dildo and fuck her cunt for me as her ass was plugged. The rush this was giving me nearly made me cum without even touching my cock. Her pain, her begging for more. Her raw excitement. When I yelled or scolded her she nearly came each time. I had her fuck that cunt hard. I started to stroke my cock in front of her. I grabbed her head and forced it down her throat. Fucking her mouth. Using it. Using it for my pleasure. Then it was time for her spanking. I had her get on her knees and present her ass for me, first with my hand , then with a belt. nice and hard. When her spanking was done I had her remove the plug and fuck her ass with a dildo. Then had her plug it again and rub her clit, spank her puss and ass till she came again, moaning, begging, pleading for more.



~ by darksideofthemind on August 17, 2007.

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