Devoted slave

A request…

Master, please write more for your devoted slave. I will be unavailable by phone for most of tomorrow but want to pleasure myself to your written commands when I get the chance. Tell me how you are going to use me, dominate me, and reward me for good servitude. I’d do anything to be on my knees with my lips around my Master’s magnificent cock right now….discipline me, make me give you the best head ever.


Oh my slave, yes. Please me and do

as you are told.

I would like you to not wear panties for me all day long.

You are to masturbate and cum for me 2 times during the day. you are to write me later and tell me where you masturbated.

When you get home remove your top, your bra, stand in front of a mirror. Look into the mirror, pinch your nipples, and repeat you are my slave. My slut. My whore. Make those nipples ache. Make them sore. Then masturbate till you cum in front of the mirror. Look at what you do for me slave. Look how I make you feel. Feel me control you. Own you.

While you masturbate for me slave, think of me standing naked in front of you. You are on your knees. Arms tied behind your back. I lay down on the bed and begin to stroke my cock. Making it so very hard as you watch. you beg to touch me. taste me. suck me. I tell you to crawl over to me. Put your face down and your ass in the air. I start to spank you. 10 times. I grab your hair and pull you up to me. Lay your head on my chest. make you watch closer as I stroke my cock. mY hand grips your hair. I push you closer as my cock starts to oooz precum. very close, but you can’t have it. BEG SLAVE. BEG to taste that cock. To please me. To suck me. Look at that fat head ready for your mouth. I get up


and push your head down again. Your ass needs more attetnion. I slap it, grab it, squeeze it, spread it open. I run my tongue along your ass and down to your wet dripping pussy.. I tongue fuck you ass and pussy back and forth. then slip a finger into your pussy and finger fuck you. I pull my wet finger out and feed it to you. you suck it like a cock. licking it. I sit on the bed your head in my lap, my hand on your ass and pussy. i tell you to suck my cock slave. show me what a good cocksucking slave you are for me. show me how much you love my cock. do it. I start to spank you. take my cock in your mouth. suck that fat head. spanking more. squeezing your ass between spanks. harder now. you naughty cocksucking slut. thats it.. oh yes feel me grow, using your hair to move you up and down on my shaft. faster as I spank you harder. my slut. my cocksucking slut. my slave. my beautiful cocksucking slave. take that cock , feel me spank you harder. harder. harder. hader till i shoot my fucking cum deep in your mouth and force you down on my cock!

~ by darksideofthemind on August 17, 2007.

One Response to “Devoted slave”

  1. sounds like you care very much for your slave…
    good writing 🙂

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