The Blindfold


It was her fantasy. My how they’ve grown over the last year. Once her mind was as innocent as her face, but that was then. This is now. Was it the unknown, the loss of control, or the surrender which made her want it so. To be undressed, tied, and blindfolded. She had said the thought of it made her wet. Made her weak. She never trusted anyone enough to tell, but the desire, the fantasy, was becoming to strong. She needed to share it with him. They had talked, one day soon, it would happen.

Their next date she looked exquisite. Dressed in that perfect little black dress, short, light, showing off those sexy shoulders. So elegant. Her hair perfect. Her almond shaped eyes captivating. That little smile that could say so much. They flirted during dinner. Hands touching across the table. Talked, laughed, smiled. Halfway through the meal he could feel her foot lightly running against his leg. He smiled, as this began to turn him on. She played with her food. Teasing him a bit. She excused herself, telling him to order her a glass of wine. He admired her sexy ass as she walked to the restroom. Noticing a few heads turning.

“Hold this for me” she says upon her return. She drops her silky black lace panties into his lap. Startled, he grabs them and puts them in his pocket. Looking at her. Her teasing smile making him flush. He leans over the table and whispers to her.. “You are a naughty girl. If your friends only knew.” Her sexy laugh just adding to his desire. So sweet, so innocent looking, who would know what lurked behind those dark eyes.

She leaned over to him and whispered “I’m your naughty girl”.

They finished their meal, the last sip of wine gone, paid the check, and headed to the car. Taking her hand in his as they walked. They talked. Pausing at their car, he pulls her to him. Looks in her eyes, lowers his mouth to hers and kisses her. Softly at first, then deeper. Breaking the kiss with a gasp and a whisper in her ear “I want you”. “Yes” she responds.

Forgetting all other plans, they drive, he rests his hand on her bare thigh. Her legs part a bit, exposing more exquisite flesh. His fingers caress the silking smooth skin. She takes his hand in hers and places it between her thighs. “Feel how warm you make me” she purrs. His fingers reach out to touch her. Lightly over those exposed lips. Up to that swollen clit. A slight moan escapes her breath. Arriving at his door in a few minutes. His cock hard, his fingers wet from her juices.

Upon entering the house, he follows her in. Admiring that sweet body. Coming up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. His fingertips glide over her smooth skin. Caresssing. His lips lower to her neck. Kissing her there. Softly. Nibbling a little. Turning her to him. Looking in her eyes. He kisses her lips, softly, slowly, his tongue lightly brushes her lips. His hands slip the straps from her shoulders. Her dress falls to the floor. His hands glide down her sexy back. Just above her perfect bottom. Kissing her deeper now. Tongues entwined. Heat building. She melts in his arms. His lips intoxicate her. Make her weak in the knees. Make her blood rush, her skin shiver. He trails his hand down her backside and then scoops her up in his arms. Still kissing her, he carries her to the bedroom. The lights are dim. He lays her on the bed. Looks in her eyes. Kisses her once more.

He breaks the kiss, looking down upon her. “Tonight” he says. Taking a silk tie off the chair next to the bed. “Your blindfold, you do trust me, don’t you sweetie?”. A faint yes escapes her breath. Speechless that it is going to happen. The tie is secured around her eyes, once, twice, making sure that she cannot see. Nervousness begins to set in. What is she doing. Before she can say a word she feels a mouth upon her right nipple. Sucking, kissing. Aa hand on her thigh. Caressing. She squirms a bit. Uncertain, excited, wanting.


He whispers to her. “Relax my dear”. He raises her arms above her head. Ties them together and loops it around the headboard. Traces his fingertips along her arms all the way down her side, down her legs, and back up the other side. Pausing back at her hips. Tracing her waist, circles her bellybutton with his fingers. Lightly. Lowers his mouth to her breast. Kissing. Takes her other nipple in his fingers. Pinching lightly. A soft moan escapes her breath. He watches her. Her nipples hardening. Her chest rising.

He moves from her. “Be right back” he states. She can only hear him. What is he doing. Music begins as she hears him enter the room again. She feels him on the bed. Spreading her legs. His warm breath on her thighs. He kisses her there. One thigh, then the other. Along one down to her knee. Lifting her leg up. Kissing the back of her sexy leg. The back of her knee, his tongue lingers. Up along the delicate thigh. Her breathing quikening. Her hips beginning to move. He touches her. Feels her heat. His finger slips into her. So very warm, so very wet. She moans as his mouth brushes over her lips, over her clit. His tongue darting out to jab it. His finger moving in and out. His tongue circling her swollen clit. Two fingers in her now. slowly. He is holding her legs down. fingerfucking her wet pussy, sucking on her clit, her moans begin to fill the room. She cums. In a wave it hits her. Sending a shiver thru her. He pushes those fingers deep as she grinds on his mouth. Holding her. Her first orgasm always makes her want more. Need more.


Her breathing hard. Desire in her voice. He slips his fingers from her and brings them to her lips. Feeds them to her. She licks and tastes her juices on his long fingers. Her slurping on his fingers makes his cock hard. She asks to suck him. To feel him in her mouth. “Let me taste you” she blurts out. “I want that cock in my mouth”. he loves how horny she gets after she cums. He obliges. He turns her head, sitting on the side of her. Presses the fat head of his cock into her mouth. Popping it in and out. Holding her head. Guiding her. Making her take a bit more with each push. Pulling all the way out and rubbing it over her face. Seeing her tied beneath him, blindfolded, his cock in her mouth is nearly too much. He pulls out and lays his cock on her chin, the head on her lips. She feels two hands part her legs, a mouth now on her pussy. A tongue slipping in her. His cock still on lips. His hands on her face. Fingers in her pussy. Before she can say anything he pushes his hard cock into her mouth. Begins to fuck her mouth. Her hips moving to the tongue and fingers in her. Her mouth hungrily sucking. She is swimming in pleasure. Not sure what is happening. Hands on her breasts. Her nipples pulled and pinched. Her mouth filled with cock. Her pussy with fingers. A tongue, one, two? OMG. She’s cumming, again, that cock swells, her head is pushed onto it. A burst of semen shoot into her throat. Finger thrust deep into her. Her legs clamp around the head. Hands around her head, the cock in her mouth squirting. Filling her. Feeding her. She cums again, shaking, as he pulls from her mouth, his cum spilling on her chin, her breasts. She moans. Fingers slip from her. The mouth is now gone. Two hands on her. Caressing. A mouth on her neck. A whisper in her ear. “You are beautiful”. But whose voice was that?

Noise, a door shuts, the music stops. The floor creaks. The hands are untied. The body caressed. Kissed. The blindfold removed. “Was that your fantasy or mine?” he asks.



~ by darksideofthemind on August 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Blindfold”

  1. mmmm.



  2. Very nice. i especially like the ending!

  3. I want you to do that to me jon pleeeeze…

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