Last Night


Flirtatious looks thru the evening. A smile. A kiss longer than normal. A lingering stare. A hand caressing. Cupping. Squeezing. “Come to bed early” she says… in her white panties and night shirt. She walks down the hall. He admires her panty clad ass. Thinking to himself all the naughty things he would o to her if she allowed.

The bedroom door closes, he undresses in front of her. Taking his shirt off, exposing his flesh. He looks at her. Lying on the bed in just her panties. It has been too long. He must have her adn she must have him.

He slips into bed with her. Her long dark hair flowing over her sexy body. She kisses him. Their lips together, their tongues dancing with one another. Hands caress. Breaking the kiss, she looks in his eyes, “kiss me here..” she turns her neck.. “please”.. his lips cannot resist. Her neck is exquisite. His lips brush upon her. his tongue, his mouth. he bites her softly. running his tongue along her neck kissing her. his hands begin to caress her .. feel her body.

His fingertips trace her skin. Down her back. Along her panties. Along the edge he traces. underneath softly. Grabbing her ass as his kisses her neck. Nibbles upon her ear. His fingers slip beneath the silk of her panties, finding her heat. Her wetness. Biting her softly on the nape of her neck, running his teeth over her shoulder, his fingers slip in, one, then two. Deeper he pushes, his long finger probing, penetrating her. Her cunt wet, inviting, hungy, taking his fingers. Thrusting to them. “Fuck them baby” he tells her.” Fuck my fingers”.. “do it”. Her hips thrust on his hand, his fingers probe deeper and deeper. Slamming his finger into her cunt still kissing her neck. Kissing her back. Down and back up again his mouth, breath, lips glide over her. His fingers violating her. Three fingers stretch her cunt now. Her moans and breathing quicken.


He breathes in her ear. “That’s it.” “Now rub your clit for me as I fuck you with my fingers”. Her hand reaches down. her fingers mixed with his now. His deep in her wet cunt. Hers rubbing that clit. He whispers naughtiness in her ear. “Rub that clit, feel me fuck you with my fingers, you naughty girl”. “Oh my god, Oh god” she moan. She stiffens, she begins to shake. Clamping his hand in her. His fingers continue to move in and out. She lets out a long cry and he feels her cumming. “That’s my girl” he says as he fucks that soaking cunt. She is cumming, hard. He feels her start to gush. Squirting on his hand. He pushes his fingers deeper. Kisses her as she wets her panties. he slips his fingers from her and brings them to his mouth, sucking her sweet juices from them them.

The orgasm has made her dizzy and insatiable. Earlier she had done something she’d never done before. As she was trimming herself, he came into the bathroom and she convinced him to let her trim him there. Now, in her insatiable state, she needed to see, need to feel that handywork.

Her head swimming, her body still trembling, she reaches for his boxer briefs. She pulls them down and positions herself at his stomach. A smile comes across her face. She kisses his trimmed pubic area. Loving the cleanness, the smoothness. His semi hard cock exposed. She takes it in her hand. It grows. She kissing the shaft. Runs her tongue down to his balls. His clean, smooth balls. Kissing, licking, taking them in her mouth. He is moaning. “Yes, that’s it”. “Lick my balls, oh feels so good” he tells her. She loves it just as much as he does it seems. As he strokes his cock and watches her lick him. Underneath her tongue works, back up, she is hungry. Hungry for that cock which now stands hard in front of her. She moves to take his cock in her mouth.

“Not yet” he tells her. Teasing her. “What do you want?” he asks. Holding his cock close to her face. Looking down at her. “I want to suck your cock” she moans. “What do you say?” he asks. “Please let me suck your cock.” she answers. “Lick my balls some more. Take them in your mouth. Tell me, do you want my cock in your mouth?”. She does what he says and looks up with pleading eyes. “Yes, please, let me suck you”. He grabs her head, pushing her mouth onto his cock, making her take the fat head and more. She begins to suck him. Taking more and more of that beautiful hard cock into her mouth. Sucking on that fat head, making it pop in and out of her mouth. “Kiss the head” he tells her. “mmmmmm” she slurps. Sucking him more. Taking him deep. Licking down his shaft.


“Fuck me” she demands. “Come on, I need you inside of me”. She lays on her back, spreads her legs and says it again. “Fuck me”. He climbs on top of her, grabs her legs and raises them up a bit. Pushes the fat head to her, and then, thrusts deep up in her. Nearly all the way. Filling her cunt. he fucks her. Deep and long. Pulling his cock out nearly all the way and then sinking the 8 inches deep in her again.
She wraps her legs around him and starts to grind that wet pussy to him. He grabs her hips, grabs her ass and thrusts in and out. Just their grunts and groans fill the air. Her cunt grabs him, pulls him, he thrusts, cum rising from his balls, into her. He continues to thrusting, in and out, within moments another burst of cum is filling her, making him quiver. He cannot stop fucking her, she grinds against him. She moans. “Give it all to me”. Squezzes that wet pussy around his cock. Milking him. “OH MY GOD” he moans. His balls surge again, a third stream of cum filling her. He lays on top of her, his cock deep in her twitching, shaking. They lay together like that for a few moments. Breathless. Spent.




~ by darksideofthemind on August 23, 2007.

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