What Daddy wants, Daddy gets


She was sleeping on her bed. Laying on her side. The covers off on the hot evening. Laying there in just her white panties. Half her ass exposed. He liked watching her likes this. Staring at his babygirl. That want building. It has been too long and Mommy certainly doesn’t take care of Daddy. Not like his babygirl does. She is special. She knows what Daddy likes, what Daddy needs.

His arousal getting the best of him, he pulls his semi hard cock out and begins to play with himself standing there. Watching her breath. So sweet and innocent when she sleeps. Daddy likes to see her likes this for a moment, cause he knows by the stiffening of his cock, that she won’t look so innocent soon. Stroking he begins to think of all the naughty things he will do with her. Remembering all the times before, especially the first time she sucked Daddy.

Pre-cum oozing from the tip of his 8″ circumsized cock. He paints the head, coating it, fingers wet. A bit along the shaft giving some lubricant. Stroking and watching her breathe. Cock in hand he moves to her. The floor creaks. She stirs. Rolls over toward him. Her mouth slightly open now, on her back, head to the side. She drifts off again. Standing close to her now. Seeing that sweet face, those pouty lips. He cannot hold off any longs. What Daddy wants, Daddy gets. He moves forward, his precum soaked cockhead brushes her lips, his hand on her face. “Babygirl”. he whipsers. “Babygirl, Daddy’s here”.

She stirs, her eyes open slightly, his hand caress her hair, before she can realize he pushes his cock into her mouth. Taking her breath away. Plunging into her mouth, her throat. His fat cockhead lodged in the back of her throat. Her eyes wide open now. His hand grips her hair. Tight. Holding that cock deep in her throat. He moves on top of her, straddling her, fucking her mouth. Using it like a cunt. Holding her down. Pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. He reaches back and into her panties to find her cunt wet. He shoves his fingers in. He rips the panties aside, reaches to her nightstand, grabs her toy and pushes it into that wet cunt. The whole time his cock doesn’t leave her mouth.

She struggles to moan , to breathe. His cock working her mouth. Using it. The toy deep in her making her squirm. His weight on top of her, his cock in her mouth. Daddy using his baby girl. Looking down upon her. Into her eyes. He tells her, “What Daddy wants, Daddy gets”. With that he pushes his cock as deep as he can, his balls against her chin, smothering her, he unleashes his load, filling her throat. Shooting into her, down her throat, he pumps, she feels another blast rise from his balls and flood her mouth. Some cum begins to drip from her lips. As he slides his cock from her mouth one more stream of cum paintes her lips and chin, he smears it with his cock all over her face. Jerks off that last from drops onto her.

She gasps for air. Trying to breath as Daddy sits on her. He reaches back and begins to fuck her cunt with her toy. “Fuck” she cries out. He pumps that cunt. “Fuck” she says again. Panting, gasping. Over and over its all she can say. He fucks that cunt faster. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” she pants. Daddy uses that pussy. Pushing deep he feels he stiffen. One last long “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkk” and she is cumming. Gushing. Squirting all over her bed. “That’s Daddy’s girl”.




~ by darksideofthemind on August 24, 2007.

One Response to “What Daddy wants, Daddy gets”

  1. mmmmmmm.

    i want more.

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