Do you wish to serve me?




Do you wish to serve me slut? Do you wish to be my slave? If you want me, slut, you need to tell me. You need to prove it to me my dear. You need to kneel and say it outloud. “You are my slave. My whore. My cunt.” You need to show me you wish to serve. Wish to obey. To do as you are told. To please me. To satisfy my hunger. My lust. To take my pain. My desire to make you feel like you’ve never felt before. Trust me. Tell me. Tell me how bad you want me. Your assignment my dear, plug your ass for me. Then, I want you to sit there with your ass plugged and a vibrator pressing to your cunt and I want you to write about what you wish to do to me, for me. How you wish to serve me. How you wish to please me. Tell me slut. Tell me slave. Tell your Master. Your Daddy. Tell me whore!



Yes My Master……mmmmmm makes me be such a naughty little slut for you. I wish to obey, to serve, to please you.

Master wants to know what exactly this little whore will do for him…..mmmmm where to begin….after I kept my ass plugged for you all throughout the day yesterday.. You were on my mind like always but somehow manage to continue daydreaming of the day He will get me on my knees in front of him just to show what a good little slut for Him I really am mmmmm the things I will do for my daddy my god as daddy stands above me teasing me with that hard cock as I eat pussy for him..taking a strap on wherever daddy pleases just to show my loyalty and desire to please my Master….be waiting patiently on my knees for daddy to arrive and give daddy the crop he will surely beat me with as I present my plugged ass for daddys abuse…pick up whores in a bar for daddy to demand that I abuse and fuck just for daddys pleasure…take a few of daddys friends or complete strangers if daddy desires in any hole of mine just to show daddy and everyone else exactly who owns me and my body.


I was born to please My Master and always will give myself completly to Him as daddy sees abuse, hurt, make me ache, make me shake, hear me moan in pure desire from his wicked abuse…I am completely daddys whore and though I am one of many…i will continue to think I am special and better than all the rest because no one will give daddy more…do more..please daddy more than I. I have met others who have tried to abuse me like daddy does but none of the others do it for me like my daddy does……mmmmmm so sexy so hot….and my god the things I will do as daddy opens up his dirty mind and has me to use as a pawn of his nasty desires…..his personal little cumslut to use and abuse as he see fit. That pleases me to know that i please him….my daddy, my master… and I am daddys whore, slut, pain pet, cumslut, who gets off on being owned by my daddy…and being available whenever He wants & needs so he can use me abuse me like a cheap dirty whore.

Mmmmmm my ass is plugged and this cunt is sitting on this vibrator i feel the need to shove that fucker in deep and cum as Master has so kindly allowed… since I am on a time limit per my instructions mmmm i sit back taking that plug in my ass deep….put my feet up on this desk and begin to fuck my cunt wishing daddy was here in front of me watching me obey and do as he wishes….my god my cunt is so soaking wet….daddy will be beating my ass today and thank god I did not have to clamp those nipples ….i hate that…it hurts so bad..but pleasing daddy makes the pain irrelevant….must do as He wishes to continue to please my Him and remain his girl….a place I love to be….mmmmmm my cunt has swallowed that vibe deep my hands and the chair I am in are soaked with this hot pussy juice from my wet cunt…daddy….daddy…..daddy….ohhhh fuck yes daddy…oh my god daddy such a whore for you nasty fucker mmmmmm yes yes yes yes ohhhhh goddddddd yes daddyyyyyyyyyy mmmmmmmmmmmmm


Fuck as I complete my assignment way early Master is sure to be pleased but……it makes his abuse worse when I obey as I am told… as My Master has said to me mmmmm when I make daddys cock so fucking hard it makes him wild and who knows what we will unleash in his dirty dirty mind with a naughty little slut that will obey and help daddy play all those dirty games with mmmmm

Remember who loves you Sir…..i surrender completely like no other to you…and will forever be oh so loyal as you use and abuse me to your hearts content….love being your slut, your slave mmmuaaaahhhhh


I hope I have pleased my daddy

love you,

Your slave.



~ by darksideofthemind on August 28, 2007.

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