Naughty Girl


“Naughty girl. You need to be punished. Such a slut. You will learn my dear. Now, on your knees, crawl over here and kneel next to me. Look at me. This is for your own good. ” I grab her by the hair. Pull her head back. Look into her eyes and scream “For your own good slut”.

With that, I pull her over my lap. My hand moves under her skirt. I yank her panties to her ankles and hike that skirt up. Exposing that ass. That sweet , sexy ass. Running my hand over it. Caressing it. Squeezing. Telling her what a naughty girl she is.

I spank that ass. Once, twice, three times. She is surprised at how firm. How hard my hand comes down upon her ass. Four, Five, Six, Ten times, her ass reddens. Her breath quickens, her shock increasing. At 15 she screams “Stop”.. I laugh, “this is just the beginning my dear, you naughty slut, you need to be punished.” After 20 I quicken the pace and firmness. Her ass red and hot. Quiet, she begins to take her punishment. My hand tires at 25 and I reach for her cunt. My cunt. That dripping wet hole of hers. I shove 2 fingers in and make her moan. “You like your ass spanked don’t you slut” I say as I move my fingers in and out. “You naughty girl”.

Mmmm a spanking is too good for her. I know what I want. I want to torture this little slut.

“On your knees slave.” “Listen to me.” “I want to use you my whore. I will do anything I want.”


“Bend over”. She kneels. “raise that ass high”. She raises her ass. I take the plug and spread those cheeks. I slide my fingers into her cunt. Get them wet and then slip them in her ass. Opening up that hole. I take the plug and push it in. It goes in easily. She has been practicing, training her ass for me. She moans. “Sit back” I tell her. On her knees for me. I sit, pull my cock out. Start to stroke it. Watching her. I tell her to touch her nipples for me. Caress them. Make them hard for me.


Stroking my cock, watching her. “Rock on that plug naughty girl.” ” Do as you are told”. “Bounce on it”. She begins to rock and bounce on her knees. The plug digging into her ass. Hurting. “More slut, I know you love it”. I stroke. Loving what I see, a My naughty slut fucking her ass for me. My cock hard, stroking. “You are not allowed to touch your cunt.” A faint “fuck” escapes her lips.

“Fuck that ass, bounce on that plug” I tell her. “Faster”. She rides it. Touching her nipples, pinching them, fucking her ass, he pussy dripping but untouched. My cock hard. I stand before her. I move to where my cock in inches from her face and watch her fuck that cock in her ass harder, faster, deeper. For me. I slap her face with my hard cock. Back and forth. Look down upon her. “Do you want this dick slut?” “Do you?” In between, breaths and moans, she whimpers “yes”. I pull back. “Then you better fuck that cock in your ass. You better make youself cum without touching that cunt.”

She grabs her tits and moans “oh my goooooooooooooooood, pleeeeeeeese. let me touch my pussy . Your pussy. Please.” I watch. Stroking my cock. Controlling. Using. “Fuck that cock in your ass slut. Fuck it till you cum. Pinch your nipples harder if you want me.” “Do it, if you’re a good girl, maybe I will shoot this load on you”.

Fucking her ass. Harder. In pain. She pinches her nipples trying to make her clit throb, she clamps her legs together to try to get some friction on her puss. Fucking her ass. Pinching her nipples. Moaning. Dripping. Crying. Finally, as the tears stream down her face, her ass opening, she pushes deeep, CUMMING, moaning, she collaspes on the floor, squirming, shaking, cumming again and again and again.


He stands over her. Watching. Stroking. Pumping his hard cock. Wet with precum he strokes. She squirms under him. Looking up at him. Shaking. Twitching. He knees next to her, his hard cock near her. He reaches down, pulls the plug from her ass, emptying her, and shoves that fake cock right into her mouth muffling her moans as she cums again from the release. He pumps his dick in front of her. Harder and faster. Squeezing his balls. Looking down on her. “Beg for my cum you little slut” he tell her. “Beg me to cum on you”. Gasping, she replies “Oh god, I want you’re cum, oh god, please, fuck, please” He pumps his cock a few more times, lets out a raw moan,and pumps HARD. One more hard stroke and a gutteral grunt and he is cumming, shooting his thick sperm on her, on her face, on her chest, her stomach, her open mouth. “Take it all cumslut” he says as he unleashes another blast of that white cream. “All of it.” He grabs her head on forces her on it. “Suck it dry”. She greedily, hungrily drains the last drops out. “Yes, Thats a good slut, a good cumwhore. That’s my girl”.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Naughty Girl”

  1. Mmmm…Here’s why it is so good to be bad. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved that pic. the black n white one, I don’t know if you took it, that would be great, i’ll leave my e-mail, you are really interesting
    I’m from uruguay

  3. The kneeling photo is one of the more beautiful that I’ve ever seen. The story is great but that photo is near perfection. Great work!

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