Oral Pleasure

He checks his voicemail, excited when he hears her first words..” I would love to feel you lick my wet pussy again…any chance on being able to tonight? Let me know either way. I’m soooo fucking horny tonight and I need to be a nasty whore for you.”

His cock swells in his jeans. He returns the call. She answers with a moan. “Hi”. “I’ll be right over my dear” he tells her. “MMMmmmmm” she responds. “Good, I want you to be a good cuntlicker for me tonight, Your Cunt is soooo wet for you, come and get it, the door is unlocked.”

He enters the house, climbs the stairs to her bedroom. He hears a moan as he reaches the top of the stairs. Down the hall, the moans a bit louder. He pauses at the bedroom door and watches. On the bed, her legs spread, head back, she is touching herself. Her C cup breasts heaving. Her fingers working her clit. Watching her. He takes his cock out and begins to stroke. She looks up. “You like that don’t you?” “You like seeing that wet cunt”. “Oh yes,” he says. Cock hard now. Stroking firmer as he moves closer to the bed. “Then get naked and get that tongue on this wet pussy” she demands.

He strips and comes to the bed. Leaning over to kiss her sweet lips. Softly, slowly, his tongue in her mouth. He traces her face with his fingertips. Down her body. He kisses her neck. Nibbling. His hands on her breasts. His hands massage her body. Her hand reaches for his cock. Holding. Stroking lightly. Feeling the hardness. He kisses down her body. Kisses her hardening nipples. Kissing her stomach. Spreading her legs open. His hand traces her thighs. His mouth moving down. His fingers finding her wetness. Touching her there. slight moans escape her. His finger slide in. So wet. One, then two fingers. So damn wet. Her cunt dripping, squishing, the sounds as his fingers move in and out. His thumb rubs her clit as his mouth moves down. Kissing her thighs. Biting the inside of her thighs. She moans. Begs. “Lick my cunt, Please.” He pushes a 3rd finger in her. Deep.she arches her back. He places his mouth on her. On those wet lips. Kissing her there. His tongue licks along the slit. Along the folds. Inside. Out. Around. He presses his mouth to her. His tongue plunging deep. Her back arches more.. she begins to moan. He licks and sucks on her cunt. The sound of her wet pussy and his mouth fills the room. She drips on his face and he laps it all up. wanting more. sucking on that cunt. Driving his tongue in her. His hands on her body. Fingers in her. Licking and sucking. He spreads her wide. Looking at that juicy wet pussy. Holding her open. Exposed. Grabbing her thighs. Slaps her thigh, once, then the other. Then, he spanks her pussy once. the sting drives her. slaps her thighs again. Then that wet cunt once more.

She moans, she begs, she pleads.. ” Yes…spank that wet cunt. Make it sting for me being such a nasty whore get it stinging then soothe it with that delicious tongue, licking it softly, sucking it lightly, then finger fuck it and lap it up. Lap it up like a good cuntlicker. ” Grabbing his head, grinding her cunt on his mouth. He licks, sucks, drives his tongue in. Flicking and circling her clit, sucking on , plunging that tongue deep. Licking her down, around her asshole, back up, around her clit. He slaps that cunt again. Firm. Making it sting. Making it burn. Faster now. Right on that clip. Spanking that pussy. She moans. “YES”! He plunges fingers in her. Making her drip, soaking the bed, his face. His tongue not stopping, His mouth sucking, licking. Grabbing her hips and ass, driving that tongue into that delicious cunt. She moans. She grinds She clamps her thighs around his head. He sucks on her clit, jabbing at it. She tenses. Arches and cries out. Shaking. She gushes. Juices flood his face and mouth. He licks and laps it up like a good cuntlicker.

Her orgasm invigorates her, and makes him crave more. She gets up, looking at him. Mmmm.. “You want more of this wet cunt don’t you”. Licking his lips “oh yes baby”. “Hmmm… ” The thought lingers, her mind races. “If you want this cunt so much, I think I will make you beg for it”. With that she climbs up over him and straddles his head. Running her hand down her smooth thighs, she reaches down, spreads those cunt lips open with her fingers. She lightly grazes his lips with her clit teases him with that wet cunt. Over his mouth, rubbing, then grind down on his mouth riding that tongue while she pinches those hard nipples.

She rides his face. Grinding, using his mouth for her pleasure. Her nipples hard. She turns around so she is facing his hard cock. Her cunt grinding on his mouth and tongue which expertly swirl around her cunt and clit. His hands on her ass. Her hand grabs hold of his hard cock. Stroking him. Leaning down and taking his swelled head in her mouth. Tasting that precum. She sucks on the head as he contineus to lick her. He grabs her ass. Firm. And as she begins to suck him, with longer, deeper, strokes. Taking that cock deep in her mouth. He begins to spank her ass as she grinds on his mouth. The intensity building for both of them. He spanks her harder. She moans on his hard cock. Sucking. Grabbing his balls. He is thrusting his hips into her. His mouth devouring that cunt, being smothered by it. His hands slapping that ass. Turning it red. Making it sting. He can’t take it, she can’t take it, any longer. He thrusts, she clamps down on him. She sucks and takes him deep. Slips a finger into his ass. He grabs her ass and buries his face as deep as he can. Uncontrollably He cums. Explodes. In her mouth. Filling it. She moans, and a wave of juices flood his face and mouth as he spasms in her mouth. They collapse, together, her on top of him like that. His mouth still on that cunt.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 26, 2007.

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