Watching You

Can’t stop thinking about watching you. Just watching you. Listening to you. Sitting there as you undress, showing off your sexy body. teasing me. caressing your hardening nipples. Pinching them, and making them stand up. Laying on the bed in just your panties. I watch, rub myself. get myself hard for you. I pull my cock out and stroke lightly, watching, enjoying.

You caress your body, slip you hands down, under the waistband of your panties. teasing me. spreading your legs open, rubbing over the think silk that separates your hand from your moist cunt. you push your fingers in thru your panties and moan. rubbing firmer. arching your back.squirming on the bed as I watch and stroke. Looking at me watching you occasionally, but not really worried about me. Enjoying touching yourself. You roll on your stomach and begin to grind on your hand. Exposing that sexy ass to me. Looking back at me. Teasing me. You reach over and grab your toys. Standing you slip out of your panties, bending over a bit to show off that ass and puss. mmm making me fucking melt. my cock throbbing. Precum on the tip. You lay back down and begin to play with your toys.. your pleasure rising, your breathing and moans fill the air. I am standing now. Legs apart, pants around my ankles, stroking my cock, my hard cock, watching you. Wanting you. Knowing I can just watch and stroke and listen and want..

god i want. I want, and stroke. To you. For you. You push the dildo in you and moan. You slide it in and out and begin to utter profanity. The smell of your sweet juices fills the air. I grab my balls and pump my dick, imagining that that dildo is my cock. Fucking you. Fucking myself. God damn I want. When you place the vibe to your clit, a loud moan escapes your breath. A continuous moan that builds. Builds like the head of my cock swells. You are pumping that dildo into your pussy and holding that vibe on your clit. Squirming. You look over at me. My cock raging. You utter 3 words as you loose control. “Cum for me”. You say as you fill your cunt with your toy. I pump my cock, obeying those words. My balls release. My cock hardens and convulses. A stream of thick white cum shooots from my cock as you watch. OMG, as you watch me cum for you. Pumping , milking, pumping, wanting to give it all to you. You fixated on my cock, the cum oozing you, you moan and shake. Your moans are all that can be heard. as the last drop of cum leaks out of my cock you are cumming. Cumming. CUMMING!

~ by darksideofthemind on September 28, 2007.

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