She was late

She was late. Hell, she was always late and it was beginning to get on his nerves. He had mentioned it before to her. HE even casually iterated that he would deal with it when it happened again. Obviously she didn’t realize what that meant.

Susan arrived with a bright smile and no indication of being late or keeping Michael waiting. Thirty minutes late. They were to go out to dinner but they would miss their reservation. Michael told her to come in as he called to change the reservation. She looked stunning in her above the knee black dress. Straps over her shoulders. Her brown hair falling just past. He watched her as she went to the stereo and bent over to put some music on. Admiring her sweet bottom. The backs of her legs. How he loved to feel her ass when they kissed.



Hanging up, Michael walked over to her. Stood close to her and pressed his body against you. She turned and they kissed long and slow on her sweet lips. His tongue slipping in her mouth, dancing with her tongue. Michael broke the kiss, and says “You know you were late”. Susan started to babble about traffic, and feeding her cat, Michael put his finger to her lips. “Shhhh, it’s ok, because it won’t happen again.” She looked at him puzzled. “Remember the last time you were late, I told you that if it happened again you were going to get a spanking. Well, now you are.” He told her.


She started to giggle. But the look on his face told her that he was serious. A weird feeling crept over her. Her body began to feel warm all over. He notices her nipples hard and her face a bit flushed. He took her by the wrist and led her to the couch. She struggle a bit but something made her not fight. As he sat down and pulled her across his lap swiftly. Locked one leg around her so she could not move well. He proceeded to lift that black dress up to expose her bottom.




“You will learn. My time is precious my dear, and you will learn to be on time”. “What you need is a bit of discipline.” “Need to see the consequences of your actions.” His voice powerful, stern, and sexy. She couldn’t speak. Her heart raced. Her breath quick. His hand peeling her panties down. She was shaking.


The silence was broken by the sound of Michael’s hand meeting her fleshy backside. The crack in the air and Susan’s gasp and yelp made Michael hard instantly. His cock now pressing to Susan’s stomach. His hand coming down again and again. Four times, Five times. She began to loose count. Each one a bit firmer. Making her bottom sting. Tears beginning to form in her eyes. Crying out with each slap of her sexy ass.


Through the sting and pain, she felt warmth, heat, wetness. Her nipples were rock hard and she nearly begged him to touch them, but she did not interrupt. She had lost count of how many times his hand had come down on her flesh but it seemed like eternity. She came back into focus to hear Michael say, “now that is 20, do you need more, or have you learned your lesson?” She couldn’t speak. Her breath taken. She didn’t understand what she felt but she wanted more. She didn’t want more. She needed more. She was wet. Hot.


Michael paused. Waiting for an answer. His hand slipped between her legs. He touched her there. A smile coming over his face as he felt her wetness. Such wetness. He knew she was enjoying more than she was letting on. A soft whimper moan escaped her lips. He rubbed that wet pussy a bit. Slowly tracing those lips. Making her squirm. His hand coming down upon your bottom again. Alternating cheeks. Firm slaps. Harder than the first. After 10 more he unlocked his leg, rubbed her sore bottom, felt her wetness again.


Then. to her shock, he said, “now the belt”.


As Michael rose to undo his belt, she began to beg and plead. “No, no, no, please, don’t.. I’ll be good. I won’t be late anymore.” “I promise”. “Let me make it up to you”. “I will do anything.”


He looked at her “Anything?” with a smile. “Want you on your knees before me. You will do as you are told.” “Kneel, come here, thats my girl. look into my eyes. feel me touch you. kneel between my legs. Lay your head on my thigh. Watch me pull my hard cock out and show you what you do to me. Look at me. Watch me stroke it. See it grow. See how hard you make me. See that fat head leak precum. Feeel me take my fingers wet with precum and paint your lips with them. Look at me. Look in my eyes as I stroke my cock inches from you.

“Do you think you have learned your lesson my dear”. He asks. She nods. Watching his hard cock. Her lips parted. Wanting. Her pussy wet. Her ass on fire. Never has she felt like this. Helpless. Wanton. Willing to do anything for him right now.

He strokes his cock in front of her.. Looking at her.

She pleads “oh please daddy can i touch it – please i really want to make you feel so good daddy please”

Yes, you may. Thats my girl. Suck Daddy’s cock. Make him happy. Show him how good you are. what a naughty girl. what a good girl. mmmm need to feel you please me just like this.

She does what she is told. Holding and sucking and kissing and licking as fast as she can- She moans “hmmmmm and you taste so good” She then slips her fingers inside of her wet pussy and brings them to hi slips. “Taste me as well, please”.

Still kneeling between his knees and sucking and kissing and looking up at him. Lost in her desire to please. Her bottom red, hot, her pussy dripping. Her lust growing. Never has she flet such desire. Such need to please a man. He watches her. She looks up at him as she takes that cock deep in her throat. Showing him what a naughty cocksucking slut she can be.

She pulls his cock from her mouth, looks up at him and asks “do you want to cum in my mouth- daddy???? or where??”

“Dont make me cum yet baby girl. I want to see my cock slipping in and out of the mouth..” He instructs her “take it out and rub it over your face. kiss that fat head. run your tongue down the shaft.. stroke me.. cup my balls in your hand I want your tongue all over me . lick my balls. squeeze my cock. look at me baby girl. Mmmmm”

She sucks his cock like a good girl. Pumping him. Her mouth wet like a pussy. The cum rises from his balls. His cock swells. Her mouth locks onto him and he explodes. Letting out a loud moan he shouts “That’s it baby, take that cock, take all that cum down your throat.” Pumping that thick cum into her mouth, his cock twitch, she gulps, slurps, licks. His cum still oozing. Filling her mouth. Making her loose some , dribbling down her chin falling to the floor. She milks him dry, then leans over and licks that last drop from the floor like a good girl.

She looks up at him. Heart racing, breathing heavy. Wondering what will happen if she is late again. Thinking she just may try and see.

~ by darksideofthemind on November 6, 2007.

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