Dance for me

A few text messages..

S : hello there


DADDY: how are you? happy friday

S : you too and i am fine and you

S : missed you

DADDY: I’m good..

DADDY: Missed you as well

DADDY: hope you are feeling better


S : so do you want me here or there Sir

S : xoxoxoxoxo

DADDY: Mmmmm

DADDY: wish you were here

DADDY: want to feel you

S : oh yes yes yes


In 30 minutes she is in front of him.


Daddy tells her “I want you to undress for me. Take off your shirt. Your skirt.”


Walking away from him, in those sexy high heels, her ass shaking, on she puts on some music.


She slowly takes off her blouse, unbuttoning each button with care as she starts to move. It slowly falls from her shoulders. She starts to sway and dance to the music. Staring at him. Looking at Daddy for approval. A smile across his face. She slips out of her skirt, and reveals black stockings, garter belt, and black silk panties.


She starts to move more. The music fills the room. Daddy sits, watches. “I like watching you” he says. “I love dancing for you, all for you, its such a turn on. It makes me wet”.


“Move for Daddy”. He tells her. “Just dance baby”.


He tells her, move those sexy hips, move Daddy’s panty clad ass, shake it for him.


She responds, swaying her hips, moving her body like he has never seen. Undulating. For his eyes only. Daddy’s girl. She moves. Shaking, Daddy’s eyes on her. Her nipples erect, her body hot. She move in front of him. Close to him. Teasing him with her moves. Opening her legs, moving her hands over her body. Her body moving like a snake. She bends, and twists and slowly moves. Her ass high, hands move down her legs, she peeks thru and see Daddy transfixed. Sees his hand on his crotch. She loves it when she has this power to turn him on.


God you are so sexy babygirl. Making daddy want you very much, he tells her.


Using the tall bedpost as support she raises her hand above her head. Clamps them behind her. Looks at Daddy, the position she was tied in last week. She lifts, moving, like he’s never seen. Her body inviting. Daddy adjusting in his chair. Staring. Wanting.


She moves her hips and dances. Struts toward him. Close, but out of reach. She moves.


Reaching out to him. Puts her arms on the arms of Daddy’s chair and bend into him, showing her cleavage off. She stands straight up between his open thighs. Daddy takes her hips in his hands. Runs his hands along her hips, her thighs, the stockings. He pulls her close. She moans. “Move against me” he tells her. “Touch me” he whispers.


She touches him, all over, his chest. Her long fingers splayed across. Her hands on his nipples. She begins to kneel between Daddy’s legs. Looking at him for approval, looking up at him for permission. “Yes, babygirl”. She keeps staring at Daddy as she kneels. On her knees between his legs. How she loves the position.


She looks at him as she goes lower and lower between his legs. Kissing his chest. Her arms at his hips. Her hand finds hardness. She undoes his pants. Pulls his hard cock out. Strokes it. Lowers her mouth and kisses the fat head. “Mmmmmm, you taste so good Daddy” she says as she looks up at him.


Settling on her knees in front of him. Daddy’s girl, looks up. Takes Daddy’s cock in her hand and begins to stroke him. She kisses his chest. Licks his nipples. Suck on them and bites them as she strokes him harder. She feels him swell as her teeth twist his nipple.


She moves down his body. Kissing all the way. He lifts his hips and she pulls his pants down. Pulling his cock and balls from his boxer briefs.. She stares. “Oh my” she moans. His cock hard, His balls full. All eight inches just for herself she thinks.


She holds him in her hand and kisses the head. Circles it with her tongue. Lightly, teasing him. Opens her mouth and takes the head in. Swirls her tongue around the thick mushroom head. She moans. Hungry. “mmmm I love sucking you, you taste so good” she extols. She takes him deeper. Licking, holding, pushing him deep in her throat. Opening her throat, she takes all of him. Speechless he stares. The site of his cock disappearing her mouth overwhelms him. He reaches out and touches her. She moves up and down. Her hand grabs the base of his cock, squeezing firm, she sucks harder. Looking up at Daddy. Sucking his big, hard cock. Taking him all the way in. Pulling him out. She looks up.


“Are you gonna cum in mouth or on me Daddy?” she asks.


“ I want to cum in you. Deep in you.”


“Do you want me to sit on it now?” she asks.


“Oh yes, need to feel that warm wet pussy around this hard cock”.


Slowly she gets up and straddles his lap. hery pussy is tight and small so it takes a moment to get it in but the little bit of pain she feels is soon replaced with pleasure. In a moment, shortly and then contact! It is in. Slowly take a bit more and then more until Daddy is all the way in her pussy.


She lets out a long, loud, moan.. “hmmmmmmmmmmmm, sooo good”


“Dance on Daddy’s cock.” He says as he grabs her hips and starts to move with her.


Moving, dancing in the chair, pressed together. They are one. Flesh to flesh. Body heat rising, sweat on their brows. Together. As one. Her hips moving taking him deep. Fucking him, making love to him, being his naughty girl. She is overwhelmed with pleasure. Moaning. Begging. Crying. “Yes” she moans. “Yes.” “Make love to me” he tell sher. “Yes” she moans. Grinds on him. Kisses him. Bites his shoulder. Digs her nails into his flesh. He slaps her ass hard. Once, twice , three times, grabs her hips and thrusts deep up in her.


“My naughty girl” he shouts. “Fuck me!” he commands.


She rides him like never before. Her stallion. Her Master. She rides. For his pleasure. His pleasure pushes her. Envelopes her. Makes her loose it. “oooooooohhh god” she moans. “Ohhhh god.. yesssssssssssssssssss” she cums.. Clamping Daddys cock in her. She grinds. “That’s it babygirl, squeeze me”.


Daddy’s cock swells, he holds her tight on him. Filling her. Cum rising from deep within him. Exploding in her. Wave after wave of semen filling her up. He whispers..”every drop is yours”.


His seed in her, the sensation, the knowing, sends her over the edge. Cumming. Again. For Daddy. “oh god. Please, Daddy, I’m cumming” she screams. “I’m Daddy’s girl. Daddys naughty girl. “ oh my god”. She collapses on his chest. His cock still in her. Breathing hard. Melting together. Bodies as one.







~ by darksideofthemind on November 16, 2007.

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  2. very interesting.
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