I Ache For You

“Daddy”, the voice on the other end whispered. “Yes.” He anserwed. “I miss you Daddy. When are you coming home?”

“In a bit my dear. Wait for Daddy.”

“Ok Daddy, I ache for you. I need you.”

“I’ll be home in a bit baby, be good.”

She hangs up. Wanting. Been touching herself all day, waiting, wanting. Insatiable. Her body tingling at the thought, her body aching for his pleasure. His desire. She cannot control herself. Finds her self stripping naked and laying on the bed.

Her hands slide between her thighs her fingers finding that hot spot, the fingers of one hand sliding into her wet pussy – “oh god its soo wet” she thinks. The fingers of her other hand tease her clit – “its throbbing is sending me wild” – reaches over and grabbs her plug, lubbed it and slid it into her ass – “aaaahhh so tight – it hurts…but it hurts soo good” rips thru her mind….still rubbing that clit shei reaches for the vibrator -” oh god i wish this was you doing this to me as i plunge that vibe deep into my pussy – ohhhhhhh yesssss my pussy and my ass being stretched aaaaah sooo fucking amazing thumping that vibe into me as i rub my clit, my ass throbbing jeeeeeezzzzz”. Shei came soo hard soooo long juices running down those sexy legs…wanting her Daddy there fucking her…holding her “im such a bad bad slut ” she thinks.

He arrived home an hour later. A bit longer than he anticipated. Entering the house, he expected to find her in the living room. Waiting for him. As he opens the door and looks in there is no one. Music is playing, but the room is empty. Putting his things down he starts to move thru the house. As he reaches the bedroom he hears a buzzing, a moan, a whimper. He comes around the corner and sees. His naughty girl. On her knees. Vibe in hand, dildo in her pussy, touching herself. Masturbating furiously. Moaning. Lost. Daddy watches as his slut fucks her pussy and vibes her cunt. Her eyes closed. Her moans building. “Oh Daddy, Daddy,” she moans.

His cock is out, he is watching, stroking. Seeing his naughty girl touch herself always makes him hard. As a few more moans escape her lips, her eyes open and she see’s Daddy standing there. Cock out, hard, watching. Started, scared, caught. The rush of emotions, not being where she was supposed, touching herself without permission, sends her over the edge. She cums… Moaning, looking at Daddy.. moaning..”Oh god, Daddy, Daddy, I’m sorry, I’m such a slut, Oh goooooooood, Daddy, I’m sorry, oh goddddddd, Daaaaddddddyyyy, I’m such a slut, please , punish me, abuse me, use you, I’m such a dirty little slut”.

Daddy moves toward her, grabs her by the hair pushes her head down. Face down and ass up as she continues to cum. She drops the vibe on the floor and grinds against that thick toy in her.

Daddy’s hands on your backside. Seeing her plugged ass intoxicates him. He smackes her backside. Once, Twice, Three times. Firm. Showing her he means business. “You naughty slut, you couldn’t even wait 1 hour. Such a little whore”. “But Daddy, please, ouch, please, Daddy, I ache for you, yes. please punish me. I’m your whore.”

He spanks her as she squirms. Ten times across her ass with his bare hand. Stinging, but she needs more and so does he. He removes his belt.

“Oh my yes.” Looking at her. His naughty slut naked and on her knees. he tells her you to shove that vibe deep in her cunt and “moan that you are Daddy’s girl.” he tells her. “Take it all the way. Then pinch your nipples hard. Slap your tits for me me. How I wish to use my belt on your backside. Want to see the welts.”

He rubs the belt across her back. Down her ass, her thighs, and back. I know you ache for me. I know what you crave my dear. Pain from Daddy. I wam going to make you fuck that cunt as I whip you. as i make you hurt. as Daddy abuses his naughty slut. Making him want, so fucking much. Till he can’t stand it and needs to fuck his toy.
All that she can must is.. “yesssss yesssss yessssss ”

She loves the sound of the belt hitting her backside. The smack against her ass, the sharp cut of pain and then the lasting sting. She loves to run her fingers over the welts later and masturbate thinking of Daddy’s abuse. She loves her Daddy and wants to please him, and his pleasure is hers.

“Yes, I want to hear the thwack of the belt accross my ass – god that hurts but i thank my Daddy for everthing – i need my Daddy to fuck me like the little cum slut that i am….Daddys cum slu, Please DADDY”.
Mmmm Daddy wants to fuck you good and hard. Love to take you on all fours so I can fuck your cunt and your ass as I see fit. Spanking you as I slam fuck you. Making you daddy’s whore. Daddy’s slut. Make you moan. Make you fuck yourself for me. Make you take my abuse and beg for more

She grings into her toy, taking daddys belt, fucking herself, begging Daddy. He pulls the dilco from her pussh and the plug from her ass.

“aaaahhhhhh yeessssss fuck me fuck me pleeeeaaaaseeee so hot so wet for you fuck me harddddd aaaaaaaaaawwwwhhhhhh jeeeezzz ”

Daddy grabs her his., presses his hard cock to her, Taking her doggy style. Face down, ass up. He enters her deep. her wet pussy swallows his thick cock. Filling her. She moans. She cries. Dadddy pounds her. Spanks her. Opens her cheeks and pushes a finger into her ass. Taking her. His. His naughty girl.


Daddy obliges, slapping her. Fucking her. Hurting her. Making her entire body ache more. Making it sting. Fucking her pussy hard. Deep. Slapping that ass. Pulling her hair. Daddy’s slut. Daddy’s pain slut. Daddy’s whore.

“You like that don’t you baby girl” “Like it when Daddy fucks you hard. Takes what he wants!”

“Yes, Yes, oh god yes” she moans. “I am Daddy’s girl.” she repeats as she cums again.. For Daddy.

~ by darksideofthemind on November 22, 2007.

One Response to “I Ache For You”

  1. i liked it.

    Daddy Stories always get to me.

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