Naughty girl confesses

She walked into his classroom wearing a tight black skirt to her knee, a white blouse buttoned nearly all the way, black nylons and black high heels.  His back was to her as he sat  in his chair correcting papers.  She walked up behind him and playfully whispered in his ear…”Hi Daddy”.  He turned, his head, his eyes catching hers.  A smile across her face , as beautiful as the day he first saw her.  She called him Daddy as a bit of a joke.  His first child being born when she was a freshman in his class some years ago and she and a few friends had started calling him that.


They talked, caught up, she had graduated law school and was back in town and wanted to stop by to see how everything was.  They left the classroom and walked to his office. “You know, I always did have a crush on you” She spilled.  Brushing up against him.  His cock stirs in his boxer briefs, as they grab some coffee and sit in his office. 


“I have a confession to make Sir.” She tells him.  Looking determined to get something off her chest.  “I think it’s more than a crush”. She confesses.  “I, I.. I’ve been having this recurring dream”.  He looks at her, his head tilted in a quizzical manner. 


“I’m just gonna tell you…” 


She proceeds to tell him of her dream.  “Ii dream about you nearly every night.  It is nearly always the same. I dreamt I walked into a london hotel and you were sitting at the bar, i walked up behind you and whispered in your ear “hello daddy” and you took my hand and led me up to your room… once in your room,  you pushed me face down on the bed and pushed up my dress exposing my white panties, then daddy started spanking his babygirl… really hard making me whimper and then daddy took off his belt and pulled down my panties to whip me, then daddy took his hand and started stroking my pussy, he was pleased to find me dripping wet for him, then he took my narrow hips in his hands and he suddenly forced his big rigid cock deep inside his babygirl and he fucked me hard and deep making me cum over and over again, he leaned forward and with the final thrust that shot his hot cum deep into me he told me “daddy loves his babygirl, his little slut” then i looked over my shoulder at daddy and smiled and said “but i wanted to taste daddy’s cum” so daddy pulled his cock out of me and gave it to me to lick and suck clean, then daddy pushed his fingers inside me to scoop out his cum then gave me his fingers to suck  It is so real.  I wake up with my hand between my legs and I make myself cum while i thought about how much i want to fuck daddy, YOU.”


She takes his hand in hers. “Feel, please”.  She places his hand between her thighs of her hiked up skirt.    The heat and wetness surprise him.  She spreads her legs and places his hand on her wet panties.  His fingers glide over the wetness.  Past the silk, touching her.  A soft moan escapes her lips.  She looks at him.  Kneels before him.  


Looking up at him she say, “I’ll do anything to make my daddy happy”.


Lust, passion, desire, pent up aggression, all these emotions running through him. His cock hard, straining thru his pants.  He begins to lecture her…


“Sara, you are  such a naughty girl for having such thoughts. You know this.  Making  DAddy hard.” His voice  a bit more stern. “Making Daddy want to spank you for being such a dirty little whore”.   Wish an inner lust, he continues, “Making Daddy want to  bend you over and fuck you from behind. You make daddy so damn hard naughty girl!  Look at what you do to Daddy!”


He pulls his cock out.  Hard, standing at attention.  He looks at her before him.  On her knees, wet, a wanton look in her eye. Determined. 


“You naughty girl”. He tells her. “You don’t know how many time Daddy has thought of you”. Her eyes light up.  “Daddy is going to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours.  Daddy is going to shove this hard cock deep in your mouth, but first, there is a matter of your punishment.  Naughty girls like you get punished my dear.”


“Take your clothes off, NOW!” he commands.


She  stands before daddy and slowly takes her clothes off so daddy can see his babygirl naked.  She then falls to my knees and looks up at daddy, waiting.  Daddy unbuckles his belt. Her  fingers move to her pussy,  wet already at the thought of having daddy’s cock inside her mouth, daddy takes his beautiful cock out and she lick her lips, daddy grips her by the hair in his fists and fucks his babygirls mouth, her fingers pushing into her dripping wet cunt,  finger fucking herself as daddy fucks her mouth.


Daddy moans… pleased.. this naughty slut sucking his cock.. but she needs to be punished. Needs to feel what it is like when she is naughty, when she doesn’t obey.


Fucking her mouth Daddy tells her “thats it babygirl. push those fingers deep as daddy fucks that sweet mouth. look up at me. fuck your cunt as I fuck your mouth slut.”  His cock pushing deep in her throat.  “Daddy’ s little cocksucking slut. Suck me harder. fuck yourself hard.”  He pulls her to the side a bit so he can rub her nice round  ass as she is sucking on his thick cock. Loving his thick cock. Being where she dreamed for so long.  Daddy tells her she needs to pay for being such a little slut. For having such naughty thoughts, for sucking Daddy’s cock like a little whore.  Daddy begins to  spank her ass as she suck him.. as she fucks herself.


Being spanked, having Daddy’s cock in her mouth, pleasing him, being his, it is her dream come true.  “suck my cock, make me cum little girl. Make Daddy explode.”


Daddy’s big hand spanks her ass hard. Making her whimper and push four fingers into that tight wet cunt. She moans, she screams in pleasure.  Daddy’s cock tastes so good. She sucks him down so deeply to the back of her throat to show daddy how much she loves him and how much she wants him, no, needs him.  Looking up at Daddy  as she  sucks him harder, flicking him with her tongue and moaning deep down in her throat as her cunt clenches around her fingers… daddy is making her cum…her ass on stinging, on fire, her cunt dripping, her fingers working.   his babygirl whore is cumming just for him!


She moans, she cries out. She sucks. So hungrily. Wanting Daddy’s cum. Cumming all over herself as Daddy continues to spank her red bottom.  “Oh my, that’s is babygirl!” 


Her muffled moans. Her mouth pulling on his cock. Hungry for Daddy’s cum. Her sucking pulling the cum from Daddy’s balls.  “That’s it baby, suck Daddy, just like that”. “Oh yes, get your reward”.  Daddy hot cum is your reward.  “Oh my god! Yes, oh that’s it suck that cock, oh shit, of babygirl, oh you dirty little cocksucking slut, oh my god. Yessss!  Take it whore!  Take Daddy’s cum like a good slut.” He spanks her harder, faster as he pumps her mouth, as her mouth covers him.  He releases, grabbing her ass, digging his fingers into her raw flesh, sending her over the edge again. He cums. She cums. Together. Filling her mouth, she gulps, gags, and swallows.. cum spilling from her lips.. down her chin. 


Greedy, hungry moans escape her mouth, her throat.  She sucks, and licks and pumps Daddy’s cock till ever drop is spent.  She looks up at him with a smile.. with lust.. with surrender.  “i would live off daddy’s cum if i could” she tells him.  She licks daddys cock clean and crawls up to daddys body to kiss him, too see his smile… She whispers to him “all i want in my life is to be my daddy’s slut and to make him happy”   fingers are still in her cunt soaked through with her juice, she  wraps her legs around her daddy as he kisses her. 

~ by darksideofthemind on November 27, 2007.

10 Responses to “Naughty girl confesses”

  1. what the fuck? sicko….

  2. you’re a fucking sick freak

  3. very good

  4. taut. I like it

  5. ~~There is that point
    in which the bounderies fall away…

    ..the “naughty” spanking, and heated passion; the
    desire, and willingness to give completely, could be
    anyone’s dirtiest wet-dream.

    You written this in such a raw,
    detailed, way. Top Drawer, from beginning
    to End.
    (You are a “Naughty Girl.”)

    xx,Will (Happy Sugasm, to you!)

  6. Been there. Done that.

  7. Listen…darksideofthemind…don’t you listen to any of these negative comments. I am the Daddy of dandpita and my baby has had this exact experience…and I mean exact! So, we applaud your story and can’t wait for the next installment. Your blog is now on our ‘must read’ list!

  8. Look forward to recieving your thoughts x

  9. awesome story very exciting my Daddy and I love it as my Daddy is always my teacher and always has been……

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