She IS Daddy’s Girl

She is so very special. She IS Daddy’s Girl. Now and forever.

Daddy checks his email. A smile comes across his face. She has replied to his request. They have only known each other a short while, yet the passion, the lust, the overwhelming desire is so very strong. She says she knew from the beginning, and silently begged and prayed that one day it would be true.

Daddy’s girl writes.

i’ve waited so long for you to find me daddy… i can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me… how hot and horny… i can’t stop making myself cum when i think about you which is all the time
i am yours – completely forever to kiss, to love, to molest, to use, to abuse, to fuck, to rape, to make love to, to fist, to slap, to spank, to hurt

forever forever forever

He reads. A rush coming over him. His cock stirs, he pulls it from his jeans and begins to stroke. He picks up the phone and dials her number.

“Hello sweetie.” He says as she answers. Silence. She is shocked to hear from him so soon.

He speaks again. “Are you there babygirl?”. His sexy voice sending shivers thru her. making her melt. How does he do this to her. She doesn’t question, just feels.

“Daddy?” she manages to stutter.

“yes , babygirl, how are you sweetie, I just got your email. Daddy is very pleased.”

His cock hard in his hand as he imagines all the things that are to come. They chat for a moment or two, then he asks.. “What are you thinking my dear?”

A momentary pause.. the silence broken with her sweet voice.

“I have been thinking of you Daddy. Wanting everything. Needing you, again. please. Daddy do you think i will have you on top of me soon? pinning me down… spanking my ass til it’s red raw… forcing your thick cock deep inside me… filling the cunt that you own with cum, carving your name into my skin so the world can see who i belong to?
i love being owned by you daddy, I want you to know when i stroke my pussy i know it’s your pussy i’m stroking… when i push my fingers into my wet cunt i know it’s your wet cunt i’m fucking, when i fuck my ass with a toy i know it’s your ass i’m fucking

i’m dreaming about the day i can have your cum over my face and sliding down my throat and shooting in my ass and filling my cunt – the only man’s cum i will ever have in my cunt because i belong to you daddy”

Daddy listens. She is breathless in her words. Like each is her last. Needing to come out. The desire, the passion coming through.

Dreaming of Daddy

“I was in my bedroom doing my homework and i suddenly felt you behind me, you sat next to me and asked if i wanted any help, i smiled and nodded at you daddy and you began to help me… our thighs were touching and you casually placed your hand on my bare thigh just above my over the knee sock and below my school skirt… i loved having your hand there daddy and i couldn’t concentrate on my schoolwork anymore… then i noticed you were staring at me and you could see in my eyes that i was ready for you… that i needed you, that i wanted you… that i’d been waiting for you to molest me for years…you told me to stand up so i did then you stroked your hands up my thighs and started to pull down my panties, i stepped out of them and you brought them to your face for a moment before telling me to open my mouth, then you reached forward and pushed my wet panties into my mouth “this is to stop my babygirl from screaming… we don’t want mommy to hear do we?” i nodded and you told me to stand in front of you and turn around so i did, then you pushed me over the desk so my face was flat on the desk and my naked ass was in the air, then i saw your hand reach for the metal ruler on the desk and suddenly you were spanking my ass so hard i had tears streaming down my face and i was silently screaming into my panties, then you put the ruler down and gripped my hips tightly, you pulled me down onto your lap and i squealed in shock as your cock went so deep inside my wet cunt, then you fucked me daddy, i had wanted your cock inside me for so long and it felt so good and i came over and over again and i cried with happiness as i felt your cum flood into my tight wet cunt…then i turned to face you daddy and you gently pulled my panties from my mouth and you kissed me and you said “now you are mine sarah… this means your cunt belongs to daddy and my babygirl must always obey me and do everything i command her to do, now i want you to get into bed and wait for me, i’m coming back to see you in the middle of the night and i want to find my cum still inside your cunt”
Daddy stroking his cock, precum glistened on the tip. His balls full of seed. His cock throbbing. Holding the phone in his other hand. Listening to her recount of the dream. The words flowing from her, her breath quickening as she spoke.

“That is an incredible dream my dear. Are you wet for Daddy” he asked. “Yes” she said.

“Cum to Daddy, now.” “Such thoughts and dreams need to be dealt with. You need to be punished for making Daddy so hard. Making Daddy want you so much. Cum to me now. You are to follow these instructions.”

He told her. You are to do exactly as you are told or you will be turned away. I want you dressed in your short black latex dress, fishnet stockings, no panties, no bra. Your nipples are to be clamped and your ass is to be plugged. Handwrite a note to Daddy your desire for this evening. You are to be here in one hour. Daddy is waiting.”

Her confession, her desire and hearing these words, knowing she would soon be where she knows she belongs nearly makes her cum.

“Oh Daddy I am breathless, i feel dizzy, daddy you just nearly made me cum and i love you so much, I will do as you say.” “As you command Daddy”.

She arrives within the hour. On time like a good, devoted slave. She hands him her note. Daddy tells her to stand in the middle of the room. He looks over her. Dressed to his satisfaction. He checks her ass and feels the plug burried in her. Looks in her eyes and nods approvingly. A small smile comes over her face. He reaches down to her pussy and feels her warmth and wetness. Brings his fingers to his lips. Tastes her.

He sits, opens the note, and begins to read…

Dear Daddy,

I am yours, would you please lick my ass daddy then spank it, spank me so hard i fall to the floor, then put your knee in my back to stop me from moving while you take your belt off and whip me with your belt, then kick my legs apart and spank my wet cunt with your belt then force your cock deep inside my ass daddy, rape your babygirl… you know i deserve it… fuck your babygirl so hard she screams
i love my daddy

He looks up. Smiles. “You are a naughty slut my dear” he tells her. “Yes, Daddy” she replies. He reads the note outloud and asks “is this what you desire?” “Yes, Daddy” she replies. “That and so much more, please”.

Daddy gets up. Walks to her. Lifts her skirt, grabs her, and proceeds to spank her ass firm and hard. Ten times on each cheek. Warming, turning them red. Ten more before she can even catch her breath. He moans echo with the sound of a hand hitting skin. He pushes her over the back of the couch and takes his belt off. Holding her down, he whips her as she desired. Marking her. Rising the welts on her ass, her thighs, her back. Holding her down. Her screams filling the air. Her pleads for more. Tears stream down her face. He pries her legs apart with his knee. Pulls his hard cock out and plunges it deep into her wet cunt. All the way. Balls deep he sinks. He grabs her hair, pulls her up to him and screams at her. “You are mine, my slut, my whore, my slave, you will obey Daddy, serve Daddy, please Daddy.” His hands dig into her flesh, He fucks her, hard, deep, pounding her cunt.

Slidding his cock in and our of her cunt. She takes it like a good girl. Like a good girl should. The feeling of euphoria overwhelms her, she is in bliss. Daddy’s cock in her. His hands on her. Is this a dream. God, only if she could feel him explode in her. As that thought rises in her head, he pulls his cock from her. Leaving her pussy empty, and needing. He pulls her down to the floor, on her knees, and shoves his cock into her mouth. Fucking her pretty little face. Daddy’s girl sucking his thick cock.

He pulls his cock from her mouth. Looks at her. On her knees , looking up at Daddy. He sits back down, stroking his cock, looking at her. Come here he tells her. Crawl to me. She crawls over to him on her hands and knees. Staring up at him. Looking at his hard cock. “Come here” he tells her. She crawls up from the floor,i curls up on daddy’s lap, kisses daddy, her thighs go outside his. She lowers her self on him. She begins to buck on him, gyrate on him, his cock now buried in her. She rides slow at first feeling every inch of in her, then she begins to fuckt daddy fast, fast and hard. Sliding up and down on Daddy’s cock. Looking in his eyes. HE grips her hips and ass and moves with her. His babygirl on top of him. Fucking him, pleasing him.

“That’s it babygirl, ride Daddy”. He tells her.

“Yes, Daddy,” she moans.

She is fucking him, riding him, needing to feel him cum in her. Needing to feel that warm cum in her for the first time. She is determined. She moans, she begs Daddy. “i want u to cum in me, all over me, use me, i want to serve you, do anything and everything u want daddy. I want to…please, let me…”

With that he grabs her hips, pulls her all the way down on him as he thrust in her. He mouth on her neck, her shoulder, holding her tight. His teeth sink into her flesh as His cock twitches, thick stream of cum erupts in her. He bites her hard. She screams in pain. Breaking the skin. Blood trickes down her chest. He cums in her. Deep. She moans. The rush of cum, the pain and pleasure, envelope her. She is shaking, twitching, moaning, cumming, flooding her Daddy’s lap with her juices and his.

She collapses on him, his cock in her, her head on his chest.

Echoing the words of her email…

“Oh Daddy I’ve waited so long for you to find me daddy… i can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me… how hot and horny…i am yours – completely forever to kiss, to love, to molest, to use, to abuse, to fuck, to rape, to make love to, to fist, to slap, to spank, to hurt
forever forever forever ”

Intoxicated from her lust, her pain, she climbs off Daddy, stumbles to the back room. Removes her dress completely, she inspects the bite mark. A smile over her face. Dips her finger in the blood, looks in the mirror, and writes Daddy’s Slut across her chest. She walks back into the room, naked, Daddy’s cum in her, Daddy’s Slut across her chest in blood. She kneels at his feet. Looks up at him. Lays her head on his lap.

“I love you Daddy, may I have more?

~ by darksideofthemind on December 6, 2007.

One Response to “She IS Daddy’s Girl”

  1. More?….

    ….By God, I don’t think you could handle
    anymore. If you’ve reached a peak, plunged along with
    welts raised, and had your pussy well satisfied….

    ….Daddy, most certainly, has given his all..

    ..very, naughty girl!


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