The note said “… be in position”

She noticed the note posted on the wall after she slipped out of the shower. Just a towell wrapped abound  her smooth legs and ample bosom.  “Gone to the store…” she reads, a bit sad, hoping for some fun this evening.  The note continues and a smile crept over her face “…I’ll be back at 7:00, be in position.” Oh how she loved it when he made her do that. In position meant to be in his favorite panties, in bed, with her bottom plugged.


Her eyes dart to the clock, “shit” 6:56.  Nervousness creeps over her, the rush of emotions. Eagerness, anticipation, lust, desire, want, fright.  She bolts to the bedroom.  Goes to the drawer, hurridly pulls out a few items, tosses them on the bed.  She dries her self completely. She hears the car pull up in the driveway. “Shit , already, ” Knowing if she is not in “position” she will be punished. That punishment being the cancellation of the evenings events.  She does not want that.  She hears the front door open.  On the bed now, rushing, she pulls her red panties on, grabs her plug, Lays on the bed. Hears his footsteps coming down the hall. “Well, guess there is no time for lube” she thinks. A deep breath, she pushes that plug into her ass. Muffling her groan. STiffling the ache. She pushes it in , for him, and lays on her belly in just those red panties.  She trembles as he opens the door.

“Good girl” he says, seeing her in position.  Walks to her, slide his hand along her leg, up the back of her thigh. Along the edge of her panties. Caressing. She sighs, a bit, not to make too much noise , wanting his approval.  His hand slips into her panties, feelin gher bottom. His fingers slide along the crack and feel the plug. “Very good girl” he tells her. He reaches and pull and pushed the plug in and out of her. With no lube this is a bit difficcult. But soon it begins to open her up.  The rush. The excitement of being probe takes over her.  her breathing quicken, her body lossnes, she surrenders to his touch. His fucks her ass with the plug for a few, making her groan. making her moan. His cock getting hard. She sees him adjust and give it a nice squeeze. How she longs to have it in her mouth, in pussy, her ass.  He push the plug deep in her. Tells her to turn over.


“touch your breasts for me.” he tells her. She obeys. Squeezing her breasts, caressing them. Playing with her nipples.  He undresses as he watches. “pinch your nipples for me” he orders.  She obeys. Pinching , pulling, twisting. “harder” he tells her. “tug on them for me” her hard nipples beginning to ache. making her so very warm, so very wet. The plug in her ass reminding her that she is his.

As she lays there for him, he tells her “I want you.” “Do you know how bad I want you my dear”. He pulls his cock from his shorts.  She licks her lips seeing his hardness.  “See what you do to me”  He lowers his cock to her mouth. “Kiss it” he tells her. “Kiss the head”.  She kisses his cock. the mushroom head swelling at her touch.  The tip leaking precum. Tasting him.  Licking her lips.  He pulls away to her dismay.

“touch yourself for me”  Spread your legs open. Reach into your panites and touch yourself. Tell me how wet you are for me. Watch me. Look at me as you do it. Look at me stroking. Wanting. Feel how wet you are for me.” She does as she is told. Loving every second. Her body trembling, her pussy dripping. Her fingers slipping in and around. Rubbing her clit. “tell me how you feel” he says.

“Oh god, so wet for you, needing your cock, please”. He pulls her panties down as she contineus to finger her wet pussy. Her hips moving.

“Thats my girl. fuck that sweet pussy. fuck that hot cunt. fuck yourself for daddy. you naughty girl. always wet for me. always waning daddys cock. She stares at him, his voice echoing in the air. Arousing her further. His command. His order for her to play with her self, she is helpless. Her fingers furiously move in and out of her wet pussy .Staring at his hard cock.

He reaches for her favorite toy from the nightstand. Hands it to her. “Fuck yourself ” he commands. She presses the toy to her , working it along the wet slit. She pushing it in, sinking it deep. Further. he is staring right at her, thru in, in her. Deep. Looking at him, staring at his thick cock. Wanting, she fucks herself. harder. faster. Lost. The sound of his voice, his commands, penetrating her, hypnotizing her, putting her in a trance. Making her moan. Making her beg. Making her need.

“Oh god, Daddy” “Please, please may I cum” she moans.

Floating, trembling, moaning, begging , pleading, through the haze she hears him.  “Cum for me. cum for me Now”.  That is all she needs. the built up tension, the release, she pushes the dildo deep into her pussy, pinches her clit, gushes, squirts, cums for Daddy.  “Oh god, ohoooooooooo god,” she moans. floating. sailing. rushing. wave after wave hitting her. Uncontrollable, another, “fuuuuuuuuuckkkk ” is all she can mutter.  her eyes open, focusing. she sees him closer , his cock, “my god”, the semen flying toward her, opening her mouth, it hits her chin, her cheek, her chest, the warms scooping it up. tasting him, grabbing his cock, sucking every drop down, cumming again as she cleans him.

~ by darksideofthemind on December 14, 2007.

One Response to “The note said “… be in position””

  1. ~~so hot. I can picture each sentence,
    in my mind’s eye; cock, hard as concrete.


    x,Will 🙂

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