Boil Water slave

Your assignement my slave

You are to be dressed in a skirt and button down shirt. No bra. No panties. have a toy ready or something to fill yourself for me slave.
Turn on the stove.
Take large pot, fill about 3/4 full of water.
Place on the stove.
Stand ath the stove and watch.
Watch the water heat.
Feel the heat of the kitchen.
Feel me.
Feel yourself obeying. Doing as you are told.
Unbuttion the top 2 buttons of your shirt.
Reach your hand in.
Cup your breasts.  Touch your nipples for me.
Watch the water. Feel the heart
Pinch your nipples as the steam begins to rise.
Roll them between your fingers.
Squeeze your breasts together.
Pinch your nipples hard as the steam increases.
As the heat increases.
Open your top. Hike your skirt up.
Lean against the stove my dear.
Expose your bottom.
Smack your ass for Master
Obey. Firm. hard. Once, twice, three times.
Look at the pot of water beginning to simmer.
Feel the heat of your bottom.
Feel the heat of your wet pussy.
Touch yourself. Feel how wet you are for me. How hot.
The kitchen heat rising, your brow beginning to sweat.
That’s my girl. Touch yourself and watch that pot.
You are NOT Alllowed To CUM Until that pot BOILS.
Touch yourself. FILL YOUR CUNT.
Deep. Take it all. Like Master fucking you from behind right there.
My hard thick cock pounding you. Fucking you as the heat of the kitchen rises. fuck yourself for me slave. Show me how much you want me. How bad you need me. How you wish to serve, to obey, to please.
Push it deep up in you
Rub your clit
Pinch your nipples
Watch that pot.
Do as you are told.
See the steam rise.
Getting close.
You are closer.
Oh naughty girl.
Will you hold on.
Can you.
Bubbles starting to rise. Lost in yourself. Pussy filled. Fingers on clit.
Do you want to cum for your Master?
Mmmm watch the pot.
When it boils you may.

Do it for Master and tell me how it makes you feel my slave.

~ by darksideofthemind on December 27, 2007.

One Response to “Boil Water slave”

  1. Oh I love this!!! Please write more!!!

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