Waking up, she felt strangely wet, found her hand between her bare thighs, fingers rubbing her clit, horny, needing.  What was that dream.  Faint memories , flashes coming back. Her hand moving over your clit. Butterfly touches sending pleasure through her.  Ohh, yes, she remembers now. Oh my, what a dream that was.  In her dream, He came to her.

 As her fingers plunged into her hot and wet pussy on this early morning her mind relived that dream again.  Her fingers circle her clit as she recounts.  She was laying on her bed, restless in the late hours. Horny. Wanting. Under the covers in the cool night.  Wet and Frustrated.  See, she was not  allowed to touch herself. Those were HIS instructions.  Well, one of them, since he took ownership of her. How wet that made her feel knowing it. Tossing, turning. She flips on her laptop, checks her email, but no word. Slams the screen shut and thinks “HE won’t find out”. 

 She reaches under the bed and pulls out her magic wand.  She turns it on and press it to her breasts, runs it down her body. Along her thighs, making her body tingle.  She opens her legs and moves the bulb to her pleasure zone. As the vibrations hit her she throws her head back and begins to move her hips. After only a minute her legs clamp around tight and she cums, shaking, moaning.  The first comes quick and is intense, but only fuels her lust this evening. She rolls over on her tummy, and grinds against the wand. Losing her self in thought of HIM. His hands on her body. His control. His cock. With these thoughts shake begins to tremble, her nipples hard, “fuck fuck” she cries outloud in the silence. Cumming again, dreaming of his cock, his hands on her.

 Uncontrollably she continues. She’s been like this since she met him. Insatiable. Needing. And now with his control and denial , she needs even more and they come one after the other. Grinding face down against that wand, she is sharply startled by a smack up her bare ass.  “WTF” she thinks, tries to raise her head but it is held down,.  the sting rushes through her, before she can utter another word she feels it again and again. Then, his voice, “naughty girls get spanked”.  “Oh my god, how” she thinks.  She doesn’t care. Oh my god. He holds her down and spanks her bottom as she moans , those words echo in her head. Her head swimming, her ass on fire, the hand continuing, turning that bottom red. She cum again for the intense pleasure and pain.  Wave after wave. Twitching on that wand, panting, cumming, being spanked, in heaven, floating, drifting her last orgasm taking over her. Floating in space as her as is being punished. Punished for not obey. For touching herserlf without permission. Where did he come from. How? She drifts, “remember, naughty girls get spanked”.

 Makes her cum again this morning, remembering, so vivid, so real and intense. Wait, a note taped to her door. She gets up to read. “Naughty girls get spanked”. She catches a glimpses of her red bottom in the dresser mirror.  Thinking, where did my bottoms go? And why is my bottom sore and red. 

~ by darksideofthemind on December 27, 2007.

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