Hands Against the Wall

Hands against the wall

Lift your skirt, pull your panties down to your ankles. Love seeing them there. Spank your right cheek, then your left. firm.  harder than you expected. then I continue. 5 on each.  My fingers between your legs. ooohh I see you like that. another 10 and your ass is beinning to show a hue.  mmmm daddy likes. 10 more for good measure then my fingers slip in you, such a naughty girl.

Get up. To the corner. Now.

Hands on the wall naughty girl.


grab your hips, kick your feet you.

stick Daddy’s ass out. thats my girl

I’ll teach you to tease Daddy

pressing my hard cock against your red ass

spreading your cheeks

reaching aroound , feeling how wet you are

wet for DAddy

naughty girl.

I lean in. My fat cockhead pressing to you

I whisper in your ear.  Naughty girls get punished.

I raise the belt and smack your ass.


She howls. “ow!” thinking to herself.  i don’t if I should scream and cry…or smile and moan

feeling your cock push against me…my ass is on fire

your belt left a welt across my bottom

I wiggle my bottom some more…not only to tease…but to make the sting go away

hands on wall, sticking my ass out…doing as I’m told…



stomach in knots

what will Daddy do next?




the wiggle of your ass against my cock makes DAddy want , fills him with lust and desire. makes him take the belt to your left cheek, matching the welt on the right, as the belt hits your flesh, you press back in pain, in shock that Daddy smacked you again. Pressing back brings more pain as Daddys thick cock plunges into your ass, Deep.  but thats exactly what you wanted to take the sting of the spanking and belt about. You are such a Naughty Girl

tears falling from my eyes
juices dripping from my pussy
ass on fire
your huge cock…causing more pain
my red, hot, sensitive ass
your ass
am I ready to surrender?
I don’t think so
i am Daddy’s naughty girl


~ by darksideofthemind on December 27, 2007.

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