Her fantasy

Her fantasy come true

I want to undress you
Strip you naked
Expose your body to Daddy
Stand you in the middle of the room.
Admire your beauty.
Drink in your sex.
Watch you.
Stand there for me.
To inspect.
Walk around you. Looking. Wanting. Touching.
Grabbing, checking, spread your legs
My hand on your thighs, rubbing, moving up.
My fingers spread those lips.
I move closer. Looking at your cunt.
Shaved bare for me. Always.
For Daddy.
My fingers probe in you.
Feel your moist heat.
I pull my fingers out and taste you.
Order you to lay on the bad.
Spread your legs
Raise your arms.
I fasten them each. Secure you tight.
Mine. Forever. Prisoner, slave, lover.
My hands explore you. Gently at first.
Then, more pronounced. Harder. Rough.
Your nipples harden. Your skin redens.
I slap your tits. Back and forth.
Straddle you, sitting on you. My weight on you.
Feel my control, completely. My hand, back and forth.
Your tits turning red. Looking in your eyes.
You do not say a word. You take what Daddy gives you.
Your nipples hard, standing at attention. Your breath quick.
Reaching back, my fingers find your pussy soaked.
I move down between your legs.
One finger slips in.
In and out.
A second finger slips in.
A third. You open. I push your thighs apart.
A fourth finger moves in. Pushing. Working.
Furhter. Four fingers in your cunt. My cunt.
Looking in your eyes. Your silence is replaced by a soft moan. A soft, low, continuous moan.
My four long fingers probe you. Your hips move uncontrollably.
In and out. Opening. My thumb working your clip.
Looking at you, looking at your cunt, my fingers disappearing.  I run my tongue along your thigh as you struggle against the restraints.  Squirming a bit. I bite your thigh, sinking my teeth into your flesh. I bite hard. Firm. Marking you with my teeth. You let out an intense cry, your head thrust back. My fingers push deep. I suck the flesh of your thigh. My thumb rubbing your clit. My fingers opening you up. You utter just one word “please”…
I bite your left thigh and work my four fingers in and out. You moan loud. You keep uttering that word over and over “please” Your moving against my hand.
I move my thumb from your clit. I spread my fingers in you, opening you more. I work my thumb to your opening. Pushing it in with the rest of my fingers. Deeper. “please” you moan. I push. More. My long fingers deep in you. My thumb. I push more. Working, so wet, opening, my god, yes. Slipping past, taking more. Yes, you will. Looking at you . Deep in your eyes. Looking at Daddy. your lips utter “please”. For Daddy. I push, You push. Yes. Take Daddy. Take it all. More. I tell you. Thats my girl. All of it. Daddy’s big hand in you. Stretching you. Your moans fill the room. Your cunt dripping.  Daddy’s hand filling you. Stretching you. Taking it all. Fo Daddy. I lean down, flick your clit with my tongue. Sending you over the edge. You shake, convulse, the restrainst holding you down. Mine. You gush. Flood, my mouth taste. my fist in you. completely. Mine. You cum. over and over moans turn to wails, turn to sobs, turn to tears and you continue to cum and shake for Daddy.
Daddy slowly slips his fist from you. The emptyness making you gasp and moan, nearly making you cum again.  I lick my fingers. Tasting you, untie you, pull you to my arms. Into my lap. Hold you. Hug you. Kiss you.
“thank you, Daddy” you say and you nuzzle your head in my chest.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 15, 2008.

One Response to “Her fantasy”

  1. OMG that sounds soooo good. Ive never been with a woman but it all sounds so good…trust me..I’ll thank you daddy

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