Morning Shower

He woke feeling naughty, horny, hard. Was a bit early, he liked that, having some extra time in the morning. Crawled out of bed, his hard cock straining thru the thin white material of his boxer briefs. He gives it a nice squeeze as he heads to the kitchen and flicks on the coffee.
Walks to the cmputer, sits down and checks his email. There’s a note from her. How hot their exchange had gotten. He re-reads the last couple of notes and notices he is now rubbing his cock more. It had gotten late and he had went to bed hard and horny. Now that horniness raged in his loins. Her email brought a smile to his face.

With the coffee done, he gets up, pours a cup, and takes that first sip. Clearing his head he thinks of the last time they were together. The things she said, the things she did. For him, only for him. Precum has wetted his boxers and the fat head is nearly visable thru the fabric.

Drinking his coffee, waking up, getting things together, one last chance to check email before heading to the shower. Oh what a naughty girl she is he thinks to himself as he reads of all the naughty things she wants to do to him.  His balls begin to ache, tighten. He squeezes them. His cock swells more. Strains thru the cotton. Pitching a tent in his underwear.

“That naughty fucking girl” he says outloud and heads to the bathroom.  Cock too hard to pee, he runs the shower and steps in as the water starts to warm.  Grabbing the soap he begins to lather his body. First his shoulders and arms. The warm water on his face, his neck, trailing down his back. soaping up, lathering, Down his chest. His stomache. His firm thighs, his balls and his hard cock. Lathering, rubbing, squeezing, stroking, thinking of having her with him now. The things he would do to her. How he would make her kneel, make her pay for being such a naughty slut. Squeezing the base of his cock firm the head swells up and glows bright, precum on the tip.

Soaping his legs, up and down, bending, stretching his long arms, feeling and scrubbing. Thinking, and wanting. Each chance rubbing up against his hard cock. Its flapping in the air. Soaping his backside, hands on his ass. Squeezing. Remembering. Wanting her there. Imagining her on her knees in the shower sucking his cock. Remember what she did.
Washing his cock, his balls, his ass, making sure they are nice and clean. His hand squeezing as he washes. His hand explores as he washes. His fingers slipping along the crack. Feeling. One hand on his cock. Squeezing the other openng himself. One finger presses as he strokes. Playing around the edge. As he pumps. His cock swelling, his ass pushing back a bit, his finger slipping in, his hand pumping hard. One finger pushing into his ass, he moans , squeezes the base of his cock and pushes his finger deeper. his cock swells hard. nearing. precum oozing. soon a second finger pushes in, working with the first, his hand now storking . His finger fucking. Can’;t stand it anymore. Shoving those fingers deep in his ass and pumping that cock, wanting her fingers her mouth, Exploding, gushing, cum spurting, once, twice, three streams splash the shower door. His ass contracting, his balls throbbing, still more, cums, milking, driping, throbbing. release. yes.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Shower”

  1. :)~~yep. That’s morning alright!

  2. Still blush every time I read this. Soooooo flattered 🙂


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