Surrender to me my pet

Surrender to Me

She sat waiting,  well, not sat, kneeling as instructed. Naked. Feeling ultimately vulnerable. Used. Loved. A drenched towell beneath her. He had just left her, commaned her to kneel for 30 mintues, filled her cunt and left. But she can still feel him in the room, on her, all over. OMG. She thought. A wave rushed over her. Another orgams triggered. She clenches the large dildo filling her wet cunt. His cunt, she thinks. As her juices flow down her legs, she shudders, moans, can cums again. she has lost count. Glancing at the clock, noticing she still has 25 more minutes of kneel time she is shaking. She is there, she is his.

He had arrived on time, and she was waiting. She left the door open and was kneeling in the middle of the room as he instructed. Blindfolded. He walked in, smile coming across his face, seeing her. His slave. His slut. Waiting for him as instructed. Mmmm he thought, what fun we will have today. He did not say hello. His voice broke the silence and commaned he to touch her nipples for him. Making her shake. Her hands rose immediately, obediently. Touching as he instructed. His voice penetrating her. His presence overwhelming her.

Her nipples hard, her pussy warm and wet, she hears his footsteps come closer. Feels him move close to her. Feels his warm breath. Smells his sweet cologne. Drinks him in, wanting his touch. His whisper is all she gets, “pinch them for me slave” he tells her. And she pinches them. “Harder” he instructs softly.  She pinches hard. Her nipples aching, but not to his satisfaction.  “HARDER SLUT” he yells, his powerful voice shocking her, she pinches, clamps her fingres and nails into her flesh and lets out a loud moan of pain and pleasure. he whispers “tell me how it feels”.  Panting, bareley audible, she muttres “hurts”… “Tell me how it feels slave” he commands, firm a bit louder, penetrating her soul.  “It hurts” she cries.

He grabs her hair, pulls her head back, leans into her, his lips brush her ear, his breath on her neck, flowing down her body.  “Do it harder for me and cum slut”. he commands.  She pinches harder. pulling , twisting, pinching, digging her nails into her flesh, she moans, aches, he commands. “Cum for me, without even touching that cunt slave. Cum for Daddy”.  OMG, she does, she can’t believe it, her head swoons, her nipples in pain, her cunt throbs, she cums. without touchng that pussy, the juices dripping down her legs.  Trying to stay on her kneese, held up by his hand in her hair.

Her nipples on fire, he takes two clothespins and fastens them to her nipples. She cries out in pain and soon the ache is making her throb again. His.

“thats my girl” he says.  “Good girl.”  He reaches for her favorite toy. The 8″ cock shaped dildo. She always said it was just like his and how she loved to use it.  Well, now he was going to make her use it.  She feels his hands on her thighs, spreading, feels the fake cock pressed to her. The head pushed in. “Take it in your hand.” he tells her.  She does. “Push it in slave. All the way.”  She slowly fills her cunt, moaning, grinding, working it deep in her. When it is all the way in she feels another orgams building and tries to subside it.  That only makes things worse.

“Bend over, face down, ass up, NOW!” he commands. Next thing she knows, hishand is on her ass. Spanking. alternating cheeks. His large hand smacking her tiny white ass. He scolds her. “such a naughty slut” spanks her “naughty girls get punished.” She feels the sting. the dildo in her, fucking her, his hand on her ass, spanking her. the clothespins biting her nips. His slut. His whore. Submitting to his will. She wants more. His hand comming down firm, hard, not stopping, pushing her. Smacking her ass hard, turning the flesh red. Making her take it. the sting turns to pain. The throb to a beat. the orgasm cums. wave after wave rushing thru her, her face smothered in the pillow, sobbing, cumming. Being spanked. Used. He does not stop. “Rub your clit slave.” He orders, her hand reaching between her. Doing as he says, anything he says, she is his, she wants to scream it. Needs to,.

“touch that pussy, rub your clit, circle it as I spank you.” She rubs her pussy as instructed. he spankes. Commands. Lectures. “You are my naughty slut. My whore. You will obey. You will do as you are told. ” The words intoxicate her. The feel of his control, how she needs this. Rubbing her clit. She begins to moan, beg, pant, “fuck” “oh god” “fuck” . “Tell me, slave. Tell me who you are!” He spankes her harder. “Tell me!” he demands.

As the orgasms overwhelms her, she is broken, the hand never stops spanking, sending her over the edge, to the place sheed needs to go. She can’t believe. Her whole body shakes, His. she moans. “I’m your slut, I’m your whore, your slave”.  She cums. and repeats “I’m your slut, I’m your whore, your slave”, “I’m your slut, I’m your whore, your slave”, “I’m your slut, I’m your whore, your slave”, he spanks. “Yes”. he tells her.

She is shaking, ass in the air, buring, dildo in her cunt, he pulls her up back to her knees. “Rub your clit slave” he tells her as he removes the clothespins. “Rub it faster as the blood rushes back to your nips, feel the pain, embrace it”. She rubs, the rush, the throb in her nipples , so intense, rubbign, throbbing, omg, she can’t resist, another, he tells her. “Yes, do it slave” Again, for me!”  “Cum!”.

“Good girl.” he tells. “Now kneel for 30 mintues for me. Think of who you are. What you are. Who owns you”.  “My Slave”.

He removes the blindfold and leaves.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 15, 2008.

One Response to “Surrender to me my pet”

  1. Wonderful. Makes me sad that I do not have a Master any longer. I miss being in this situation so very much. Thank you for writing it.

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