Parking Lot Fun

it’s almost sunset, the parking lot has a few scattered cars, she parks along the building on the east side.  Waits, thinks to herself, what is in store. A tap on her window startles her, she looks up, its Him. she rolls the window down.  “Get out” he demands. She opens the door. He pulls out. Presses to her, close, “you naughty girl” he tells her , his eyes piercing hers. His stare hard, deep. His hands on her. On her hips, gripping her. Pulling her to him. press to her. He grabs her hips and squeezes, grabs her, turns her around. “you are a naughty girl , and naughty girls get punished.” he tells her, starting to hike her skirt. “Please , not here ” she pleads.  His hand under her skirt , pushing her against her car. His hand cups her ass, grabs, squezes. Hard. Grips. He tells her, “I will spank you when and where I please you naughty slut”.  He graps the waist band of her panties and pulls them down, over her ass, hikes her skirt up, the cold air hits her bottom. Holding her against the car. Skirt hiked, his hand comes down on her bare , exposed bottom, once, twice, three.. ten times. stinging her, she winces, bites her lip, tries not to make any sound that would attract attention. 5 more and her pussy is wet. her ass on fire. his fingers slip in and out. spanking more. “Naugty girl, see what you do to Daddy”. He pulls his cock out, turns her to him, pushes her to the pavement, and shoves it into her mouth, her knees burning, her ass burning, pleasing Daddy, sucking his cock like a ood girl. He fucks her mouth, deep, hard, holds her head, his cock swells. presses deep in her. his balls twitch, he pushes, cums, explodes, in her mouth. deep. holding his cock in her mouth, filling his slut with cum. the last drops hit her face as he pulls  out, zips up. and walks away. leaving her exposed, used.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Parking Lot Fun”

  1. very erotic writing. love it. gonna be checking out your blog from now on.

  2. 🙂 These naughty things can happen almost anywhere.

    ~~yes, they can!


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