Dinner was late

She heard the door close and then quickly tried to straighten up and start working on dinner. She wore a long tshirt that just covered her ass and a pair of bikini bottoms. He was right on time, as usual, and she was running late with her duties. She managed to clean the house some and get the groceries for dinner but hadn’t even started dinner let alone the laundry. She had promised him to have them all done. To make up for having to work too much lately and not being around for him.

He came into the kitchen, said hello, , his hand sliding down her back, cupping her ass. gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, looked in her eyes, then he grabbed a beer and headed to the bedroom, changed his clothes and came back in sweats and tshirt. Watching the game, relaxing on the couch, hearing the sounds in the kitchen. Waiting.

“Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes honey” she says. “I’m sorry its late”. He lights up a joint, inhaling the sweet smoke, feeling it hit his lungs and send sensation thru him. As he smokes he thinks to himself, “yes late, and you will be sorry”. A few hits later he is sufficiently buzzed. As he waits for dinner he begins to plan. Thinking what he will do this evening. How he will make her pay for having dinner late.

His first thoughts of taking her over his lap arouse him. His cock begins to swell and his hand reaches and grabs. Rubs and Squeezes till he is raging. His hard cock straing thru the grey sweats. He watches her in the kitchen making dinner. Seeing her bend over, her ass showing as the shirt lifts. He pulls his cock out and strokes. Waiting.

Putting the finishing touches on dinner, she comes into the room , seeing him sitting on the couch, stroking his hard cock. Looking, watching him. He looks up. “Get over here” he tells her. A rush builds thru her and she steps to him. “On your knees my dear”. He tells her. She obeys, kneeling for him. Her lips slightly parted, her eyes down, staring at his throbbing cock and its glistening head. He tongue licks her lips as she anticipates pleasing him with her mouth.

He grabs the base of his cock, the head swelling up, thick, a gasp of desire slips past her lips. He rubs the head over her cheek, across her lips, looking at her. Her mouth open, staring at his cock. “Look up at me my dear”. She gazes up to him. “Dinner was late”. He says sternly. A flush of embarrassment comes over her, feeling his cock on her cheek, wanting, scared, excited.

He slaps his hard cock against her face. Once, twice, three times. “dinner was late, and you will be punished”. He tells her as he grabs the back of her head and forces her down upon his cock. Making her take nearly ever bit of it in her mouth on the first thrust. Hand in her hair and manipulates her mouth for his pleasure. Staring down at her. Pushing her deep holding her there , gagging, as he takes a drink of his beer and checks the game. Pulling her off him she gasps for air and moans. Swiftly she is pulled over his lap. His hard cock pressed to her. Her tshirt is pulled up exposing her ass.

“Dinner was late” he scolds her. His hand coming down upon her backside. Firm, stinging. Squirming she yelps, his strong arms hold her down. Spankign her more. One cheek than the other. Continuing, losing count, 10? 20? My god she thinks her ass is on fire. And that’s not all. Her pussy is wet grinding against his cock, wanting it, needing it. But he just spanks her more pausing only to thrust fingers in and out of her cunt till she moans and begs to be fucked.

Pushed to the ground against the couch he takes his belt and runs it along her back, down over her now red bottom. “Perhaps 10 lashes from my belt will teach you to keep your promise”. And with that the thick leather scorches her flesh. One after the other, she feels the welts rise, head buried in the couch. Moaning, sobbing, and surrendering. Hands on her hips, fingers glide over her flesh, soothing, caring, powerful. His cock presses to her opening, so wet, her lips swallow the head and pull him into her. His fingers sink into her flesh, she cries out, he pushes in, deeper. Filling her. Thrusting in and out. Holding and grabbing her hips. Fucking her. Taking what is his.

He loves to fuck her doggy style, seeing that ass, holding those hips, driving deep. Making it last. Fucking her harder and harder, making her moans rise, pulling her hair, telling her she belongs to him. The pleasure and pain mixing perfectly. She moans and pleads for him to fuck her harder,. His hands spank her again as he fucks her. “Oh god, yes” she screams. “Tell me who you are my dear” he commands. “Tell ME!”. you’re your slut, your whore, your slave” she moans. “I’m yours, fuck me, please, I’m your whore, your slut, your cunt, please oh god, please”. Feels so very good. Wanting to cum in her. All over her. But not yet, he pulls his cock from her. She tries to protest, but he holds her down. “Oh god, please, I want your cock”.

“Your punishment is not through my dear.” He positions her on all fours. Places a gag into her mouth. Lubes her asshole and begins to spank her more. Pushing her. Scolding her. Lecturing her. “You will obey. You will learn” spank after spank. “You are my slave, my slut, my whore, you will obey, you will do as you promise, you will do as you are told”. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” he screams. Through the pain and pleasure, through the tears, she whimpers, “yes”. Weak, wanting, shaking, barely able to stay on all fours, she feels his hands on her again. God how she loves his hands and touch. The part her cheeks, and suddenly she feels that heat, the piercing of his thick cockhead penetrate her ass. She moans against the gag. Pushing back to take more. Rubbing her clit, grinding on her hand as he fucks her ass. Her ass opening for him. He thrusts his thick cock into her ass. Fucking her, taking her, making her fall to the floor, face down, ass up, surrendering, giving all to him. He moans. Screams to her “You are mine!” “You are my asswhore!” His voice sends her over the edge, then He plunges deep, his cock throbs, twitches, and releases his thick cream into her ass. Pumping deep from his balls. Pouring into her. Filling her with his seed. Her body takes it, convulsing in pleasure.

He slips his cock from her, she is laying there, spanked, whipped, fucked, used, shaking, cumming. His finger tips along her back, taking the gag off slowly. Kissing her. Whisper in her ear. “Lay still” he tells her. He gets up leaves for a moment, comes back into the room. Rubs her bottom, leans down and kisses her. “That’s my girl” he tells her. Kissing her again, his hand moves down her body, over her ass, between her legs, rubbing, fingering, he parts her cheeks, pushes the plug into her, she gasps, moans and cums. “Now you will keep that in all night with my cum in you”.

“I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?”

~ by darksideofthemind on April 9, 2008.

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