Lick her

The towel dropped to the floor. She walked to the closet fresh from her shower. Clearn, shaved, ready. His eyes on her. Her sexy body. The sweet curves of her hips. Her delectable derriere. She grabs a pair of stockings and lifts one leg to slip the fishnets past her foot, up her ankle, over her calf and knee. Slowly, teasingly. Sliding up to her thigh. Adjusting the top, running her finger under the elastic, pulling them tight against her flesh. One then the other. A bit nervous being watched. Aroused. Feeling the stare, hearing his voice. Sending shivers through her. “Now the panties my dear”. She takes the black bikini panties from the dresser and slips them on. Pulls them up to your behind. She glances to him for a moment, seeing his hand resting on his crotch, the bulge protruding. She feels her lips get moist. As she is about to put the black bra on, she feels him behind her. His hands on her shoulders. His whisper in her ear “leave the bra off”. He kisses her neck. Softly. His warm breath flow over her body. My lips brushing her skin. The goosebumps rise, the heat , the rush. His teeth on her, gently. His lips on the back of her neck. His hand in her hair. Close to her. “So beautiful” he whispers. “I want you”.

Kissing her shoulders, his arms around her, her head back. Turns her to him. Looks in her eyes. Lowers his mouth to her. Kisses her softly. Slowly. His tongue slipping into her mouth. Deeper. Slowly, His arms around her, holding, pulling her close, kissing her deep. He scoops her up in his arms not breaking that kiss, turns and lays her down on the bed. Kisses her chin, down her neck, her chest, around her breasts, her stomach, his fingertips trace her body, up and down. His lips trace her belly, side to side. Moving up to her breasts, his mouth covers one, softly, his tongue circles, she moans, her back arches a bit, her nipple in his mouth, he sucks. Mmmmm one nipple in his mouth, the other between his fingers, hardening, both of them, kissing one , then the other, her breathing strong, deep, faster. Touching her breasts, kissing her nipples feeling her hands hold his head. Wanting , needing, more, wanting to taste every inch of her. Please her with his mouth and hands. His begins to kiss down her body. Down to the edge of those bikinis. His mouth and tongue along the thin edge. Kissing, tracing, Down to her thighs. Her legs spread open, wider as his mouth is on her thighs, kissing, holding, spreading her open more. His head between her legs, moving her hips now, trying to move to his mouth. He is teasing her. His fingers slip beneath those thin panties, feel the heat and moistness. He slips one finger in her, she gasps and moans and moves to take more, her hips gyrate, he works that finger in her, his thumb follows on her clit, his mouth kissing down her thigh. He bends on of her legs and kisses the back of her knee, his tongue lingering, teasing her skin thru the fishnets, he moves his finger in and out of her and she moans and moves on his hand. “Taste me please” she say. “I can’t take it anymore”. “Taste your pussy” “Its all shaved for you”. “Taste me please”. “Oh yes” he answers.. slips his finger from hre, and rips the panties to the side. Spreads her legs wider and buries his face into her bare pussy. Her lips part and her juices flow. Tasting her, his tongue probes the folds of her sweet lips. Pushes deep into her. Tongue fucks her. His hands on her hips, her ass, her hand in his hair, grinding on his mouth. Moaning. Groaning, feeling the rush overwhelm her. His mouth and tongue working her clit. His fingers sliding into her. One in her wet cunt, another teasing her ass, sucking on her clit, making her grind on his mouth. He pushes his fingers deep in her, lifts his mouth from her to tell her “cum for me” as he fingers her faster and lowers his mouth back to her delicious pussy. Tasting her. Sucking on those lips. His tongue moving along the inner folds, his fingers fucking her holes, driving her to the edge. His mouth covering her pussy, his fingers so deep in her. She grinds on his mouth, tenses, bucks, moans, “oh god” screams, “yesssssss” , holds his head there , “cummmmmmmmming” she moans as she clamps her thighs around him, keeping her there, cumming, cumming cumming from his mouth, his fingers, on her, in her, her juices soaking his mouth, shaking, twitching, her legs open a bit, his mouth parts her pussy, his fingers slipping out, moving up her body, he kisses her, she tastes her juices on his lips, feels his hard cock against her… moans.. looks at him… “your turn.”

~ by darksideofthemind on April 11, 2008.

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