The Punishment fits the crime

Punishment fits the crime

He waited for her for to return. Knowing she knew what was to come. If he had told her once, he had told her a hundred times to be careful with his things. And now, she tried to hide what she did, and not tell him. She will be punished. She knows it. She has felt it all day long. The not knowing scares her, but excites her as well. Sometimes she does these things on purpose. He want is strong. Her desire to feel him control her. She deliberately broke the taillight and didn’t tell him. Knowing he would punish her. She’s been wet all day thinking of it.

She opens the front door and sees him standing, waiting. Her knees nearly buckle. She knew she deserved to be punished. Breaking the taillight and not telling him. Head down she enters. His voice hits her. Deep, powerful, forceful. “I’ve been waiting!” he says. Her nipples erect, she looks up, a faint sorry comes to her lips. “Sorry?” is that all you have to say?” She tries to explain, but only can stammer out a few words. “Get over here”.

He grabs her by the hair and pulls her over the couch. “You naughty girl, you will be punished for what you did. Do you know how much that taillight will cost?” “I am going to take it out on your hide young lady! You will learn!”

Grabbing her by the hips, hiking that skirt up, ripping those panties off. His hand comes down upon her cheeks. One then the other. Her cries of surprise and pain echo in the room. Slapping that ass hard. Turning it red. Scolding her. Lecturing her. Teaching her to respect. Holding her down and spanking that bottom. Just how she wanted all along. How she needed. Making her so very wet. Her cries and moans making him hard. The red hue of her ass making him want.  Spreading her ass cheeks, spanking her, exposing her, making her whine and moan. Feeling how wet she gets. He slams 2 fingers into her cunt and she wails. Rubs her clit and her cunt floods. Moaning, ass burning. Begging.  Begging him to stop, begging him for more.

He spanks her. Bare hand on bare ass. Over and over. His fingers in her cunt. On her clit. Her moans and whimpers and sobbing , shaking on him. Her body surrendering. Taking her punishment.

Turning her around, pulling her shirt off, exposing her breasts, grabbing her nipples, pinching, twisting, pulling. Making her ache. Making her tremble. The pain shooting through her, makes her clit throb. He slaps her breasts, one then the other, back and forth. Making them sting. Then pinches her nipples, lowers his mouth and suck on them, bites them, pulls them with his teeth. She shakes , moans and pleads. Louder. More and more.

He pulls his cock out, pushes her face to it, slaps her face with it. Back and forth. “:Do you want to suck my cock you little slut? Make up for what you did..”  “Oh yesssssss, please,” moaning, whimpering. He pushes his cock in her mouth, making her take it. In and out. In and out. Fucking her throat. Pulls it out. Slaps her face with his hand, “Suck it harder bitch” he tells her. And he begins to fuck her throat. Grabbing her hair. Fucking her mouth. Making her take him.

Cock in her mouth, he reaches down and begins to spank that ass again, slap those tits, use her, abuse her. Make her pay. His cock deep in her mouth, fingers all over her. In her. He turns her back over, pulls her hips up and spanks her ass some more. Positions behind her and begins to tease her with his fat head, running it up and down her slit.  She moans, and begs, pleads for his cock, for him to fuck her.

And he does, deep, long, hard. His cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Grabbing her red ass. His hands grip her. His cock plunges deep. Pulling out to tease, then and hard. And harder. Pounding her. Pumping that cock deep in her. Taking what is his. Punishing her with his cock, just how she wants. Moaning and groaning, he reaches around and rubs her clit. Making her cum all over his cock.

He pulls from her pussy and spreads those cheeks.  An ass like that needs to be fucked. He teases her. Playing with her ass. Spanking her more. Spreading her open. Pressing the fat head against her. Yes, she needs to be punished. Pay for what she did. He pushes his thick cock into her tight ass. She moans loud. He pushes deeper. Holding her hips. “Yes, that’s it, that’s my girl. Take it all”. He tells her. He begins to move in and out. Slowly, working up a pace. In and out. Taking that sexy ass. Making it open for him. She loves it. The more he works it the more she moans. “Tell me” he says. “Yes” she moans. “Tell me” he commands. “Yes, oh god yes” she moans. “TELL ME!” he screams. “Yes, yes, I’m yours, I’m your asswhore” she screams. Moan.s “Oh my god, fuck my ass. Yes, I’m your asswhore. Fuck my ass. I am a naughty slut, I deserve to be punished.! Fuck my ass! OMG! I’m your asswhore!”

Her moans intoxicate him, he can no longer hold back, he thrust deep, all the way, screams, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSs, you are mine!” and empties his balls deep in her ass, pumping. Moaning, cumming in her. Collapsing in top of her.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 2, 2008.

One Response to “The Punishment fits the crime”

  1. Incredibly hot.This is the stuff great fantasies are made of.Well done!

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