Sex on the Floor

Sex on the floor

The night started to get interesting as she stepped from the shower. There he stood waiting with her robe.  Kissed her, fell to his knees, and began to lick the drops of water from her thigs. Cupping her thigh, running his tongue along her trimed mound. His fingers exploring, the doorbell rings to interupt.

As he takes the package he finds her standing in the middleof the room. “What is it?” she ask. “Oh nothing, you’ll find out later’.  He puts the package down and drops back to his knees. Opening her robe, he pushes his face into her moist hot pussy. Licking, kissing, his hands exploer her, she moans, opens her legs and he begins to lick her more and more. Her pussy drips, her moans fill the room his fingers push in her her knees buckle he holds her up with his hand, his mouth. sucking on her cunt. finger fucking it. taking what he wants. Pulling her down to him and spreading her open there on the floor, his face buries in her. Sucking on those lips, lapping at that juice, circling that clit, sucking on it. Nibbling. His tongue pushing in, his fingers in her.
His cock hard, he pulls it out and positions it near her. Teasing her with it. Rubbing her face with his cock. His fat head caressing her mouth, he slips the head in and he fingers her pussy deeper. Her moans swallow his cock. Taking more in. Muffling. Slidding his cock in and out, then pulling it out to tease her. He pulls her up, lays back, “suck my cock” he tells her. She hungrily fills her mouth with his head and shaft, taking him in. His hands on her, all over, her back her ass. Caressing. His fingers in her cunt. “Spank me” she begs. He thrust his fingers in her harder. “Spank me , please” she begs as she takes that meat deeper. His hands comes down on her ass. Once, twice. stinging, firm. she sucks. moans. again he spanks her. alternating cheeks, warmher her buns. making the hot. his fingers probe her between the swats. His hand smacking her ass. his cock thrusting in her mouth, again and agin his hand down on her. she moans, “fuck me, please, oh god, fuck me”. gets up, grabs her, turns her around, on the floor, on all fours, grabs those  hips, moves close and slips his hard cock into her. Deep. He fucks her from behind, hard. fast, deep. spanking her, fucking her, the harder he spanks and fucks the louder she moans and the more she wants. pounding her. fucking her. spanking her. rubbing her clit, making her moan. whimper, beg, and cum.. she moans,. he pulls his cock from her, turns her over and straddles her body. as she watches and finger fucks that cunt to another orgasm he strokes his cock and releasees that cum all over her belly and pussy. “oh god, your cunt is so hot, fuck, oh god’,  he leans down and licks his cum from her belly, scooping it up and then kisses her, feeding it to her, she licks it clean. they collapse on the floor,

~ by darksideofthemind on June 11, 2008.

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