What’s in the box?

What’s in the box?

She came home a bit early, opened the front door. Walked in, put her things down, slipped out of her work clothes and wandered thru the house in her black bra and panties.  He smooth, taught legs moving, that sweet ass clad in only the thin material of her panties.  She passed the dining table and thought, OH, What is in that box? she wondered as she noticed it still sitting on the table. The events of the night before had definitely put it out of her mind, but now, picking it up, feeling its weight. The plain brown paper, no return address with some weight to it. Wondering. Curiousity getting the better of her. She had to open it and find out.  Using scissors to cut the tape and open the box, pulling out packing material.  Laying the scissors down.  She reached in.

The first item retrieved is blindfold. A rush comes over her. A feeling that perhaps she should not have opened this.  Untrollably she reaches in again, pulling out a small dildo, looking at it she realizes it is a butt plug.  He blood pressure increases, her hear rate speeds.  She retrieves a pair of handcuffs. Her panties wet in anticipation, she removes the last item.  A large, 10″, and thick, cock shaped dildo vibrator. Holding it in her hand, she can’t believe the size and some amount of fear rises in her. Holding it. Caressing it. She looks up. See’s him standing in the doorway.

“You were not to open that my dear” he says. “That was a surprise”.  She tries to apoligize, that curiosity got the better of her, but the words cannot get out.  “Well, since you couldn’t wait, I guess we better begin.” He takes her by the wrist, leads her to the couch, sits down, pulls her over his lap. “You are a naughty girl, you do not touch things without permission, do you understand”. Before she can respond his hand comes down upon your backside. Stinging thru her panties. Once, twice, three times. “You are a naughty girl, and naughty girls get punished”.  Three more and she cries out, moaning. He grabs the scissors from the end talbe and runs the blade up her thigh. He cuts her panties off, and lays the cold metal on her back.  He begins to spank her bare bottom.  Upon the 10th spank her ass is turning a nice shade of red.

“You are a naughty girl. You do not touch things that are not yours. You do not open things that don’t belong to you. do you understand?”  “Yes Sir” she replies. Ten more swats to her stinging bottom makes her whole body tremble. Makes her moist. Her juices dripping on his lap.  “Such a little slut”. “Since you couldn’t wait to see what was in the box, well, we will just have to try them out now.”  He reaches for the plug. Runs his hand between her thighs, feels that heat, that wetness. His fingers explore, along the folds of those lips. Along the inner wall.  Tracing, playing. slipping in and out. Getting those fingers wet, making that pussy wet. Rubbing that clit she begins to moan and churn against his hardening cock.  His fingers wet, her plays with her ass. Pushing against it. slipping his finger in. One, then two, in and out, lossening it up. fingers in her cunt, in her pussy, her ass red and burning. Moaning, wanting, this naughty girl moves her hips. He takes the plug in hand. Spread those cheeks and presses the head to her. She gasps, then relaxes, he pushes it in. slowly, working it deeper, She lets out a loud moan, “oh god” , as he takes her ass. Takes ownership of it. The plug full in her. Makes her float. Her body overwhelmed. He tells her. “You are my naughty girl. your ass will be plugged for me whenever I please”. Hearing these words drives her over the top. She cums as he pushes the plug as deep as he can.  He ass filled for him.

“On your knees now” he tells her.  She kneels, he removes her bra, she is naked and filled for him. He stands, looking as her. takes the blindfold and places it on her. Now, she cannot see, only feel her burning ass and filled hole.  Music is turned on. Her hands are grabbed and pulled behind her, cuffed, and drawn up behind her.  Vulnerable, exposed, plugged. On her knees. He moves befor her. Touches her body as he pleases. Caress her. Teases her. He tells her he loves to se eher like this. Plugged for him, tied/cuffed for him. He tells her how it makes him feel. Caressing her body, pinching her hard nipples, pulling on them. He pulls his cock out and strokes it looking at her. Grabs a handfull of her hair and rubs his cock over her face, over her mouth, slaps her face with it once, twice, then shoves his cock into her mouth. Making her suck him. Taste him. he uses her mouth for his pleasure. Making him harder.PUlling out every now and then to stroke and tease her. “You like that don’t you naughty girl, you like that cock in your mouth”. “YES” she  moans.

“such a little slut” he tells her. “Look at you. A cock hungry little whore. Tied and plug for me. My toy. My slut. Mmmm. Makes me so hard naughty girl. I wonder how naughty you can be.”

He takes the large dildo and presses it to her wet pussy. “You want this cock deep in you slut” he whispers.  “I saw how you held it, how you looked at it”.  “Tell me! YOU WANT THIS COCK DEEP IN YOU SLUT” HE SCREAMS as he teases her with it. Turns it on and buzzes those lips and clit.  Pushing the tip in and out of her.  “Tell me” he demands.  “Yes, please, fuck me with that cock”.  she begs. “Tell me” he demands. “Yes, please fuck me withat big cock.  she begs again.  “Tell me” he demands. “Yes, PLEASE FUCK ME! ” she screams as he shoves it deep in her. moving it in and out fucking her pussy with that big toy.  “Oh god, yes, yes, yes,” she moans. He pushes it in her. making her take more and more. Filling her cunt. He slaps her ass as he works it in and out. As he grinds it deep. Holding it there, reaching around her to pinch her hard nipples, to reach down and rub her clit. Making her squirm.  Holding her, restrained, plugged, and filled, her body moving to the cock pounding her cunt. He pushes it deep in her as her first orgasm overtakes her. Moans loud, shakes, “yes, yes, oh my god,” she moans.

“naughty slut” he tells her, you didn’t have permission to cum. She hears his belt come off and the leather falls across her back, down over her backside. “Now my slut, you will learn” he teases her with the belt. running it over her ass. He smacks it, over and over, scolding her. “you do not cum without permission slut.” he spanks her more . the belt raising welts on her ass. Makes her whimper and moan. Loving it. Wanting more. “Oh god” she moans. “Please”, “Fuck me please” , the vibe deep in her. He slowly pulls the fake cock from her.  Mounts it on the ground beneath her. Positions her above it.  Turns it on and lowers her to it. Making her take the tip as it buzzes on her cunt. She begins to moan. He pinches and pulls her nipples, stretching them out. making them stand up.  Takes clothespins and puts one on each nipple,  more around her breasts, making her tits sting. Her juices drip from her pussy covering the fake cock placed at the openening.

“Now my slut” he tells her. “You are to lower yourself onto that cock and ride it like its the last cock you will ever ride”.  “You will fuck it as long as I desire. Till I tell you to stop. Now take it for Me!”
She lowers herself onto it. Taking it in. The rush of his command, being blindfolded, cuffed , completely under his control, overtakes her, she begins to fuck the toy. Up and down. Riding it like a bitch in heat. Moaning, fucking, loosing control, she takes every inch of that toy deep in her and grinds, then moves up and down. Fucking that toy for him. “That’s it my slut, thats my girl. Fuck that cock for me.” He takes his cock out and strokes as he watches her. Watches her take that big toy. his slut plugged and hungry. Moaning, and groaning, panting, she begins to beg. “Oh please, oh my god, i need to cum, please let me cum”  “Not yet” he tells her as he rubs his cock over her blindfolded face.  He strokes in front of her. Makes her taste his precum as it oozes form the tip. “Fuck that cock for me slut”.  “fuck that cock and suck me.  She fucks, sucks, and moans. Doing as she is told. Like the whore she is. His. Fuck. she loves it. Can’;t take much more. suddenly, she hears “cum on her face” and another voice, “yeah, cum on her face”.  Blood rushing thru her, who/what/when, othes are here? omg she looses control, sinking down on that cock up and down, faster, “oh yea, look at her” , the voices encouraging her on, then he pulls his cock from her, as she moans, as she fucks that toy like a good whore, he tells her, “Cum for me” as his first blast of semen hits her face she lets out a loud cry, sinks down on that cock and cums hard, his cum covers her face as she shakes in orgasm, convulsing, collapsing on the ground. her breathing quick, panting, moaning.  She hears clapping, another strange voice.  “allright, man that was hot”.

Footsteps, the door opens, closes, the cuffs removed, the blindfold removed. “thats my girl” “next time ask permission.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 11, 2008.

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