Licks and Bites

Licks and bites and more

Her legs were bare, revealing the sexy smoothness up to her short skirt. Standing before him. Looking up. His mouth lowers to hers. Their lips touch. Mouths part. A slight breath, tongues touch, heart races, blood rushes. Her arms around him, kissing him, deeper. She pushes him back, sitting on the couch, climbs on top of him and kisses him more. His lips. His eyes. His nose. Runs her fingers through his hair and kisses his forehead. She moves on him. Sexy, naughtily moving those hips on him. Feeling him grow under her. She kisses his neck Her tongue glides alone his skin. Tasting. Wanting more.

Her mouth slowly works along his neck, sending shivers through him. Making him hard. She moves up to his ear, her tongue teasing. Her scent so close, filling him with desire. She whispers in his ear.. “I want to bite you”. Without an answer her teeth graze his skin, her mouth opens and closes, sinking into his flesh, firmly. The sharp pain makes him grab her hips firm and grip her ass tight as she continues. A moan escapes his lips as she grinds on him.

MMMMMMM… she moans as she breaks that first bite.. Leaving her mark on him. Her lips trail down his neck, she grabs his tshirt and pulls it off. Slipping hers off as well, revealing her sexy body and nice breasts, hard nipples. Her hands run over his chest. She kisses his shoulder, then, another bite, harder than the first. Sending that shock, that rush thru him. Makes his cock strain thru his pants. She is hungry now. Wanting more. Moves to his chest, sucks his nipple, grinds her hips on his hard cock and bites his nipple hard. A load moan escapes his mouth. She bites harder, sucking, biting, he grabs her ass and dry humps her. Needing that cock released.

She climbs off him now, grabs and undoes his pants, pulls them to his ankles. Next her mouth is on her right nipple, sucking and nibbling. Her hand reaches in his boxer briefs and pulls his hard cock out. She squeezes, strokes his cock as she bites down on his nipple. Her mouth sucking and biting his flesh. Sinking her teeth in more, His cock throbbing, hearing his pain and feeling his pleasure she bites harder, breaking the skin, making him bleed. Her tongue hungrily laps it up, tasting a bit of his blood. His cock swelling as she pumps and bites his chest. She strokes and grabs that cock harder as she moves down his body. Biting his sides, his thighs, she spread his legs. His cock in her hand, her tongue running along his thighs, over his balls to the other thigh. Her hand gripping the base of his engorged cock, his balls straining, she bites near his crocth, he winces and moans, She takes his fat cock head in her mouth, wetting it, then pumping it with her hand, up and down. Spread his legs wide she continues to pump him, lowers her mouth, takes the head back in, runs her teeth down his shaft. Taking him inch by inch. Bringing him close, but no, not yet..

She stands, removes her clothes and lays down. She grabs her dildo and begins to fuck herself as she tells him to come to her. To suck her clit like a good boy. He moves to her, blood trickles from his chest, his cock hard and needing, his body marked by her. Her lowers his mouth between her legs, kisses her there, licks her clit, takes the dildo and begins to work it in and out of her. To please her. Fucking her and sucking her. For her. His mouth working fast, sucking that swollen clit. Her moans fill the room. “My ass!” she moans. He lifts her legs a bit and spread those cheeks. So wet with her juices, his tongue begins to work. Pushing in, licking, tasting, pleasing. He tongues fucks that asshole as instructed. Takes the dildo out of her pussy and pushes it in. Deep. Her moans fill the room. “Suck my clit like a good boy” she commands. And he obliges. His face buried in her. The bite marks throbbing all over him, her hand in his hair sucking on her clit. Giving her pleasure. Licking, feeling her grind on his mouth. Clamping her legs around his head she cums with a loud moan and shudder. Pulling his face into her cunt. Locking her there in her legs. Making her taste all her juices.

“Good boy” she declares, “Now stand and stroke that cock for me.” She reaches to the side table and produces sever clothespins. “Stroke that cock for me” she orders. His hard cock in his hand, stroking, she takes a clothespin and affixes it to his left nipple, then one to his right nipple. As he strokes for her she puts two more on his balls and on on the underside of his shaft near the fat head. His cock straining now hand pumping. Admiring her work, seeing the desire in his eyes. The marks on his body. She lays down and begins to play with herself. Making him watch.

She is fucking herself good and enjoying another orgasm. She is looking at him. He is stroking, watching, and wanting. “Cum for me” she demands through her moans. “Pump that cock and shoot that cum all over me, NOW!” Her command is his wish and with a thank you and loud moan, he pumps his cock till is shoots a thick stream onto her chest and stomach. One, two, three , oh god, four thick streams land on her naked body. Falling to his knees next to her. She scoops one up in her hand, smears it across his lips, making him taste himself. “You like that don’t you?” She grabs his head and pushes it down on her, “then clean up after yourself like a good boy.” He licks the cum from her flesh, obeying. Wanting. Needing to please her. To do as she wants. Every desire.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 17, 2008.

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