Your Punishment

Your Punishment

To Begin your Punishment

Your hands above your head, you are naked, fastened to the hook overhead.  Your feet barely touching the floor, stretched, exposed. Naughty girl. You need to be punished. Looking in your eyes. How many others don’t even dare. Deep into you. Knowing it is what you need. Seeing it. My hand trails down your backside sending a shiver thru you. My voice, my breath, my words begin to fill your head. The first smacks of my hand are just to warm you. Five, ten, twenty. Red and warm now.  Now you are ready to receive your punishment. The clamps are fastened to your nippples, your little moans of pain escape your mouth as they tighten down. your beauty coming forth. I take the crop and explore your body. Tracing your flesh. A quick flick here and there to show you what is to come. Up your body, over your lips, looking in your eyes, down your side, your thigh, up your ankle, spreading your legs, a quick flick against those lips, stinging you.

Just the beginning my dear.  You have been so very naughty.

I trace the crop along your sweet hips, over your curved ass, reddened by my hand. The crop comes down without mercy. Firm. Solid. Striking hard. Once, (a sudden shrill escapes you) twice, three times (gasping) on the right cheek, then three on the left. Marking. Stinging. Hurting. Your pain, my pleasure. Making you ache. Tears begin to form. More deliberate. Slowly. Three more on each. Your moans and cries beginning to raise. You feel your clit throb. Your lips part. Dripping. Wanting. Thinking what a naughty girl you have been. Hard strikes upon your upper thighs. Straining, your arms pulling you up off your feet to take the pain and pleasure. The assault on your ass continues naughty girl. My voice overwhelming your screams. My words in your head. Naughty girl. You will pay for your disobedience. For your betrayal. Naughty sluts need to be taught a lesson.

You feel the cold blade on your back. Your voice cracks, you gasp. The sharp edge of the knife tracing down, slowly. Fearful to move, each breath you take seems to make you feel the blade more. Each time the blade brushes over the marks of the crop a burning sensation shoots thru you. You feel it pressed against your flesh  scrapping your skin, down your back, over your ass, down your thighs. OMG the fresh skin exposed, shaving your flesh. The cold steel on the inside of your thigh.  The sharp point there. Right there, inches from your pussy. your body jerks and the knife pokes you, drawing blood from your inner thigh, the pain shoots thru you. Blood runs down your thigh, his tongue catches it, licks it up and over your fresh wound. Tasting your blood as he holds the knife to you.  Cleaning your wound. The blood just a slight trickle. The tip of the knife lightly touches your cunt. Looking at you. Naughty girl. Dropping the knife, clanging on the floor.

The ball gag is inserted. Tied behind your neck. Tight in your mouth. Helpless. His. The marks on your body  show who you belong to. Where you belong. The moistness of your cunt confirms it. Your want and need for more is why.  With blood trickling from yoru thigh, the ball gag in, clamps on your nipples, welts rising, you feel the dildo pushed into your ass. Your feel him fuck you with it. Over and over and over. Working your ass. He pushes it deep into you and retreives a large vibe and presses it to your pussy. Holding it there. your ass filled, your body raw, shaking, quivering, cumming. Over and over. Moaning, Shaking. Gushing. Crying. Breaking. HIS.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 17, 2008.

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