Good slave

A Good slave

Mary is a complicated woman. In a relationship, she craves even more. It is HIS fault. She has known him longer than her current boyfriend. Her bf has been all any woman could want, practically the man of her dreams and is man any woman would die for, how he fucks her, makes her feel, but still, she finds herself always drifting, thinking, wanting, HIM. He made her the slut she has become. He started it all. His voice, his command, his presence. It intoxicates her. She is with her bf because of Him. He is her Master. She knows this. It is understood. Though they live separate lives, she knows who made who what she is, who exposed her, he makes her do such naughty things. She is His whore. His slut. His slave. They talk all the time but only seen each other once. His words tease her, arouse her, push her. She is lost. Just the simple thought of Him makes her wet. Why, she cannot explain, it is so deep, so in her now, that no one would understand.

Laying there laying there after being ravaged by her bf her thoughts drift to Him. Her pussy sore form her boyfriends use, she begins to rub it as he showers, and thinks of HIM. Picking up the phone, dialing her Master’s number, telling him she was just fucked, and thinking of Him. Telling her Master that her bf was in the shower and how she need Him. Confesses what a slut she was. “Master, I was such a slut, he made me suck his cock and then ride him. He nearly came in me Master. “ Silence on the other end scares her. “Master, I’m sorry, please.” She stammers. “You naughty slut” his voice booms on the other end. “Confess” he commands. She does, telling him hoow she was thiking of Him , when she was being fucked, how she nearly cried out his name, how she was touching herself. Her Master telling her what a slut she is. How naughty she is, stroking his cock as she tells him. As soon as He speaks, she cums fucking herself as her bf is in the shower. And still she wants more. She begs her Master to come over as she fucks herself until she hears the shower stop.

She dozes off just as her bf leaves the apartment, about an hour later she wakes, floating from her night and morning with her boyfriend, and her additional orgasms on the phone. Walks to the bathroom in just her panties, turns the water on and as she turns, HE is there. Pressing to her, grabbing hold of her, her pussy begins to drip, her nipples hard, his cock against her. Grabbing her firm, pushing her against the counter feeling her tits and ass. Mary pushes back, a bit scared, and yet not really surprised at all, having invited Him. Mary tells him to please take it easy , let her shower. He obliges and leaves the bathroom.

Exiting the shower, putting on a small towel just barely covering her tits and pussy Mary walks into her bedroom. Startled, she drops the towel and sees him on her bed, under the sheet, obviously aroused. Mary, shocked, aroused, asks what he is doing there. He pulls the towel down, revealing his thick, hard cock, the fat mushroomed head oozing precum. His strokes lubing his shaft. Hard. Ready. He calls her to bed. Commands her to get on top and that cock.

Mary walks to him, wet hair sticking to her back and tits, climbs on the bed, her nipples erect. Her pussy wet. Her body trembles. Crawling on top. Tits hanging. Getting closer to his dick. She mores close, wanting that cock. “Ride me” he commands. She can’t help herself, reaching out grabbing his cock in her hand she takes it in her mouth. Sucking hungrily. She grabs the base and slowly sucks, she feels his hand in her hair, pulling off his cock she looks up at him. He slaps her face, yanks her hair, “I said ride me bitch!” He pulls her up to him. Grabs her waist, she struggles, gripping her hair, looks in her eyes. “Now ride me like the little slut you are” Whimpering, moaning, she climbs on top. She swings her leg over him, grabs his cock, and slips it in her, taking HIM. Taking him deep. Filling her cunt. Moaning loud. He slaps her ass as she rides. “That’s it my slut. Ride my cock”. Spanking her, grabbing her hips, making her ride him hard. Leaning up he takes her breast in his mouth, sucking, nibbling, biting, sending her over the edge. Making her gush on his cock. He sucks and bites the other nipples. Making her moan, making her clamp down on his cock, grind her pussy on him. He pushes her off. Nearly throwing her off. Gets up, stroking his throbbing cock, grabs her by the hair, slaps her face again and tells her “When I tell you to do somehitng you do it slave. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir” she answer. He pushes his cock to her mouth. “Such that cock slut” he fills her mouth. Holding her face, fucking her throat. Her mouth full of his cock. “You are my cocksucking slut. You are my slave. You will obey.” Pulling his cock out of her mouth, “Ru b your pussy for me slut” he orders. Fingers slide down to her wet pussy, slip past those lips and in. Moaning. “Tell me who you are” he commands. He slaps her face with his thick cock. “Tell me”. “I’m your slave” she moans. “Louder, tell the world” he slaps her face again with his cock. “I’m your slave” she screams and moans. “Oh god, I’m your slave” she cries. He shoves that cock in and out of her mouth. “Tell me!’ he demands. Fingers in her , fucking herself, being used, like she needs, “I’m your slave” she moans. He pushes his cock deep in her throat as she fucks herself. Holds her down on him. “Take it” he tells her. She sucks. He cums. Pumping in her mouth, She swallows, tries to take it all, some slips from her lips, she licks it up like a good girl. Pleasing her Master.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Good slave”

  1. I love how he has her repeat that phrase… I’m your slave… over and over. That level of control and passion is a sexy read.


  2. Hi, i like your blog. Great Sugasm!!! – If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs. Let me know!


  3. […] Good slave […]

  4. Very nice!!

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