Master and slave last night

Master and slave last night

Master was up late. Relaxing from his long day. His slave lay sleeping in the bedroom. Sitting, watching porn, stroking his cock, becoming very aroused. Beginning to want. Enjoying the scenes on the screen. Legs spread, hard cock plunging into bare pussy, tits, sucking, fucking, licking. His hand on his cock, watching, enjoying. Precum forming at the tip. Master wants.

He gets up, cock hard, walks to the bedroom. See’s her sleeping on the bed, under the covers on the cool night. Master sits down in bed, looking at his slave. Pulls the covers back to expose and admire her sweet body. On her side, her ass to him. Her ample breasts exposed, her taut legs. Looking at her he begins to stroke that cock more. Wanting. Reaching out he caresses her thigh, up her curve of her hip. Along the panties edge. Mmmm cock in one hand, other on her ass. Rubbing her ass as she sleeps. His hand runs over her panties, down the back, between her legs a bit and rubs her thru the thin material. Slave stirs, moans a bit in her sleep, Master’s fingers work under the seam of those panties. Feeling her from behind, feeling her wetness. A finger slips into her, and he rubs her clit. Waking she moans.

Pulling his fingers from her, Master slips her panties off and spreads her legs open. Hands on her thighs, looking down upon her. He pushes his fingers back in her, making her arch her back and moan. One finger, two fingers, she is now moving her hips slowly. Master lowers his mouth to her, kissing the inside of her thigh, running his tongue closer to her. “Please” she moans. Master kisses her smooth thigh. “Please lick me” she pleads. Fingers moving in and out of her. Master’s tongue glides up her thigh. “Pleaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” she moans as Master’s tongue slips over her clit. Flicking, circling, jabbing. Pressing his mouth to her, sucking on her pussy, fingers buried in her. The room fills with her moans. Master’s tongue works her sweet flower. Fingers and tongue fight to be inside her. Spreading her open, licking up and down her wet slit. Pushing fingers in and out of her. Finger fucking her, mouth back on her clit. “Oh Master” she moans. “Oh god, Master, you are going to make me cum!” Pressing to her firm, mouth on her, tongue in her, flicking, circling she grinds her mound on his mouth. Hand in his hair now, moaning, breathing quick, needing that release. Master’s mouth on her, he bites her clit gently, then firmer, sucking on it between his teeth, sending shivers and waves through her. She cannot keep control any longer. A long low moan turns to a wail as she clamps her thighs around her Master’s head and pulls him to her, into her, her wet pussy, gushing, cumming, shaking, moaning. “Oh god, yesssssssssssssssssss, oh my god, Master’s , ooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” she cries as her body trembles in orgasm. Master sucking on her lips draining her of those juices.

He moves up her body, kissing, caress, holding her, kisses her on the lips feels her hungry tongue lap at her juices. Rolls on top of her Master, crawls down his body, grabs that cock in her hand. “Your turn Sir” she says “May I?” she asks, looking up at him. Master nods. She lowers her mouth to him. Taking that fat head past her lips, popping it in and out. Kissing it, licking it, savoring its flavor. Tasting his precum. Lubing his cock with her mouth. Taking him deeper, feeling his hardness. Holding the base of his cock she begins to suck him harder, faster, taking more. Working up a good rhythm. Master enjoying seeing his cock disappear in his slave’s mouth. “That’s it baby” he tells her. “Suck that cock” , “show me how much you love to suck that cock”. His words intoxicate her. His hand in her hair. She sucks hard and faster, working on that hard dick. Taking it out of her mouth, stroking it, looking up at her Master. Wanton eyes, staring at Master, at Master’s cock, sucking more, stroking, “You want that cock in you slave?” Master asks. The look of pure lust over her face, looking up at him. A soft moan escapes her lips “Please Master.” She responds.

Master sits up, looks at his slave, she lays down on her back, spreads her legs for him like a good girl. Stroking his cock, looking down upon her. “Play with yourself slave.” “Rub that pussy for me” he tells her. Caressing her thighs as she starts to play with her pussy. Master rubbing his cock, rubbing her thighs, watching her face, her pussy, his naughty slut. “Tell me you want this cock slave” he commands. “Oh Master, I want your cock, I need your cock in me, please, look how wet I am for you”. “Naughty girl, craving this cock.” Master slaps the inside of her right thigh, sending a jolt thru her. Another slap on her left thigh, then another, back and forther, her fingers working her pussy as Master spanks her thighs. Master grabs her pussy, cups it in his hand. “This is mine! ” he tells her. “fuck me please” she moans. Master spreads her wide, her thighs red from his hands, his cock hard, pressed to her. Master lowers himself on her, pushing the head past those swollen lips. Looking down on her. Filling her with his cock. Inch by inch. Slowly, making her take more. Making her take it all. Holding it there. Looking down upon his slave. “Ready?” he asks.

“Yes” she replies. With that Master lifts her legs in the air, pushes them back toward her, her ass up, his cock buriend in her. He begins to fuck her. Firm and deep. His cock deep in her. Her legs all the way back against her, his weight on her, on top of her. Controlling her. Fucking her. Hard and deep. Pulling nearly all the way out then sinking that thick long cock deep in her. Making her moan. Fucking her harder. Faster. Pounding her , his balls slap against her ass, his cock assaulting that tight pussy. Master slaps her ass as he fills her cunt with cock. Spanking her , fucking her, making her take him. The harder he pounds the louder she moans. Grabbing her thighs, holding her down, fucking her hard, moaning, ready, to explode in her slaves pussy. Looking down on her. “do you want it slave? Do you want Master’s cum in you?” she moans, “yessss” .. “Tell me, beg for my cum in your pussy, beg for Masters sperm!” “Oh please” she moans. “Please, please fill me with your cum.” “Tell me” he demands.” “Oh please Master, I need it in me”. Master thrusts a few more times, rubbing her clit, and pushing deep. A serieds fo rapid thrusts sends her over the edge, moaning, squeezing his cock in her tight pussy. Pushing Master to the edge, “Slave” he calls out, “take it all!”. And with that he pushes as far as he can, deep inside of her, on top of her, unloads his balls in her. Cumming hard, deep, pumping, once, twice, three times in her, twitching, her pussy milking more, holding him in. on top of her, her Master’s cumming in her. Collapsing on top of her, Master kisses his slave. Still twitching in her, one last drop pumps in her as they kiss. Master and slave.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Master and slave last night”

  1. Oh the joys of being Master’s obedient slave!

  2. This is my state of mind. I am so submissive inside me but no one knows.

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