Meeting at the bar

Master was excited as he left his house and drove to the bar at the edge of the city. He was venturing off to meet his new pet for the first time. Master wore black jeans, and a white shirt, standing tall, and lean, sexy with an air of confidence. Feeling good about meeting the sexy slave he has been seducing for months and has now brought under his control. The intensity of their online training increasing with each day, her learning to obey, to surrender. She has become his, excited at his words, his commands, the very thought of him making her wet. Now it was time to take the next step. To serve and please her Master in person. She thought it best to meet in a public place, but still one that was “fun”. She pleaded with Master to meet her with him. Of course Master obliged.

They decided to meet at a karaoke bar. Slave had told Master how she loves to sing, and wanted to perform for him. Master arrived at the bar and quickly grabbed a drink and looked for his pet. He didn’t have to wait too long. As he looked to the small stage he saw her. She was dressed to kill. A short halter dress, which showed her breast perfectly, no bra was apparent, fishnet stockings, and boots. She took the microphone in her hand , ran her tongue slowly up the shaft and kissed the head. Then.. the music started..her performance began:

(Spoken) Come over here!

Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind,
I’ll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind.
Treat me like I’m a bad girl, even when I’m being good to you,
I don’t want you to thank me, you can just spank me. Mmm.

Seductively, she sang the Madonna song, spotting Master at the bar immediately. Looking at him, winking at him. Staring directly at him as she sang the words and put her hands behind her head.

“Tie my hands behind my back and, ooo, I’m in ecstasy.”

Master felt his cock throb. Staring back at her. Wanting. Master knew what he wanted.

Seeing Master stare at her like that made her wet as she finished the song. Shaking her body, moving for him, to arouse and please him. She long for this moment. She put the microphone down and danced off the stage straigt to her Master. Leans up to Master and kisses him. Feels his lips on her. Feels him grab hold of her, kiss her back, deep. Make her weak. His hands grab her, hold her, pull her close to him. His mouth travels from her lips to her neck. He kisses her neck, grazes his teeth over her flesh, then whispers in her eary. “You are a naughty girl” he tells her. “You have me hard already, what are you going to do about that?”. She melts into him, reaching down and feeling him right there at the bar. His cock hard. She looks up at him, pounts her lips, and smiles. Master looks down at her. “I want you to please me with that sexy mouth now!” he tells her and takes her hand and leads her out the back door to the alley.

Outside in the alley Master grabs his tart, pins her against the wall, lips collide with built up lust and desire. Passion flows. Master’s arms wrap around his new slave, pulling her close and pressing hard against her. Taking her hair in his other hand and pulling hre head back. Kissing her neck, ravaging it. His lips and tongue and teeth grazing her sexy neck making her tremble. Master bites her, sinks his teeth into the flesh of her neck, right where it meets the shoulder, marking her, the pain and pressure sending waves of pleasure thru her. Making her nipples stand up, making her clit throb, making her gush. Weak, Master holds her as she trembles, looking up at him. Master looks at her, “we came out her for you to please me slave” and pushes her to her knees, pulls his hard cock out and shoves it into her mouth. Grabbing her by the hair, fucking her mouth, making her gag on his hard cock as it pushes deep in her throat. Like a good slave, she sucks harder, taking what Master gives her. She is soon rewarded as Master grabs her face with both hands, looks down upon her, and blesses her with his seed. Pushing deep her her mouth Master cums and his hungry slave savors every drop. Swallowing all Master gives as he empties his balls in her throat. That warm semen filling her. Master’s seed in her. She cannot believe it is true. Master takes her hand and pulls her up to him. Kisses her and tastes the last drop of his cum on her lips. “Nice to meet you slave” he says. The turn to walk back into the bar, Master slaps his slaves ass. “Now sing another song for me slave”.

The walk back into the bar together, the beginning of a very interesting night.

~ by darksideofthemind on July 11, 2008.

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  1. Like your writings. I really enjoy reasing them.

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