First Encounter: an unlikely meeting

Though very professionally dressed, she walks into the office and every man’s, hell, every man and woman’s eyes turn to watch her. The men see the professionally dressed woman and soon drift to dominatrix fantasies, the women stare in a sort of jealousy.

There to meet a new client, the last appointment of the day, thank god, dressed in black cuffed crop slacks, white tank top under a white collard button down shirt, sleeves folded above her elbow. Red leather Loafers with white stitching. A simple chain and pendent around her neck, fendi watch, diamond solitaire princess cut in platinum setting. Toting a tan and red Gucci purse, and black string panties. Very simple, professional and unsuspecting. She speaks to the receptionist and soon is led to the Manager’s office.

She takes a seat and is told that Mr. Michaels will be with her in a moment. She sits and waits, gathering her things, and preparing. Her thoughts turning to her new found muse. As she moves her nipples brush the undershirt and harden instantly. She’s been throbbing all day, for Him, uncontrollably. Focus she says to herself, one more meeting, then home. Home to see if he is online. If he has any instrutions for her. She is consumed by him. She hasn’t had an orgasm in over a week and its beginning to make her ache. Her pussy throbs with need, she couldn’t wait to finish this last meeting and head home to see if He had written. He consumes her so now. Maybe he will allow her to touch herself for him. Or guide her. How she needed that. So bad. God, how could she feel this way about someone she’s never seen, met, never even heard his voice.

Mr. Michaels walks in and she is immediately impressed, not her usual client. No, this was no balding, overweight middle-aged client that she was used to. Here stood this dark haired, medium built, tall, gorgeous man in front of her. That ache in her pussy just got worse. She stands and they shake hands, “what strong, large hands he has” she thinks, and sit to begin the meeting.

A bit of sexual tension is present as they conduct their business. This is not unusual for her to experience, but she finds herself flirting back a bit, perhaps just her heightened state of her sexual arousal. She knows she would be punished if HE found out, and she knows he will ask. These thoughts just make her wet. As their meeting is about to conclude, Mr. Michaels’ secretary knocks and informs him that she is leaving for the day.

As she finishes her presentation, gathering her things she, she checks her Blackberry for any new messages. A slight smile comes over her face as she sees he had written. Oh, and a picture message at that! She opens the note and there are his words. Telling her she is his, she opens the attachment, and can’t believe what she sees.

“Master is pleased to meet you in the flesh.” Mr. Michaels says. A look shock and excitement comes over her face. Extending his large hand to her. Taking hers, gently, caringly, his eyes in hers as she looks up. “Yes” he says. Her eyes going from Mr. Michaels to the screen again. It was HIM. Shaking, unable to speak, she looks up at him. He takes her hand and pulls her to him, close, looking in her eyes the whole time. He kisses her lips, softly at first, then with great passion and desire. Firm, deep, taking her breath away. Making her weak. His arm around her hip, pulling her to him. A hand moves up her back, up to her neck, her hair, pulling it back as his mouth travels along her chin. Her neck. His teeth running along her flesh, gripping her hair. Taking her earlobe in his mouth, biting it, whispering in her ear. “Mine”. The one word makes her so weak. Her knees buckle. She cannot believe he is him. He is here.

His hand reaches into her slacks, down between her legs to feel her heat. Her pussy is bare and dripping. Her nipples standing at attention. Her eyes full of lust. He fingers her clit and pushing one, then two , in her. She moans as her Master fucks her cunt. As he does what he wants. Oh god, she didn’t expect this. Bringing her close, his mouth and teeth on her neck, about to make her cum. Then, he stops. Pulls his hand out and pushes it in her mouth, making her taste herself. Taste your juices he tells her. Taste that sweet nectar. She licks them for him. Tasting her self, sucking his fingers like she wants to suck his cock. Holding his hand, looking in his eyes, lustful, wanton, sucking each finger deep like a good slut. Wanting this moment so bad.

Looking at him, awaiting his command, putty in his hands. He looks at her, turns and takes the metal ruler off of the desk. Turning back around he tells her “Naughty girls get spanked”. “Drop your pants and grab the desk slut”. Filled with desire she does what she is told. Undoing her slacks, letting them drop to the floor, grabbing the edge of the desk, sticking her ass out. How she longed for this. “Good girl” he tells her as he runs the ruler down her back. The cold metal sending a chill through her. He drags the sharp edge down her back, making a trail, up and down, then down over her backside. He pulls a pocketknife from his trousers and flips the blade open. Trailing it along her thigh to her paintes. In a quick move her panties are cut off and fall to the floor. The little sharp knife put back for now. Her ass bare, slacks around her ankles, in her heels, doing as she is told.

He picks up her panties and stuffs them in her mouth, undoes his tie and ties it around her mouth securing the ga, to muffle her moans and groans. The ruler comes down firm on her backside. The edges biting into her flesh. Doesn’t take too hard a swat to produce a mark and a response. She winces at the first few, grunting in the gag, The nice red marks showing on her white flesh. Again and again, she takes her punishment. “Naughty little slut. I WILL BREAK YOU my dear” he tells her. “I will teach you to stop wanting and start serving!” Another smack on her ass sends the pain through her body. Making her pussy throb, making her clit ache. Making her body tremble and her mind race. How she needs this. How she needs to be broken. Needs to surrender.

“Naughty girls get spanked, punished, and you are a naughty slut. Teasing me with your words, your pictures, thinking you can hide behind the computer. Oh naughty whore. I know what you need. I know what you want!” The punishment continued. He unbuttoned her top, took it off, removed her bra, her nipples so hard, standing at attention. Her ass on fire, the metal edge of the ruler had done a number on her backside. She could feel the sitng, the burn, feel how wet it made her. Her juices running down her leg. Now fully exposed, she felt intoxicated, at ease, where she belonged.

Her Master now stood before her, cock in his hand, hard, stroking. He put down the ruler, admiring his work, running his hand over her red flesh. Each time making her wince a bit, each time making her clit twitch. He slapped that ass with his bare hand a few times then went to his desk. Opened a drawer and produced 3 black binder clips. “Lets see what we can do with these” he says. “kneel slave!” he tells her. And she drops to her knees. Head down. Waiting. He removes her shirt completely, takes her arms and uses her shirt to tie them behind her. He takes the binder clips and shows them to her. Placing one on her right nipple he watches as she winces in pain, looking at him. Lustfully. “You like that don’t you whore?” he asks. She nods, and moans thru the gag. “Do you want the other one one slave?” The look of lust in her eyes as she nods. Knowing the pain it will bring, wanting to please her Master. “Yes please Master.” She answers, muffled. He affixes the second clip to her nipple. She winces and moans, Taking it. Feeling it rock her. Making her body tremble with desire. Master reaches down between her legs and feels her wetness. Rubs her clit driving her wild. Moving her hips, trying to get Master to finger fuck her at least. He pinches her cunt lips, tighter, pulls them and fastens the 3rd clip to her cunt. The pain shooting through her. Making her scream into the gag, making her shake. He body intoxicated by the pain and pleasure. Floating. Master undoes the gag and pulls the panties from ther mouth. She gasps, moans and groans. “Pleeaaaaaaaaaaaase” she says. Master strokes his cock, watching her. Grabs her by the head, and shoves his cock into her mouth. Forcing her to take every inch. The thick head banging the back of her throat. Fucking her mouth. Taking what Master wants.

Who would believe that this “professional woman” was now down on her knees, clamped a nd sucking cock in her clients office. Like the whore she is. Master pulls his cock out and slaps her face with it, then shoves it back in. He uses her mouth for his pleasure. Pumping, holding her down on it, making her gag, making her suck, lick, making her beg for that load. Master pulls back and strokes in front of her.

“Tell me who you are” he says. “Im your slave “ she answers. Watching him stroke. “Yes you are slut. You are MY slave. MY whore. You will be trained. You will learn to be the best whore anyone could want. You will learn to obey. You will learn to serve. ME. I am your Master. Now take my seed!”

With that he pumps his hard cock looking down upon her. Popping it in and out of her mouth, then, with a moan and a hard stroke of two, he cums, hard. The thick, warm semen hits her face, christening her, marking her. He unloads on her face.”Thanks you Master” she says. Milking that cock for every drop, making her take it all. Every drop. On her. Her face, her breasts. Covered in his cum.

Satisfied, Master lets her suck the last drop from his cock. He unties her arms, carefully removes the clamps, sucking each nipple as he removes them, his tongue swirling. Then her cunt, as he touches the clip there, she cums, uncontrollably, releasing all that build up, a gush of juice, she collapses in his arms. Holding her. Caressing her. “that’s my girl” he tells her. “Master is pleased, and this is just the beginning.”

~ by darksideofthemind on July 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “First Encounter: an unlikely meeting”

  1. this is really good writing, its very detailed. peace

  2. I am speechless, and so very aroused at this moment.

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