Country Bar

Travelling north, up to a small town in the country, this small town , like so many others on the road, secluded in the woods, a bar called the Bill’s, a small hole in the wall, lots of locals, in the back a pool table, a jukebox, some tables to sit at. Here to meet her, an old friend, been so long. Grab a beer and sit back and wait. She walks into the bar, feeling especially sexy, waiting for this moment for a long time. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt, a red silk spaghetti strap top, low cut exposing her chest, a black lace bra, a gstring purchased especially for him, the back of the gstring has A line of colored gems that slide between her ass cheeks. no stockings, bare tan legs, black pumps and a black fringed leather jacket. Silver hoop earrings, and her hair high and wild.

She walks in, comes up behind him and puts her arm around his neck and leans into him. Feeling her warmth against him. He turns and opens his legs and pulls her to him. Briefly looking in each others eyes, then they kiss soflty at first. Their lips touching, slowly, his arms around her, they break the kiss and head to a booth.

Sitting across from each other they begin to catch up. Soon she slips off her pump and slides that foot up along his leg. Making him stir. Making him smile big. Feeling her foot move up his leg, he smiles and asks “so how far are her willing to go?”

“All the way” she responds as her leg moves between his legs.

She proceeds to rub her foot on her crotch and describe the panties she is wearing to him. His cock swelling. He wants to see them, smell her on them, take them. She reaches down between her legs and slides off the gstring and slides them down her legs, takes them in her hand. Looking at him from across the table, now having attention from several people wondering what we are up too. She drops them on the table in front of

Him. Staring for a moment, he picks them up smells them, breathing in the sweet smell of her want. He puts them in his pocket as her foot has found its way back to his crotch, to his hard cock, rubbing it through his pants.

Finishing his drink quickly, he excuses himself for the restroom and she follows shortly after. Once in the restroom the both scramble into the stall. He grabs her, hikes her skirt up and slides down between her legs. His lips find her pussy, his tongue pushes in. She feels his hot tongue work inside fo her, diving deep. Licking, biting, his hand reaches under her shirt and plays with her breast and nipples, pinching them, she moans, as his tongue glides over her clit she can’t stand it. “Oh god, fuck me please” she moans. “Please take me, now”.

He moves up her body, kisses her deep, looks in her eyes. “You want to be fucked, do you?” He pulls his hard cock out, presses to her, turns her around and pushes his cock into that tight, wet pussy. He starts to slide his cock in and out of her. Forceful, filling her, giving her what she needs. He starts pumping that pussy. biting her neck, his warm breath on her. Pressing in her, thrusting his cock deep. Whispering in her ear what a naughty slut she is. How good his cock feels buried in her pussy.

He is pumping my pussy hard, she is straddling the toilet and the wall, your sucking and biting her nipples, grabbing her ass, squeezing it and holding her on his cock while they rock up and down, deeper and deeper, harder and harder. mmmmmm, but thats not good enough for him, his mouth finds its way to her neck, biting softly at first but then harder, thrusting harder he bites her neck, sinking his teeth in her flesh. She lets out a moan .. mmmmm, its making her wild and wet. She is groaning with desire, wanting him, wanting to feel him all over wanting him inside her deep, part of her, forever. Her mind realing, her body trembling. All thoughts of him, to please him, whatever the fuck her wants. He is what she has been waiting form so nasty, knowing what she wants, taking her now, how he wants, using her, abusing her, do what feels good. She moans, “fuck me, oh god, fuck me, don’t stop”

His hands around her, cupping her tits, playing with her nipples. pinching them. “You like this cock in you baby?” he asks. “ Like me fucking it.” pinching her nipples harder. “say it then, tell me” He thrust into her again. “Tell me slut, tell me you like fucking this cock”. Wanting her to see herself being fucked like this, he pull out of her, leads her to the sink, tells her to grab that sink and look in the mirror. HE hikes that skirt up and grabs her hips. Thrusting into her tight pussy from behind. fucking her. grabbing her ass.. “look at yourself” he tells her. ..” look at what a slut you are for me.. how nasty you are” Such a slut.being fucked in the bar bathroom, anyone could walk in and see her.. take his cock, take it hard.. feeling him in her..lost in lust. He is slappping her ass now. firm, turning it red, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy… dripping, spreading her ass cheeks apart.. looking at that tight asshole. Probing it with his fingers.. Loosening it up… He pulls his cock from her dripping pussy. Spreads her ass open and press the head against her. look in the mirror.. see herself.. see me ready to fuck her ass in this bathroom.. her screams will certainly be heard.. I push the fat head into her, take it I tell her.. deeper, push back on his cock.. “tell me you love his cock in your ass”, “tell me, slut. say it fucking outloud slut.” I push deeper, deeper, thrusting into her ass. grabbing her hips, fucking her ass now.. his ass, his whore. fuck . feel his cock in her ass, feel him reach around and rub that throbbing clit. feel him take her ass right there , feel him take her. fuck her .. moan slut.. cum for me. Feeling that cock deep in that ass. He grabs her hips, thrust deep, she moans loud, squeezes his cock in her tithg ass and feels him pump, unload, unleash that stream of hot cum deep within her. Filling her. Taking her. His slut. His whore. His ASSWHORE!

With cum dripping from her ass, and down her bare leg, the walk out of the bathroom together. Many eyes on them, drop a $20 on the bar for the drinks and head out. She feeling like the luckiest girl on earth. He looking like the cat who caught the canary. They hop in her car and drive off to her place for a weekend of lust, desire, and passion.

~ by darksideofthemind on August 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Country Bar”

  1. Hello,

    This is August over at We love your blog, and we have linked to your content on our site. We’d like tell you more about our story. Please follow this link to a letter sharing our strategy behind the BuzzNoir brand. We welcome your comments, advice and pearls of wisdom. Thank you!

  2. Some of this is hot, some of it is outside of my sexual taste. Still, my birthday is coming up. Maybe you’d like to spank me 27 times. -jane

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