A slave’s visit

A slave comes to visit (part 1)

Master was waiting at home. His slave on her way. It had been a few days and Master was restless, horny, wanting. He sat watching some port, waiting, stroking his cock, feeling his blood rush, preparing for his slave’s return. He had laid the toys out, the crop, the cuffs, going over in his mind what he wanted this evening. Making himself more and more arouse. Stroking, his cock hard, precum forming at the tip, lubing the head. The phone rings..

Master picks up his phone, notices the number belonging to his slave, and answers. “Hello my slave” he says. “Hello Master. I am nearly there, just getting on the bridge.”
“I was just sitting here thinking of you my slave”. Master told her. “Master, I am wearing what you instructed, fishnet stockings, short skirt, tank top, no bra, no panties, just as you said”. “Good girl” Master told her. “I should be there in 30 minutes Master”

“Master is hard and ready for you my slave, wish I was there in the seat next to you, stroking my cock” . These words make Master’s slave squeal. Master proceeds to tell her what he is doing, stroking that cock, that the toys are laid out and ready. Slave responds to her Master that she is getting very wet.

“Imagine me next to you, sitting there, pulling my cock out, hard, stroking. One hand moves to your thigh, squeezing, caressing, as I stroke my cock next to you. You steal looks from the corner of your eye but I do not allow you to reach over and touch. Feel my hands on you. Feel me part your legs, do it now for me. Open them. Take one hand and feel how wet you are for Master. Show him. Makes Master so hard. Do as you are told my dear.”

Master’s slave is nearly speechless. His voice in her ear intoxicating her. His words arousing her. Making her wet. Feeling him in that car with her. She hangs on every word. She spreads her legs for Master, she obeys, she reaches down and feels how wet she is for Him.

“Rub your clit for me slave, rub it as you drive down that highway, do as you are told.” Slave starts to rub her pussy, hot and wet, her breathing quickening, telling her Master how wet she is for him. How bad she wants him.

“Imagine reaching over and taking my cock in your hand as my hand reaches between those legs and finger fucks that wet pussy my slave”.

“Oh my god, Master, oh god, please, I can’t believe what you are doing to me. I am so wet, driving , oh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, Master, please I want you. “

“Pinch your nipples for me as you drive my slave. I want them hard and ready when you get here”. “Oh they are hard Master” she responds. She pinches them, not caring if anyone sees. Obeying her Master. Her face flushed. Her pussy wet. Master’s commands controlling her. She can’t believe what she is doing and she loves it.

“When you arrive you are to kneel as soon as you enter the room and crawl to the center of the room. I will be there, waiting, my cock hard and out. You will not say a word, you will come to me, you will take my cock in your mouth, I will fuck your mouth”.

“Yes Master”. She responds. “Thank you Master”. Slave was now only 10 minutes from Master’s house.

“If you want my seed you will be here on-time slave, Master is waiting.” With that he hangs up. Those last words send her to the edge, she is his, his slave, she wants nothing more than to please her Master. She hurries, making sure she is not late so she can get her reward. Masters sweet seed. Omg, the though nearly makes her cum.

She pulls up to Master’s house, straightens herself up a bit and walks to the door. She opens the front door, enters, closes it behind her and falls to her hands and kness. She here’s her Master’s voice “Crawl slave, come her”. And she does. On her hands and knees she crawls toward her Master’s voice, not looking up. Seeing his feet she lowers her lips to them, kissing them, kissing his toes, waiting for approval. Her short skirt riding up, exposing her bare ass. Her wet pussy. “Good girl” Master tells her. She continues on his feet. Kissing them, moving to his ankles, his calves, her hands on him, caressing, working her way up. Her hands reach her Master’s thighs. Squeezing them. Feeling the firmness. Kissing them. Loving them. She looks up. See’s Master’s beautiful cock hanging there for her. She licks her sexy lips, opens her mouth and takes him in. Master grabs her by the hair and begins to thrust his hips, his cock hardens in her mouth and he fucks, In and out, making her take it deep. Making her slurp and gag on it, her wet mouth working that cock. Master using her sweet mouth for his pleasure. Master pulls his cock out and strokes it in front of her. Slave on her knees, looing up at Master, wanting, licking those lips. “do you want this cock slave” “Oh yes, please Master, please, more” Master slaps her face with his thick shaft, once, twice, back and forth. “Tell me” “I want your cock Master, I want to suck you, to please, please let me have more”. “Suck it slave” Master tells her. And slave goes to work again. As she worships that thick, hard cock, Pleasing her Master, she feels the sting against her ass, once, she yelps, twice, she sucks harder, the crack of the crop on her ass shocks and intoxicates her. She sucks harder. “That’s it slave, that’s a good girl” Master tells her. He continues to whip her ass with the crop, slave continues to suck. The welts on her ass begin to show as Master fucks her mouth. Rubbing the crop over her, telling her how good it looks , telling her what a good cocksucking whore she is. Master’s whore. Master’s cock hard, throbbing, fucking her mouth. The crop biting into her ass. Stinging, the pain thrilling her, making her want more, making her wet, making her need to feel a cock in her.

Master pulls his cock from her mouth and looks down on his slave. The hungry lustful look in her eyes. The welts on her ass. Master strokes his cock. Looking down upon her. Hands her the crop and tells her, whip your ass for me. Slave takes the crop in her hand and does as she is told. She strikes herself. Without Master’s cock to muffle her sounds she lets out a half cry, half moan. Again Master commands. And slave obeys. Striking again, and again as Master instructs, commands, demands! After the 10th one, the tears begin to form in her eyes, looking at her Master, his cock straining. Seeing his exciting me makes her want more. Makes her want t o please him so. “Sit back, run that crop over your thighs, over your pussy, look how wet it is, you are such a naughty slut. Take that crop handle and fuck yourself with it slave, do as you are told.” Slave turns the crop around and pushes the handle into her cunt. Master stands over her. Watching. His hard cock in his hand. “fuck yourself slave” he tells her. She does. Her ass on fire, her pussy dripping, slave fucks herself with that crop handle, harder and harder for her Master, watching her Master stroke his cock. Being his slut. His whore. Obey. She sees that cock swell, sees that fat head darken, sees the pleasure in her Master’s eyes, she fucks herself harder, faster, hearing his breathing, his words, his voice, slave fucks herself. “Master, please may I cum” she begs. “Please Master.” “Open your mouth slave” he tells her. She opens wide as she continues to fuck herself. Master strokes, pumping hard, “Take it slave” he tells her. Master pumps and unleashes his load on her face, her breasts, as the first drop hits her skin, she cums, moaning, fucking herself for him, trying to catch all his cum. Master grabs her and pushes his cock into her mouth. “suck the rest out slave” he tells her. She greatfuly obliges. Sucking Master’s cock, tasting him, his juice, savouring. Loving it. Wanting more. Scooping his seed off her breasts and licking her fingers. Master sits, his slave takes her place at his feet. Kissing, sucking his toes, waiting for round two.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 25, 2008.

One Response to “A slave’s visit”

  1. Oh to be such an obedient slave, and receive such a reward for good behavior.

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