Master, slave, and pet

Master, slave, and pet

Master arrived home and a smile soon came over his face. His slave greeted him, dressed and ready,  gracefully, kissing his cheek, handing him a drink, then kneeling, knowing her place, putting her head down.  Master was pleased. She had laid out all her toys.  And, oh my, then he noticed she was not alone.  Master’s slave had invited a friend over for the evening. A token of appreciation. A gift to her Master. A pet for Master to play with, command, use how he saw fit for the evening.  She was dressed just like Master’s slave. In fishnet stockings, black bra and black panties. High heels, lips red, hair pulled back. She was also kneeling but had not looked up as Master entered.  Master felt his cock swell in his jeans as he inspected both of them. A very pleasant surprise for Master.
“Why thank you slave” Master said.  “I am pleased”.  It had been a while since they had included another in their play. Master has his slave come over to him as he admires his other pet kneeling in the middle of the room.  “Why don’t you show our guest how you greet Master”.  Master’s slave crawls to him. Looks up at him for approval, takes his shoes and socks off,  undoes his pants, and pulls them off.  She licks her lips at the site of Master’s hard cock straining thru the cotton of his boxer briefs. She takes his feet and begins to massage and kiss them.  Showing Master how much she missed him today. How she is glad he is home.  Soothing, kissing, massaging his legs. Moving up, her tongue trailing up his calves, along his thighs, kisses and licks. Master spreads his legs open and his slave pulls his hard cock out.  Master looks over to his new pet and see’s her staring in awe. Mouth open, looking directly at Master’s cock as his slave lowers her mouth and takes him in. Master stares at his pet intently and caresses his slaves head as she works on that cock.  Master grabs a handful of hair and begins to fuck his slaves mouth. “You like what you see my pet?” he asks. “Come over here for a closer look”.  Master’s new pet moves to them both.  “You like what you see, you like that hard cock going in and out of her mouth don’t you?” he states. “Touch yourself for me as you watch my pet, do as you are told”.  “yes sir” she says softly as her hands begin to caress her body as she watches Master’s slave suck that large cock. Undoing her bra, caressing her ample breasts and hard nipples. “Pinch them for me” Master tells her. “Nice and hard”.  She does as she is told, moaning a bit. Craving to have that cock in her mouth. Her hand reaches down to her panties and inside as she licks her lips, staring, wanting. “Why don’t you share my slave” he says. “Yes, Master.” she says as she grabs the base of his cock, pulls off of him, and offers it to Master’s new pet. Master’s pet hungrily accpets and swallows that hard cock. Showing Master what a good cocksucking slut she can be. Master’s slave begins to rub pet’s pussy as she moves down to lick Master’s balls.  Licking his balls and ass as pet sucks that cock. Fingers moving in pet’s wet pussy, her moaning on Master’s cock. Master moaning with pleasure.

Master grabs pets hair and pulls her up. Looks in her eyes and tells her to lay on the floor on her back. Master tells his slave to prepare pet for him.  With that slave climbs on top of pet and straddles her.  Pets legs spread, slave begins to work her body with her mouth, over her breasts and hard nipples, down her stomache, her thighs and running her tongue over that sweet tight pussy. Pet moans with appreciation and desire.  Master watches. Stroking. Wanting.

With his slave on top of his pet, eating her sweet pussy, Master comes up behind his slave and grabs her sexy hips. His hard cock bobbing in the air, rubbing against her ass. Master slaps that sexy ass, once, twice, making it sting, pushes her face deep in pets cunt and pulunges his cock into slaves pussy.  He fucks his slave as she eats pet out. Both moaning in pleasure. Master in control of them both. Doing as he pleases. Two little sluts for him.  Master spanks and fucks his slave as she drives pet wild with her tongue. He fucks her harder and pet begins to moan and clamps her legs around slaves head cumming in her mouth as Master fucks slave good.  Master’s slave moves up pets body, kissing and licking her till pet can taste the juices on slave’s mouth. their bodies nearly one, Masters cock pulling out of slave’s pussy and pushing into pets. Fucking her, taking her, pulling out and pushing back in slave’s tight cunt. Loving the difference in feeling, one then the other fucking those two pussies. Master’s slave and Master’s pet. Such good girls. their bodies grinding together. There for Master’s pleasure. Master taking them both, using their holes for his pleasure. Fucking harder, hands and fingers everywhere. His cock swelling, Master pulls out and stands over his two sluts. both so hungry for his cock. Which ones deserves his seed? His slave? his new pet? mmmmmm which one…

Master grabs two dildos his slave had laid out. He hands one to each. Looking at them, his cock in hand, stroking, he tells them. “You are to fuck yourselves for me, as I watch you. Whoever cums the hardest gets Master’s seed”.

The two naughty girls loose it. The grab the dildos and begin to fuck themselves, rubbing their clits, shoving those toys deep.  Master is enjoying the show. hard and stroking, watching the 2 naughty girls doing it for his pleasure and wanting more. Pet shoves that 8″ dildo in and out of her cunt hard and fast, then, pushes it all the way in, moaning, squirming, she turns her head and sees slave fucking her ass with that big toy. She can’t believe it, leans over and sucks on slave’s tit, bites her nipple, reaches down and rubs that clit, fingers her pussy as slave fucks herself in the ass for Master. Pet and slave are moaning, groaning, panting, and then.. they both let loose, fueled by each others moans, they cum, together, grabbing each other, moaning, cumming, looking up at Master’s cock, standing over them, they see the stream of cum come at them and splash both their faces, their tongues eagirily lap it up as the second stream sprays over their bodies. Another, and another, Master’s liquid gold covering them both like hungry cumsluts. They kiss and lick each other, greddily trying to get more of Master’s cum then the other.  such good girls.

~ by darksideofthemind on September 25, 2008.

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