Don’t tease Daddy

The naughty slut woke Daddy up as she stood there in the doorway. Dressed in just her tiny little panties, she crawled into Daddy’s bed early on this morning, slipping into bed with just those panties on. She curled up next to him, gave Daddy a sweet kiss, turned and snuggled her sweet bottom into Daddy’s tummy. She wiggled it, she moved it against Daddy. Making him stir. Daddy began to kiss her neck. She purred. His stubble tickling and exciting her. Sending shivers down her back. Daddy’s arms wrapped around her. Touched her ample breast. The nipple hard in the cool air. He touches, circled with his fingertips, making her move those hips back against Daddy. His cock growing. Pressing to her. Daddy began to pinch her nipples. Making her arch her back and press to him. His cock pressing firm to her backside. One hand running down her body, slipping into her panties, feeling for her clit.  His warm breath teasing her, his soft whispers arousing her, his figers finder her spot, he rubs, kisses, nibbles on her.  She moans softly, moving her hips against his hardness.  Harder now. Pressing that ass to him. Dry hummping Daddys hard cock thru their underwear. Daddy plunges his finger into her moist pussy and she lets out a low moan, rubbing that clit, finger fucking her as she grinds that ass on Daddy. Daddy wanting to fuck, needing to take her, her rubs that clit. Wanting to make that puss yso very wet for him. To slide his big hard cock deep up in her. Soon she is moaning, and squeezing daddy’s fingers in her. Humping Daddy. Panting. She clenches, moans, “Oh Daddy’, I’m cumming..” she cums.. shaking against Daddy.  Daddy’s hard cock pressed to her.  She lays there, recovering, whimpering as Daddy kisses her.  She looks at the clock and realized she is running late. She gets up, and says “Sorry Daddy, I need to get to work”.  Daddy left with his cock hard in his boxers. Stunned. Thinking to himself. Daddy is not pleased. She will pay.

Daddy spent the day with a hard-on. Waiting for the naughty slut to return. He plotted exactly what he was going to do to her. The naughty slut. Leaving him hard and horny.  She knows better. She will be punished.

The little whore arrived home late and a bit tipsy after having a drink after work with the girls. she came in feeling good and full of herself. Forgetting what she did to Daddy that morning.  She walked into the living room to find Daddy standing there, in just his boxer briefs, staring at her, his cock straining, his eyes piercing her. A flood of emotion runs through her. her nipples harden, her clit throbs, the site of Daddy the intenseness in his eyes shocking her. Arousing her. Then, she see’s the paddle in his hand. She realizes what is in store. “Daddy, please, no, I’m sorry. I sorry please no.” Daddy stares at her, now hitting the paddle in his hand. Looking at her. “On your knees slave” he tells her. “NOW”.  “Crawl over here, see how you left me this morning you little slut. You got yours but you forgot to please Daddy. Now you will pay”.  She begins to shake with fear, her body trembles, her nipples hard, her pussy wet.  She crawls to Daddy. Looking down.  Ashamed.  Daddy pulls his hard cock out. “Look at me slut”. he tells her. her eyes gaze up at him. Seeing that thick cock, she licks her lips, lust in her eyes, she feels it hit her face and she moans. It slaps her face again and again. “you are my cock slut” Master tells her. “you do not walk away without pleasing me.” he continues to slap her face with his cock. his cock getting harder and harder with each slap.  he reaches down, pulls her head back by her hair, shoves his cock in her mouth and fucks her face. Taking what he wants. holding her head and fucking that throat. “You will learn slut.” he tells her. “You should know better than to tease me like that”.  He pulls her off his cock. Looks in her eyes and tells her. “Face down, ass in the air naughty one, time for you to pay”. “Time for you to feel the ache Daddy felt all day!”.

Daddy takes the paddle back in his hand.  He begins to rub it over her. Along her backside, down her thighs, and back. Making her feel it. Telling her she needs to be punished. She needs to learn. She pleases Daddy, she does not tease him or she will pay.   The paddle comes down upon her ass. Striking her firm, hard. Again and again. She whimpers. Trying to hold back the cries of pain. Again, striking her firm. The naughty slut must pay. Master’s blood rushing. His cock straining. Punishing his slave. his naughty slut. Making her learn, training her. AGain and again. Ten , the heat and pain, stinging, making her shake. Fifteen and she becomes intoxicated. Trhobbing, her pussy begins to drip, her ass red. Twenty. The tears comes, she whimpers begs. The heat on her ass making her surrender, making her need. Need her Daddy in her. She begs “Please Daddy”. She moans “Pleeeaase fuck me”. She needs. Master spankers her.  “Please Daddy”. She moans “Pleeeaase fuck me”.  Master grabs her ass. Masters cock so very hard. her ass so red, so hot. He cannot resist.  Dropping to his knees behind her. Grabbing her ass. spreading her cheeks.  “Please Daddy”. She moans “Pleeeaase fuck me”.  Master teases her.  His hard cock pressed to her. The fat head pressing to her cunt, then to her ass.   “Please Daddy”. She moans “Pleeeaase fuck me”.  Daddy spanks her ass, grips it. Makes her moan loud.  He plunges his cock into her wet pussy, in and out, slapping that ass as he fucks her, then, suddenly, he pulls out, his cock wet with her juice, and spreads those cheeks wide. “this is what Daddy wants” he tells her , and pushes his big hard cock into her tight litttle ass. She wails, moans as his meat penetrates her, the heat, shocking thru her body. He pushes deeper and begins to fuck her ass. taking her. Fucking her harder and harder, grabbing those hips, slapping them, telling her what a anughty girl she is. Telling her what a naughty tease she is. Telling her she is Daddy’s slut, Daddy’s whore and here to please him. She will not tease him any longer. He fucks that ass harder, pumping his cock in and out, her moans fill the room, Daddy’s cock buried in her. he fucks her hard.  “Tell me who you are! he demands. “Tell me”!  “I’m Daddy’s whore. I’m his slut, his slave, his asswhore!” she screams. Feels him grab her, pull her onto his cock, feels his cock swell so big, sending her over the edge, she losses it, cumming as he explodes in her, filling her with his seed, deep in her ass, she collapses with him on top of her, his. completely. surrender. his cock twitching her her. filling her ass with his seed. She is his.

~ by darksideofthemind on October 12, 2008.

One Response to “Don’t tease Daddy”

  1. Ohhh my, you are such a good Daddy providing your slut with much longed for discipline.

    I need some alone time now that you have gotten my pussy so sloppy wet with your words.

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