Master Misses You

Master misses you

Master misses you. He sits and thinks about you. His slave. His whore. Missing you. Imagining you here with him, now. Wanting you, here with him, now. The thoughts arouse Master. His mind drifts. Thinking of you.

His hand moves to his crotch. Feeling the swelling inside his sweats. Squezzing just a bit. His mind on you. Slave. Missing you. Wishing you were here, kneeling where you belong. Watching your Master. Watching him take his semi hard cock out. See him rub it. See it grow. Swell and harden. See that cock stand up. Master’s hand cups around it. His large hand gripping it. Pumping it up and down. Stroking that big, hard cock, thinking of you slave. As you read this, get on your knees for me. On your knees. Naked. Where you belong. Feel Master’s eyes on you. His voice commanding you, hear that powerful, sexy voice order you,  “Touch your breasts slave, touch them for Master’s pleasure. Pull and stretch those nipples, pinch them hard my slave. Obey me. Watch me.” Master stands. Pulling his sweats off, his underwear down, his hard cock bobbing in the air. Imagining standing over his slave. Watching her. Stroking his cock. Enjoying the view.  Master removes his shirt. Completely naked, standing there masturbating. Wanting. Needing. Wanting to bend his slave over and spank her ass for not being here. Wanting to fuck her. Wanting to take her like she needs. His cock throbs and glistens with precum.  Master stroking his cock. Standing. Looking down imagining his slave there. Her pretty mouth slightly parted, her nipples erect, her fingers buried in her cunt, looking up in lust and desire.

Fuck yourself for Master. Your fingers, your toy, fuck yourself and moan for Master. Feel his power, his controll, see him stand over you. Command you. Put your face down and fuck your cunt for Master. Hard. Deep. Like you know Master would. Stick that ass in the air for Master. Shake it for him. Show him what a good whore you are. Please him. Do as you are told.

Feel the sting of the whip on your backside as you fuck yourself slut. Such a drity little whore. Fuck your cunt as Master whips you. My slave. You will obey. You will surrender. Fuck your pussy. Moan for me. Tell me how much you want me. Need me. How bad you wish to serve and please me. Tell me slave. Master is waiting.

Tell me. Show me. Master stands here with his cock in his hand. Waiting. Wanting. You, my slave. Cum for Master. Cum to Master. Please me. Show me. Be my slave. My whore. My slut. Master wants and needs. You need to please your Master.

~ by darksideofthemind on December 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Master Misses You”

  1. Nice… fuel for the eager soul to please.

  2. I am extremly wet and ready to please my own Master after reading of your need.

  3. i need to please my Master also, i worship Him so much! Tnx 4 the inspiration.

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