Taking her

I woke up this morning, hard, horny, and in need.  My cock swelling in my boxer briefs, my hand moving down. Laying in bed I took my cock in my hand, pulled it out and began to stroke. It quickly swelled hard in my hand. My fingers wrapped around, squezing.  Stroking. Up and down. The more I stroke the more I want. Watching of you sleeping next to me makes me want more, your ass exposed makes me hard, your near naked body, my hand on your ass, those tiny bikini bottoms barely cover anything.  I squeeze your ass, rub it,  as I stroke my cock. Squeezing your ass as you sleep. Caressing it. You stir but do not wake. My cock hard, the tip glistens with precum. I rum that sexy ass, my finger slip between your legs to feel your heat. Feel your wetness. You moan slight and your legs part a bit giving me access to that sweet pussy. I rub you, making you moan in your sleep. My cock throbs. Hard and ready I lean over and spread your legs, you wake, you gasp, my hand covers your mouth,  as my fat, thick cock head penetrates your wetness from behind. You moan, as I plunge in deep, taking what I want. “Take it my slut” I whisper.  I fuck you, from behing, filling you with cock. My weight on top of you, my hips thrusting in you. With such desire and lust I fuck you. Hard. Then, there, just how I want. Taking my cock. Filling your cunt. Whispering in your ear, “you are my slave, now and forever, you obey me and do as you are told.” You whimper, your pussy tight aroound Master’s cock. Violating you. He pumps and thrusts. Deep. Hard. You take it, wanting him to fill your pussy. Fill you with his seed so you can keep it with you all day long. His slave, his whore. Taking what Master gives you. Holding you down Master thrusts in and out. Wanting to cum. Fucking your tight pussy, his body on top of you. Master slips his cock out of your wet pussy, spreads your ass, and grips your hair, pushes his massive cock into your tight ass. A loud moan escapes your mouth, Master shoves his fingers in as you suck on them. Fucking your ass. Ready to cum. Ready to deposit that seed into your backdoor. “You are my whore, now, and forever” he tells you. His cock deep, you feel it, it rocks you, deep in you, sending waves of ecstacy through you to the core, Master explodes in your tight ass pumping his seed in you. Once, twice, three, four, emptying his balls in you. Laying on top of you. In control of you. Forever. My slave. Master rests on top of you, his cock twitching you ass, a bit of his cum dripping out.  He scoops it up and feeds it to you, making you taste your ass and his cum mixed together. Master pulls out of you reaches for the nightstand, grabs your plug spreads those cheeks and plugs that ass full of cum.  “You will wear this all day today with Master’s seed in that ass. You are my whore, you obey, serve, and please.  “Yes sir” she replied like a good girl does.

~ by darksideofthemind on December 1, 2008.

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